Episode # 178 – GHATOTGAJA is born to Bheemasena & Hidimbi!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena and Hidimbi engaged in a deep conversation, wherein Hidimbi wanted to marry Bheemasena almost immediately. Bheemasena was however not ready to marry her as she was a Raakshasi and moreover, he would leave such marriage decisions to be taken by his mother and in consultation with his four brothers who were sleeping at that time. Bheemasena tried to excuse himself from her by saying that his brothers and his mother were fast asleep and she should come after a while once all of them were awake. However, Hidimbi stood by her stance of marrying him then and there. Hidimbi tried to lure him by saying that she would protect them from Hidimba, her brother, who was looking to kill all of them! This irked Bheemasena and he replied to her that he can single handedly take Hidimba down without anybody’s help. As this conversation was ongoing thus, Hidimba arrived at the scene and a huge fight between Bheemasena and Hidimba started. 

Both were equally powerful and they attacked each other very intensely. Hearing some sounds of intense fighting going on, Kunthi Devi and Arjuna woke up from their slumber – Only to find Bheemasena fighting with a huge Raakshasa! At first, both of them got terrified and they woke up Yudishtra, Nakula and Sahadeva. The four brothers rushed to the spot and asked Bheemasena if they could help him. But Bheemasena was steadfast in taking Hidimba down all by himself! He refused their help and the fight went on and on! Finally, Hidimba wasn’t able to match Bheemasena’s immense and raw muscle power and with brute force, Bheemasena gave a decisive blow to Hidimba, with which he fell down on the ground, dead! Thus, Bheemasena ensured that Hidimba’s atrocities came to an end. 

Thus, as Hidimba fell dead, Hidimbi was standing beside him and as Kunthi Devi saw her, she fell on Kunthi Devi’s feet and requested her to give permission to marry Bheemasena. Kunthi Devi too understood Hidimbi’s good intention and she recommended Bheemasena to go ahead and marry her. Hidimbi promises to them thus, “Oh Mother! I shall be a good wife to your son. Although I’m a Raakshasi by birth, I would live with him as a normal woman, with all the required characteristics. Hence, you can trust me and get me married with Bheemasena!” Accordingly, Bheemasena was also convinced. He replies to Hidimbi thus, “Oh Hidimbi! I accept your proposal since my mother has also accepted it. However, please remember one thing – Although you might be a good wife to me, end of the day you are a Raakshasa woman. I cannot live with a Raakshasa woman for a long time. However, I shall live with you until the time you get a child out of our marriage. After that, I would have to proceed with my mother and brothers. If you accept this deal, I shall marry you!” 

As Bheemasena explains his stance thus, Hidimbi accepts it and thus, both of them get married. Thus, the son who took birth from their marriage is none other than “Ghatotgaja”. He was born with a huge physical body and this is the same Ghatotgaja who came amidst the Kurukshetra war for just one day and was instrumental in killing important people from the Kaurava army. In fact, we can say that Ghatotgaja was the actual savior of the Paandavas during the war, at a time when the Kauravas were slowly drifting away towards victory. It was Bhagawan Krishna’s idea to bring Ghatotgaja into the warfield to take on Duryodhana and Co. and to instill some sort of fear in the minds of the Kauravas. Ultimately, however, Ghatotgaja was killed during the war and he sacrificed his life to save his father! We shall witness a detailed accord of this at the time when we would witness the Kurukshetra war in an elaborate detail. 

As Ghatotgaja was born and growing up thus, he gives an assurance to his father, Bheemasena: “Oh father! I’ll have to leave now. However, I would appear in front of you at any moment and at any location, whenever you want to see me. If you require any help from me at any time, please feel free to think of me and I would come for you! You can be rest assured!” Saying thus, Ghatotgaja disappears from that spot. As Ghatotgaja left the spot, Hidimbi also wanted to go along with her son, and as per the deal, Hidimbi also left that place. So for today, let us understand until this point, and let us wait for the next episode to continue this discussion further! Where did the Paandavas go next? Stay tuned for an important discussion! 🙂 

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