Episode # 216 – King Dhirdiraashtra reluctantly decides to split the kingdom into two – Courtesy Vidura!!!

We’re at an important juncture wherein, Bhishmaachaarya had proposed an unprecedented idea of splitting the Hastinapura kingdom into two parts – One for the Paandavas and the other for the Kauravas. As King Dhirdiraashtra had already crowned Yudishtra as the “Yuvaraja” of the kingdom, it was inevitable that the kingdom could not be snatched away from him just like that. However, on the other hand, since Duryodhana also has a right to stake a claim in the kingdom, it was imperative that Bhishmaachaaya thought in these lines. This idea was widely welcomed by the others in the courtroom as well, including Guru Dhronaachaarya and the scholar Vidura. We’ve witnessed in the previous episode, Vidura’s accord on the whole dilemma. He explains clearly to King Dhirdiraashtra that he has to obey the words of his elders and not make a big fuss out of what Duryodhana creates. Vidura was also of the opinion that the kingdom has to be split and given to both the camps, so that the rivalry is somewhat doused down. 

Moreover, Vidura clearly explains what would the kingdom lose, if Yudishtra is not given the kingdom in hand to rule. Vidura explains thus, “Oh King! Please realize that if Yudishtra is not succeeding you as the king, this country would lose a great leader who is an embodiment of “Dharma”, compassion, bravery, valor and sacrifice. All the people in the kingdom want Yudishtra to be your next successor. Moreover, think about this – Yudishtra and the Paandavas are adorned by the great Balarama and Bhagawan Vaasudeva Krishna! Do you really think that your son Duryodhana is ever going to live a life by opposing them? It is never going to happen. Of course, Yudishtra wpouldn’t do anything to your sons. But the entire accounts of “Adharma” that Duryodhana is performing is maintained by that one person by name Bhagawan Krishna! Duryodhana can easily escape the wrath of Yudishtra, but would never be able to escape the eyes of Bhagawan Krishna! Please understand this!” 

As Vidura explains thus to King Dhirdiraashtra, he now has a word or two for Bhishmaachaarya too. Vidura tells Bhishmaachaarya thus, “Oh Devavrata! All what you’ve said pertains completely to “Dharma”! I do not have a second opinion on that. However, my mind refuses to accept one fact – You never spoke of Bhagawan Krishna being on the side of the Paandavas even once! Bhagawan Krishna is the embodiment of all the aspects of “Dharma”! If He is siding with the Paandavas, we can blindly understand that the “Dharma-Devata” would always be on the side of Yudishtra and Co. only and not on the side of Duryodhana! Can anybody defeat “Dharma-Devata” ever? You never mentioned this important point when you were talking! This is something that I expected you to talk, given your stature as one of the most senior pros in the kingdom!” 

Moreover, Vidura now turns towards Duryodhana and talks. We can see how Vidura systematically addresses everyone after being an ardent and a mute listener all this while. This is how a person should speak in a professional administrative setup. Vidura is a perfect example for all of us to follow. Vidura explains to Duryodhana thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Please think about this point – Till yesterday, the Paandavas were all alone and were fending for themselves. Now that they’ve got an able father-in-law called King Drupada! All of us know what is the power that King Drupada possesses. Are you really thinking that you’re going to win over King Drupada and Co. easily?” As Duryodhana listens to these words from Vidura, he cuts Vidura’s conversation in the middle and fumes again thus, “Oh uncle! You’re always siding by the Paandavas. The way you’re talking clearly shows how you’re influenced by those stupid Paandava brothers! Who on earth is King Drupada? I shall take him down within minutes! King Drupada is never a threat for me!” As Duryodhana fumes thus, Vidura laughs at him and says thus, “Oh Duryodhana! All of us witnessed just now how you got yourself bruised completely by fighting King Drupada’s army! In fact, King Drupada did not even appear in front of you to fight. You did not even see him in the battlefield. Yet, you weren’t even able to take down his army! Oh Duryodhana! Talking is very easy! Execution is difficult! Please do not fume like this in public – It is only going to dent your image further in the minds of all the people around you. Please think practically as to what is feasible for you to live in peace. Please do not pick up fights with the Paandava brothers unnecessarily. Please stop plotting against them. Let them live in peace. This will also enable you to live in peace. I’m concerned about your peace of mind and your welfare more than anyone else. Hence, please pay heed to whatever I say!” 

As Vidura concludes his accord thus, King Dhirdiraashtra unwantedly and unwillingly accepts to split the kingdom into two halves. The decision was made and Vidura was sent to bring the Paandavas back to Hastinapura. King Dhirdiraashtra decided to give a portion of the kingdom by name “Kaandava Prastham” to the Paandavas. So for today, let us understand up to this point, and let us wait till the next episode to witness how this “Kaandava-Prastham” was and what was so significant about this place! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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