Episode # 101 – Why did Ganga Devi incarnate as a human being? An interesting accord!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an extended discussion on how “Kaama” (Desire) and “Krodha” (Anger) go hand in hand with each other to destroy us completely, if they’re not put under control. If we’ve to control the desire, it is better to put a fullstop to it then and there, rather than experiencing it more and more to seek satisfaction. This is exactly where King Yayaati went wrong and thus wasted his lifetime completely! Eventually we had witnessed King Yayaati realizing his folly after a thousand years and with this, he returned back the youthfulness to his son Puru. With this, King Yayaati expressed gratitude to Puru by nominating him as the successor of the kingdom, although he was the youngest of his sons. This ideally should have been given to Yadhu, but since he denied to satisfy King Yayaati’s wish, he was denied the kingdom! Just like how Yadhu had denied, the other sons of King Yayaati also had denied to give their youthfulness to him. Hence, King Yayaati cursed all his sons, except for Puru, who was an exception. Thus with this, Puru was nominated the official successor of King Yayaati and he is crowned as the king as years passed by. 

It is this Puru’s family lineage Sage Vaishampayana is talking about right now. Thus, Puru was the son of King Yayaati, who in turn had a son by name “Praveera”. Praveera had a son by name “Manasyu”. King Manasyu gave birth to King Dushyanta. King Dushyanta’s son was Bharata. We’ve witnessed King Dushyanta’s story in detail, along with how Bharata became King Dushyanta’s successor. Readers are once again requested to take notes of all of these, as it might be a bit confusing as we move on. Hence, it is important that we remember all of these details intact. I’m saying this because, ideally we should have started with King Yayaati’s accord. However, we’ve witnessed Dushyanta’s accord earlier. It is only because King Janame-Jaya wanted to listen about King Yayaati and the past with complete detailing, Sage Vaishampayana had to divulge into the story of King Yayaati and King Puru, so as to give a complete accord on the “Chandra-Vamsa”. 

Now that we’ve witnessed the accords till King Dushyanta and Bharata, Sage Vaishampayana is going to continue the accord from this point onwards. Now that we’re discussing these accords that happened in the “Dvaapara Yuga”, both “Adharma” and “Dharma” were growing together in equal pace. As King Bharata was ruling the kingdom effectively, he had a son by name “Kuru”. King Kuru in turn had a son by name “Pradeepa”. It is to this King Pradeepa did King Shantanu take birth as his son. Now we’re going to witness how King Shantanu was born to King Pradeepa. This is a very important and a very interesting story about King Pradeepa. Here is where we’re going to witness why Ganga Devi (River Ganges) had to incarnate in this world as a normal human woman. This is a sub-story that comes along with the main one, and we’re eventually going to witness how Ganga Devi is going to marry King Shantanu. 

There was a king by name “Maha-Bisha” who came as part of the “Ikshvaaku” Dynasty. All of us know the background story of the “Ikshvaaku” dynasty and how Bhagawan Rama incarnated as part of it during the previous “Tretha Yuga”, isn’t it? This King Maha-Bisha was part of this great Ikshvaaku Dynasty after several successors of Bhagawan Rama. Once upon a time, this King Maha-Bisha was sitting amidst the courtroom at Bhagawan Brahma’s “Satya Lokha”. In the same courtroom, Ganga Devi was also sitting in one corner. As she was sitting there, her dress slightly came off her body and with this, some private parts of her body were exposed in public. Upon knowing this, all the Devas turned their heads away with the good intention that they should not gaze at Ganga Devi in the wrong way. However, King Maha-Bisha was very interested in gazing at Ganga Devi. In turn, Ganga Devi was also enjoying King Maha-Bisha looking at her like that. Noticing both of them thus, Bhagawan Brahma got angry that such illicit things are happening in his courtroom. Thus, Bhagawan Brahma cursed both of them together that they would have to take a human birth in the “Manushya Lokha”, experience all the trials and tribulations of it and then come back. It is for this reason that Mother Ganga had to take a human form and she in turn gave birth to Bhishmachaarya. It is for this reason that Bhishmachaarya is often referred to as “Gaangeya”! 

So for today, let us understand until this point and let us witness the continuation of this accord in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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