Episode # 198 – Sage Dhoumya leads the Pandava brothers  towards the Panchala Desha!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vasishtaachaarya blessing his grandson, Sage Paraashara with all the “Shaastrava Tejas” and the most important “Brahma-Gnyaana”. However, as he blesses Sage Paraashara, Sage Vasishtaachaarya has his own doubts whether he would be spoken ill about, because he has blessed his own grandson without really testing him whether he is eligible to obtain it or not. This throws light on an important point on “nepotism” and how our ancient Maharishis were extremely conscious of this nepotism menace. Even though Sage Vasishtaachaarya blesses Sage Paraashara, he was very careful that he doesn’t pass on the important “Anugraha” of “Brahma-Gnyaana” just because Sage Paraashara was his grandson. He makes sure that someone else outside of the family lineage approves of it. In today’s world, we see all these family-run political parties wreaking havoc in our country and this “nepotism” is taking a huge center-stage. I’m not saying that family members should be given a chance, however, they should be duly tested and certified as eligible candidates for the job, before being pressed into the position, like how Sage Vasishtaachaarya ensured. 

However, Sage Pulasthya who was looking on, clarified immediately that Sage Paraashara is very much eligible to obtain the highest “Brahma-Gnyaana” and with this, he confirmed Sage Vasishtaachaarya’s “Anugraha”. With this, Sage Paraashara obtained the “Brahma-Gnyaana” and as we had witnessed earlier, Sage Paraashara composed the “Shri Vishnu Puraana” text, as an interaction between himself and his disciple, Sage Maithreya. If we’ve to obtain the “Tatva-Gnyaana”, “Hita-Gnyaana” and “Purushaartha-Gnyaana”, we should read the “Shri Vishnu Puraana” text without fail. We’ve also discussed some glimpses of this great text as part of our previous project as well. With this, Sage Paraashara’s significance was recognised by the entire world and till today, he is greatly appreciated for his enormous contribution to our “Sanaatana Dharma” literature. Moving on thus, subsequently of course, Vishwamitra took it as a challenge and worked hard to obtain the “Brahma-Rishi” status from none other than Sage Vasishtaachaarya himself. Eventually he succeeded in his pursuit and Sage Vasishtaachaarya conferred Vishwamitra with the highest status, and thus, Vishwamitra transformed himself into “Sage Vishwamitra”. Thus with this, the “action” between Sage Vasishtaachaarya and Vishwamitra came to an end.

Narrating all this thus, Chitra-Rasa concludes his accord. Readers should remember here that so far we’ve been witnessing the detailed narration of Chitra-Rasa towards Arjuna and the other Paandava brothers, on the bank of river Ganga, while they were about to cross over to reach the Paanchaala Desha. Readers should be extremely careful not to get carried away by just the one story that we witness in detail. Readers should make sure to remember the context and who is narrating the story to whom, and only then we would be able to continuously witness the text with proper understanding. Thus, it is at this point, Chitra-Rasa advises the Paandavas to take Sage Dhoumya along with them as they travel towards the Paanchaala Desha. Chitra-Rasa gave this valuable advice because, the Paandava brothers  being Kshatrya princes, might encounter trouble on their way because, chances are high that their real identities might come to light by some unwanted people. However, if they accompany a Brahmana Rishi, nobody would suspect them to be Kshatrya princes. Chitra-Rasa was very smart in realizing this and thus, he gave this valuable advice. 

Thus, the Paandavas proceed to meet Sage Dhoumya and as per their request, Sage Dhoumya agreed to accompany them to the Paanchaala Desha. With this, just as Sage Vishwamitra took Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana to Mithilapuri during the Ramayana time, here also, Sage Dhoumya leads the Paandava brothers towards the Paanchaala Desha. As they cross over the River Ganges, they had to wade through a huge crowd of people, who were all making their way to the Paanchaala Desha! As they walk through, many other people ask Sage Dhoumya and the Paandavas as to where are they heading to. Sage Dhoumya replies thus, “We are also heading to the same place as you are heading to. It seems that there is a huge “Yaga” (Spiritual offering) that is going to happen at the Paanchaala Desha, and subsequently the “Svayamvara” event of King Drupada’s daughter, Draupati. We’re willing to be part of that huge “Yaga” and receive the “Dakshina” that King Drupada would give us. You might have known that King Drupada is a person who is known for his great hospitality towards Brahmana Rishis, isn’t it? We’re thus going there to bless King Drupada and receive his “Dakshina”!” 

Talking thus, the entire set of people walk towards the Paanchaala Desha. As they walk on, Sage Dhoumya explains to the Paandavas, the history of how Drshtadhyumna and Draupati were born out of a huge “Yaga” that King Drupada performed a few years ago. We’ve already witnessed these events in our earlier episodes and I’m skipping this part here. With this, Sage Dhoumya explains how Draupati or Yaagnyaseni or Krishnaa or Paanchaali appeared from within the “Homa-Kunda” of the “Yaga” that was being performed and how she was a divine child of King Drupada. With this, the Paandavas too knew who was Draupati and her “Charitra”. So for today, let us understand upto this point, and we shall continue this discussion in the next episode on what happened after the Paandavas reached the Paanchaala Desha. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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