Episode # 170 – Vidura alerts Yudishtra with his “non-verbal” & “indirect” communication!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana entrusting the important and a secretive task of building the “Laaksha Griha” (Inflammable palace or “Arakku Maaligai”) to his dear friend Purochana at the Varaanaavatha Desha for the Paandavas to reside. The plan is to somehow earn the trust of the Paandavas and as they start residing there comfortably, they would be burnt down by Purochana and Co. When the people see the entire palace burning with fire, they would think that it was just another fire accident and unfortunately the Paandavas would have been trapped into it, without being able to escape out on time. As Duryodhana was planning and instructing the entire set of events to Purochana, there was someone who overheard the entire agenda! This person was none other than Vidura himself! On one hand, as Purochana received all the instructions from Duryodhana, he immediately set out to complete the task of building the “Laaksha Griha”. On the other hand, Vidura was fuming within himself thinking about the wickedness of Duryodhana and Co. He was thinking of ways and means of protecting the Paandavas and to avoid an unnecessary “Adharma” from taking place due to Duryodhana’s ignorance and arrogance. 

Thus, the civil works of the “Laaksha Griha” are going on extremely quickly. As mentioned earlier, the palace is being built with all possible inflammable items such as wax, oil, etc. which can catch fire very easily. Within the next few days and months, the palace is completely built and is ready for accommodation. The news reaches Duryodhana and he is extremely happy. Thus, Duryodhana goes to Yudishtra and explains to him that he and his Paandava brothers would be able to live a happy life if they proceed to the Vaaranaavatha Desha’s most beautiful palace. Yudishtra too accordingly accepts Duryodhana’s words innocently, not knowing what is the secretive agenda behind his words. As the day approaches fast, the Paandavas are ready to move their base to Vaaranaavatha. Kunthi Devi also accompanies her five sons to Vaaranaavatha. An entire set of army also accompanies the Paandavas, so that they would reach safely without any hiccups in the middle. 

As the caravan was set to start, Vidura storms in and gives an important piece of advice to Yudishtra before he leaves. We call this as “Mlecha Bhaasha” in Sanskrit, which we can equate it what we call today as “Non-verbal communication”. Of course, what Vidura employed wasn’t fully non-verbal, but it also contained few words which had multiple inner meanings. Vidura explains thus: 

“Aloham nishitam chatram shareera parikarthanam!

Yovetthi nathutham gnanthihi prathigaathavitam dvishaha!!” 

Vidura first starts with some eye movements towards Yudishtra to draw his attention towards him. Accordingly, Yudishtra understood Vidura’s “eye-language” and focused his attention towards him. Now Vidura explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please do not come to the conclusion that weapons used for warfare are only made of metals (“Loham”). There are certain weapons that might not be made of metals too! (“Aloham”). If you think destruction is possible only by using weapons, please think again! Destruction can be caused without employing a single weapon! Even if it is a devastating fire that is burning down the entire city, a rat can easily escape from the fire by entering into a net and safeguarding itself! Hence, please take care!” Vidura explains further thus: 

“Naa chakshurvethi panthaanam naa chakshur vindate dishaha!

Naa dhrithir buddhimaam aapnoothi budhyasthaivam prabodithaha!!”

Vidura continues to explain in his “Mlecha Bhaasha” thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please understand – Walls have ears! If you think that you’re safe under any roof to talk and strategise whatever you want to, please be careful! Please do not think that only those people who have good eyesight would know the way forward. People who are blind also would know it much better! Only those who have the right mindset and intellect would be able to understand the proper way forward. When you are at Vaaranaavatha Desha, you should make sure that you keep both your eyes and ears open at all times. You should never fall into anybody’s trap because of your lack of alertness and attention to details. Oh Yudishtra! Please do not trust anybody so easily! Please take your time to analyze what is that person’s real agenda behind coming to you! If you have doubts on the wall, please touch the wall and check!” 

As Vidura explains the danger indirectly with these above words, Yudishtra fairly understood what is in store for him and his Paandava brothers. Yudishtra assures Vidura that he would be careful on all accounts right from day one and would ensure that no lapse occurs with his alertness.  Assuring thus, the Paandavas, led by Yudishtra leave for Vaaranaavatha Desha. Kunthi Devi is also accompanying them all along. So for today, let us halt at this point and in the next episode we shall see how Yudishtra is going to implement Vidura’s advice! Stay tuned for an exciting accord tomorrow! 🙂 


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