Episode # 142 – “The advent of Kali Yuga is close by” – Sage Veda-Vyasa warns Satyavati!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the Mahabharata main story wherein the Paandava brothers and Kunthi Devi have reached King Dhirdiraashtra’s Hastinapura. The Paandava children are just eight to ten years old at that time, and they’re happily playing with Duryodhana and Co. The entire palace at Hastinapura is filled with joy as the children were running around everywhere. Over time, Bheemasena started becoming very powerful amongst the lot, as he started to boss over Duryodhana and Co. He used to pull the other children’s hair, pinch their waist, beat them in their backs, etc. This is the way in which Bheemasena wished to play with others, however, this was not liked by the children, especially Duryodhana, who was slowly starting to feel jealous of Bheemasena’s enormous physical strength. Of course, Duryodhana was also powerful, but he could not give a match to the muscle power of Bheemasena, who was Vaayu Bhagawan’s son. This was going on for a few months and along with the passage of time, slowly the rivalry between the two camps started to grow. 

Meanwhile as this was happening at Hastinapura palace, Sage Veda-Vyaasa once again comes to meet his mother, Satyavati. It should be noted that this meeting happens when all these children are playing on one end. Satyavati had a long lifetime, and we now know who this Satyavati is – She is the mother-in-law of Ambika and Ambaalika, who are the mothers of Paandu and King Dhirdiraashtra. Thus, Satyavati was the great grandmother to the Paandavas and Kauravas, as two generations after her had passed by. Sage Veda-Vyaasa was witnessing all these happenings with his power of penance from where he was sitting. He knew of the demise of Paandu and that the Paandava brothers along with Kunthi Devi have come to Hastinapura palace to continue their life here. As Sage Vyaasa comes by, Satyavati receives him with all the due respects that she had to give for a sage, and asks him the reason for his visit. Sage Vyaasa said only three things and with that he left! Sage Vyaasa says thus, “Oh Mother! From now on, there is only going to be “Adharma” which is on the rise, as we’re nearing the Kali Yuga’s advent. There is no place for “Dharma” in the Kali Yuga. From now onwards, you wouldn’t have much work to do to protect this “Chandra-Vamsa”. You’ve done enough and more to these people. From now on, I shall take care of these people! You take your daughter-in-laws and ascend to the “Svarga Lokha” This is better for you than living here anymore!” 

As Sage Vyaasa explains thus, Satyavati too realizes his words and straightaway goes to her daughter-in-laws to explain the situation to them. Satyavati says thus, “Oh Ambika and Ambaalika! A few minutes ago Sage Vyaasa came and visited me. He wanted the three of us to immediately leave this place and take up the “Vaana-prasthaashrama” in the forest, and from there, we can ascend to whichever “Lokha” we’ve to go to. This place is not going to have any further “Dharma” left. If we’re here, we’ll have to witness enormous “Adharma” in front of our eyes. Hence, let us leave this place immediately without any further delay!” As Satyavati explains thus, Ambika and Ambaalika readily agreed to accompany her to the forest! Thus, all three bid goodbye to the Hastinapura kingdom and with time, the three of them ascended out of this “Lokha”! 

Coming back to the Hastinapura palace thus, as time passed by, the children are growing up fast. Duryodhana and Co. are unable to tolerate the “atrocities” of Bheemasena and his toruture! Thus, Duryodhana calls all his people for a meeting and discusses how to handle this Bheemasena and how to control him! As nobody had an answer for this question, Duryodhana decides that the only way to free themselves from Bheemasena is to get rid of him permanently! But how do they do that without the knowledge of the elders? Duryodhana decides that during the night time, Bheemasena would be fast asleep because of the enormous food that he consumes. As he was fast asleep, the plan was to tie him with ropes and push him into the River Ganges! By this, the water would take him far away and eventually he would never come back again to join them at Hastinapura! The plan was made and all of them were waiting for the night to fall! So for today, let us also wait for that night to witness what happened to Bheemasena! Was Duryodhana successful in drowning Bheemasena into the Ganga water? Or, was Bheemasena strong enough to come back alive? Let us witness this in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂   


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