Episode # 187 – Apt communication at crucial times – Important lesson from Draupati’s “mistake”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important background story of Draupati as narrated by Sage Veda-Vyaasa to the Paandavas. Sage Vyaasa was damn sure that the Paandavas are going to be the winners of the “Svayamvara” event that was about to take place at the Paanchaala Desha, and hence, he explains the history of Draupati to the Paandava brothers well in advance. We’ve witnessed how a little girl of a great Maharishi was in penance towards Bhagawan Shiva for a long time. Impressed by the girl’s dedication, Bhagawan Shiva appeared in front of her and requested her to ask Him for a boon. Thus, instead of asking for one husband with a set of characteristics, she ended up asking the same boon five times with five different sets of characteristics. Thus, Bhagawan Shiva did not have an option but to grant the boon that the girl asked for – Five husbands with five different sets of noble characteristics. Hearing thus from Bhagawan Shiva, the girl was shocked! This wasn’t what she wanted Him to grant her! However, because of the tension and nervousness, she ended up asking something else, instead of what she thought of asking! 

This is what happens to many of us as well! For instance, if we’ve to talk with some important person or even a “Mahatma” for that matter, we might stumble because of nervousness. This is why we always emphasize keep our mind calm and composed at all times, as much as possible. It is only when the mind is calm, will we be able to articulate our thoughts into the apt words when we talk. If our mind is lingering with so many thoughts, we start searching for words and end up talking about something else! This is exactly what happened to this girl as well! Not only this girl – There are many other examples as well. Kumbakarna, who was Ravana’s brother, wanted to ask for a boon to Bhagawan Brahma. He undertook a great deal of “Tapas” towards Bhagawan Brahma and with this, the entire world started shaking with fear. The Devas and the entire set of “Celestial Beings” know of Kumbakarna’s immense power and strength, and that he can take on everybody single handedly. Bhagawan Brahma too had no other option, but to appear in front of Kumbakarna. 

However, before going in front of Kumbakarna, Bhagawan Brahma winked at Goddess Saraswathi Devi, who is His divine consortium. Accordingly, Goddess Saraswathi Devi understood the message! Being the “Vaak-Devata” (Goddess of speech, knowledge and wisdom) Saraswathi Devi immediately entered into Kumbakarna’s tongue and this was precisely the time that Bhagawan Brahma appeared in front of him. As Kumbakarna wanted to ask for the boon, his thought process was to ask for something that would make him invincible against all powers in the world, especially the Devas. Kumbakarna’s main enemy at that point was Indra and Co. and he wanted to ask for a boon to destroy the entire lot of the Devas (“Nir-devathvam”). However, instead of asking Bhagawan Brahma for “Nir-devathvam”, Kumbakarna ended up asking it as “Nidraavathvam” – Thanks to Goddess Saraswathi’s divine “tongue-twister” in Kumbakarna’s mouth! The phrase “Nidra” in Sanskrit means “Sleep”. Thus, instead of asking for the complete destruction of the Devas, Kumbakarna ended up asking for continuous sleep from that time onwards! Happy with what Kumbakarna asked for, Bhagawan Brahma immediately granted it to him and with this, Kumbakarna fell into a great slumber! The world was relieved! 

Thus, the message here is that, when we ask something, we should be clear in what we’re asking! We should be able to use the apt words for the apt context. Our thought process should clearly correlate with the words that we employ. Of course, Goddess Saraswathi Devi’s role is also predominant here, but all we can do is to take the right effort to use the right words at the right context. Thus, through the Kumbakarna and Draupati episodes, we understand the importance of communication at critical times. Thus, as the little girl was shocked thus, Bhagawan Shiva consoles her: “Oh little one! Please do not worry! This was not your mistake. This was the divine will that played a part in your tongue while you asked for the boon. You’re going to get five noble husbands, who would be impeccable in terms of character, valor and youth! They would be extremely powerful and would always walk the path of “Dharma”. They would treat you like a queen and with this, the entire world would learn a lot of important lessons from your life!” 

Thus, the little girl was waiting for the opportunity to get married and thus, in her next birth, she was born out of the “Yaaga” that King Drupada was performing. We’ve already seen this earlier, isn’t it? In order to avenge Guru Dhronaachaarya, King Drupada performed a huge “Yagnya” to bring out someone from it, who can be extremely powerful to kill Guru Dhronaachaarya. Thus, as the spiritual offering was being performed, Drshtadhyumna came out of the “Yagnya” first. He is the person who is going to kill Guru Dhronaachaarya later. Along with Drshtadhyumna came Draupati or “Krishnaa” or “Yaagnyaseni”. It is this Draupati who is going to marry the five Paandava brothers now. So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to find out how the Paandavas reached the Paanchaala Desha and what happened further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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