Episode # 164 – Yudishtra nominated as “Yuvaraja” – Duryodhana opposes with the “emotional card”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Drupada establishing the “Kaampilya Desha” for himself and in the meanwhile, we had also witnessed the important event of Drshtadhyumna taking birth, who is later going to be the one to kill Guru Dhronaachaarya. At the same time, we had also witnessed Amba taking her rebirth as Shikandi according to her pledge that we had seen earlier. This Shikandi is neither a male nor a female completely and is going to be responsible for killing Bhishmaachaarya later on. Readers should be very careful in remembering all these important points because these things would again surface at a much later stage. If we’ve to trace back at that point, it might be difficult. Hence, readers are requested to take notes and mark all these important points and the corresponding episodes in which we’re mentioning them. 

Moving on further thus, as the “Gurukula” sessions are over, the talk of appointing the “Yuvaraja” for Hastinaupra surfaces. All the people in Hastinapura express their wish that Yudishtra should be nominated for the post. Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronaachaarya were also extremely happy with the people’s wish and thus conclude that Yudishtra should be the “Yuvaraja” of the kingdom. As Yudishtra was an embodiment of being firm in his decision making, being compassionate and kind to everyone around, being an epitome of “Dharma” himself, he was an obvious choice for all the people. Thus, with the blessings of all the seniors in the kingdom, King Dhirdiraashtra wholeheartedly coronates Yudishtra as the “Yuvaraja” of the kingdom. Even at this point in time, readers should remember that King Dhirdiraashtra did not have any bad intentions about Paandu’s sons. The grand ceremony takes place and the coronation happens with a lot of grandeur. A great number of sages assembled at Hastinapura to participate in the event. With the due blessings of all the sages, Yudishtra takes over as the “Yuvaraja” and is about to start ably assisting King Dhirdiraashtra in all the administrative affairs of the kingdom. 

As this was happening, Duryodhana was fuming at the other end. We’ve already witnessed how Duryodhana and the Paandavas were becoming enemies slowly and steadily every passing day. Bheemasena and Duryodhana were direct fighters one on one too! As Yudishtra was being elevated, the jealousy within Duryodhana also increased multifold. He was having so many thoughts running in his mind. He was clearly having an inferiority complex within himself that if Yudishtra and the Paandava brothers grow in power, they would outsmart him and the Kauravas to snatch all the wealth and property. If this happens, he would become a mere popper and a slave to the Paandavas. This was clearly running in Duryodhana’s mind. 

With this thought in mind growing further and further every passing day, Duryodhana decided to confront his father one day! He directly storms into King Dhirdiraashtra’s cabinet and confronts his father thus, “Oh father! You’ve coronated Yudishtra as the “Yuvaraja” isn’t it? Have you forgotten that you’ve got a son by name Duryodhana who is also equally eligible for the post?” Initially King Dhirdiraashtra did not understand why Duryodhana was fuming in this way. He had no bad intentions against the Paandavas and he treated all the children as his own. King Dhirdiraashtra replies back thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Yes, I know that I have a son by name Duryodhana! But Yudishtra is also my son. As a king, I saw all the aspects of “Dharma” adorned in Yudishtra, and hence he was an automatic choice to be the successor of the kingdom after me. Moreover, all the people including Guru Dhronaachaarya and Bhishmaachaarya had opted for Yudishtra. If such is the case, how can I go beyond their words to deny them? Isn’t it the duty of the king to pay heed to the words of his subjects and act accordingly? Moreover, what is wrong with Yudishtra? He has all the qualities to become an able administrator isn’t it?” 

As King Dhirdiraashtra explains his stance thus, Duryodhana starts fuming even further! He realizes that such confrontations don’t work! He has to use the emotional card now. Unless and until he targets the father-son relationship and play with that emotion, things aren’t going to change. Thinking this way, Duryodhana replies thus to King Dhirdiraashtra: “Oh father! You’re only looking at things as a king, and not as an able father! Have you even thought about your son’s future? If Yudishtra adorns the throne tomorrow, he would become extremely powerful and push us all into slavery. Would you like to see your son to be a slave to your brother’s son? What kind of a father are you? Don’t you have even an iota of compassion towards your son? Did you even think once about this “poor” Duryodhana when you took the decision to coronate Yudishtra? Who is he? Where did he come from? Afterall he was roaming in the forest with his brothers and mother and by hook or crook, they entered inside Hastinapura! You want to give importance to them over your own sons?” 

Saying thus, Duryodhana started shedding tears! That was it! These words from Duryodhana were extremely powerful and made King Dhirdiraashtra think! Now what is King Dhirdiraashtra going to do? Let us wait till the next episode and find out as we continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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