Episode # 214 – The idea of “SPLITTING” the Hastinapura Kingdom – Bhishmacharya’s important proposal!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Duryodhana continued his feud with the Paandava brothers and how he went ahead to wage a battle against them. Inspite of the seniors like Bhishmaachaarya, Guru Dhronaachaarya, etc. warning Duryodhana not to invade the Drupada Desha at this time, Duryodhana went ahead and did it. Duryodhana’s game plan was to somehow invade the Paandava bastion at the Drupada Desha at a time when they would be in a state of desire with their newly married wife and defeat them! However, on the contrary to what Duryodhana thought, King Drupada sensed that there is an invasion on his territory, which prompted him to send his troops in defence. King Drupada did not want to disturb the Paandava brothers as they were now his son-in-laws and thus, he decided that his troops will take care of the war threat that was looming. King Drupada’s army was an extremely powerful unit and it made Duryodhana and Co. run for their money! Duryodhana wasn’t even able to withstand for a few hours in the battlefield, which left him red-faced and embarrassed. 

As Duryodhana returned back with bruises all over his body, Bhishmaachaarya understood what had happened. He was visibly angry at Duryodhana for disobeying his words, however, since Duryodhana was still a young boy, Bhishmaachaarya had some compassion upon him. Bhishmaachaarya gave Duryodhana a piece of advice thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Enough of this plotting and fighting against the Paandavas! You want to be the ruler ultimately, isn’t it? Your main insecurity revolves around whether Yudishtra would succeed King Dhirdiraashtra or not, isn’t it? Let us do one thing – I propose that we split this Hastinapura kingdom into two halves. Let Yudishtra rule one half of the kingdom and you may take the other half of it. This would end all the feud that is happening between both the camps!” 

This proposal was the first of its kind that was made at Hastinapura, in front of the entire courtroom, as King Dhirdiraashtra was listening too. Bhishmaachaarya continues with this proposal thus, “Oh Dhirdiraashtra! Please think here – You’ve already made Yudishtra the “Yuvaraja” of Hastinapura kingdom. This means, ideally, he should be the successor of the entire kingdom. However, since Duryodhana is staking a claim for it, which is also logical, I propose this split idea. However, if you give away the entire kingdom only to Duryodhana, you would be committing a great sin of “stealing” one’s property and giving it to another! This is a great “Adharma” that you would be doing to the kingdom and its people. As a leader, you should give a fair chance to both Yudishtra and Duryodhana. You shouldn’t take sides only towards your son and this is a dangerous act. Hence, Dhirdiraashtra! Please consider this idea of splitting the kingdom into two and giving it to both the Paandavas and the Kauravas. This is the best way to go about things, and this would bring peace, happiness and harmony amongst all the people!” 

As Bhishmaachaarya explains his thought process thus, Guru Dhronaachaarya immediately accepted it. Guru Dhronaachaarya got up and explained his stance thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Whatever Bhishmaachaarya was telling till now is perfectly right. He has a fair point. If we’ve to put an end to this unnecessary feud between the two camps, this is the best solution. Hence, I would also extend the same advice as Bhishmaachaarya to go for the split. This would ensure that both the camps are happy. Moreover, now it is too late for you to deny Yudishtra the kingdom, as you’ve already crowned him as the “Yuvaraja” earlier! So please think about all these points and make an appropriate decision!” Listening to all these points, King Dhirdiraashtra too thought that it was a feasible option to go by what Bhishmaachaarya and Guru Dhronaachaarya said. His mind was convinced that the kingdom should be split between the two camps. 

However, within this split of a second when King Dhirdiraashtra was thinking thus, Karna immediately stood up! All of us know what kind of a relationship did Karna and Guru Dhronaachaarya share earlier. We’ve witnessed how both of them attacked each other at the “Ranga-Bhoomi” event immediately after the education period of the children under Guru Dhronaachaarya was over! That feud between Karna and Guru Dhronaachaarya continued unabated henceforth. Now as Guru Dhronaachaarya was trying to extend a piece of advice to King Dhirdiraashtra, Karna saw this as an opportunity to “pull his leg” and insult him in front of the courtroom! Standing up thus, Karna made a sarcastic remark at Guru Dhronaachaarya thus, “Look who’s talking! A Brahmana Rishi, who has zero knowledge on a king’s administrative affairs is trying to advise a king! Can there be a better mockery than this? A Brahmana Rishi should mind his own business and shouldn’t interfere in the duties that should be discharged by the king!” 

As Guru Dhronaachaarya heard Karna’s insulting words, he got infuriated beyond words! Guru Dhronaachaarya replies thus, “Oh Karna! You do not even have the basic “Guru Bhakti” that a student should have! Is this the way to insult a Guru in front of the public audience? The words that you had used are highly deplorable and unacceptable! In fact, you do not even have the right to open your mouth and talk to me! Who are you? What is your family background? You’re afterall a charioteer’s son, isn’t it? You’re not even qualified to be present in this esteemed courtroom wherein veterans are sitting! Hence, get out of this courtroom immediately!” As Guru Dhronaachaarya burst out in anger thus, Karna did not want to stand there even for a second! He was clearly insulted with his family background! He immediately walked out of King Dhirdiraashtra’s courtroom, even as Duryodhana was looking on! 

So for today, let us understand until this point, and in the next episode we shall continue this discussion to witness what was King Dhirdiraashtra’s decision! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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