Episode # 204 – The entire courtroom of kings attack Arjuna out of insult, anger & frustration!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Arjuna emerging successful in accomplishing the competition, which everyone including Duryodhana, Shalya, Karna, etc. struggled even with the first step. As Arjuna invokes the divine “Anugraha” of Bhagawan Krishna, he successfully lifts the bow in his hand, has a look at the doll and the fish that are rotating inside a wheel on the top, subsequently looks into the water table to locate the mirror-image of the same, aims at the mirror image and lets go of the arrow towards the wheel above. This was something completely unrealistic to happen, and as Bhagawan Krishna was looking on, Arjuna correctly hits the eye of the fish with the arrow in just a single attempt! This took the entire courtroom by awe and stunned the whole lot of kings and Brahmana-Rishis who had assembled there and who had encountered failure before that! Thus, at a point when people were raising questions on the credibility of King Drupada and Drshtadhyumna, Arjuna clears the air and establishes that anything and everything is possible in this world, provided one has the determination, perseverance, right approach, skillset and over and above everything, Bhagawan Krishna’s divine Anugraha. 

As Arjuna accomplished the task thus, the entire courtroom appreciated him as “Savyasaachi”. As we had seen yesterday, “Savyasaachi” means “Ambidextrous” in nature. Arjuna had equal prowess in both his left and right hands while employing the bow. In other words, Arjuna could comfortably hold the bow in his left hand and employ the arrow with the right hand. Also, he could comfortably hold the bow in his right hand and employ the arrow with this left hand. Both of these were possible for Arjuna, and in fact, he had employed this technique here too. While holding the bow for the first time after lifting it, Arjuna was holding it in his right hand and had the arrow in his left hand. However, while looking at the “mirror-image” of the fish on the water surface, he quickly changed the bow from his right hand to his left hand, so that he could aim the arrow with the correct angle that would take it to the wheel above. This is because a mirror-image usually would be the opposite of our appearance. For instance, if we look in front of a mirror and look at our appearance, our left shoulder would be to our right and our right shoulder would be to our left, isn’t it? This was playing in Arjuna’s mind and immediately he adapted to this situation by understanding this technique. 

As this happens, the entire gathering was surprised. Questions were being raised as to how could a Brahmana Rishi achieve a warfare-related feat that even a Kshatrya king cannot achieve? Was this person really a Brahmana-Rishi or somebody else? In another two minutes, the identity is going to be revealed! Meanwhile, Bhagawan Krishna is also extremely happy and turns towards Balarama and says thus, “Oh Balarama! Look at what he has achieved! I’ve already told you, isn’t it? This person isn’t an ordinary Brahmana-Rishi as he appears to be. He’s none other than Arjuna himself! By the way he held the bow in his hand and by the way he switched the bow alternatively between his left and right hands, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he’s Arjuna only. Else, nobody in this world could do what he has done right now. It is not easy!” As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Balarama too acknowledges His opinion and both of them sit down to watch the further proceedings and action that is going to happen. 

Thus, with this, Arjuna was declared as the winner and this was an extremely bad insult to all the king’s assembled there. They felt that they were cheated right royally in public. All of them came together and threatened King Drupada thus, “Oh Drupada! What are you doing? What is going on here? You had called and promised to give your daughter in marriage to a Kshatrya prince and now you’ve made a Brahmana Rishi win the contest and you’re conveniently trying to marry off your daughter to a Brahmana Rishi! How could this happen? This is against the rule of Dharma. We would not accept to this. If you still want to proceed by giving your daughter to this Brahmana Rishi, we would team up together and fight you down. Perhaps, you can win over all of us in the battlefield and then proceed with your wish!” 

As the kings threaten thus, King Drupada got scared! He immediately approached Arjuna and seeked a solution for this. At this point, Arjuna got up and spoke thus, “Oh kings! Oh King Drupada! Oh Drshtadhyumna! My salutations to all of you! Before I could raise the bow in my hand, what did I ask? I asked whether you would give Draupati in marriage to me even if I’m a Brahmana Rishi. It is only after Drshtadhyumna had given the confirmation did I even touch the bow. If you had an objection, you should have expressed it at that point in time. Why did all of you keep quiet at that time? Now that I’ve won the contest, I’m the person who has the authority to marry Draupati. If anybody wants to oppose me, I’m ready to take down everyone in the war, and the war would happen inside this courtroom only! If you have the guts, you may come forward and attack me and my bow!” 

As the “Brahmana-Rishi” exclaimed boldly thus, the kings got extremely provoked! They decided to take him down together! Duryodhana, Shalya, Ducchaasana, Sishupala, Karna, etc. team up together and rage towards Arjuna! So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what happened next! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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