Episode # 96 – Kacha successfully obtains the “Sanjeevani” Mantra from Sage Shukracharya!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Kacha being killed by the Raakshasas because of the fact that they had come to know Kacha’s true agenda of rallying behind Sage Shukraachaarya. Eventually as time progressed, the Raakshasas understood that Kacha was sent by the Devas’ camp to learn the “Sanjeevani” Mantra from Sage Shukraachaarya, which would in turn make them invincible and immortal. The Raakshasas had no other option but to act immediately, which made them go for the extreme step of killing Kacha. As they killed him, they cut his body into bits and pieces and threw these pieces as prey for the nearby dogs. Meanwhile, since Kacha hadn’t returned home for the evening, Sage Shukraachaarya and his daughter, Devayani go in search of him, only to find him nowhere. However, with the help of the “Sanjeevani” Mantra, Kacha was brought back to life from inside the dogs’ stomachs. With this, Kacha came back to the ashram along with Sage Shukraachaarya and Devayani. 

Upon seeing Kacha back alive, the Raakshasas couldn’t believe what was going on. They changed their strategy immediately – Kacha came back alive only because his body was cut into pieces, isn’t it? Now what if Kacha was killed and his body being reduced to a powder form and dissolved into the ocean waters? With this, he wouldn’t be able to come back alive, isn’t it? This was the Raakshasas’ “Plan B”, and with this in mind, they went ahead with their execution. Next time when Kacha had gone out for something, the Raakshasas followed him closely, killed him, made his body into a powder and dissolved it into the ocean. However, the “Sanjeevani” Mantra isn’t an ordinary one! Sage Shukraachaarya again uses it and brings Kacha back to life! This infuriates the Raakshasas even more! They implemented this “Plan B” once more and threw Kacha into a different ocean from the other end! Still the Raakshasas ended up in a huge failure and embarrassment! 

Finally the Raakshasas decided that these kinds of techniques aren’t going to work anymore! They now strategized a “Plan C” – Now this is very interesting! The Raakshasas once again killed Kacha and now they made his body into a powder, mixed the powder with Sage Shukraachaarya’s food and water, and made him eat / drink it. With this, Kacha went inside Sage Shukraachaarya’s body itself! Now the Raakshasas were eagerly waiting to see whether Kacha comes back alive this time or not! Unknowing thus, Sage Shukraachaarya and Devayani search for Kacha everywhere but they were unable to find him! Devayani was getting tensed every passing minute. Sage Shukraachaarya tried to convince Devayani thus, “Oh Devayani! Just let it go! Kacha is afterall a “Jeevatma” and every “Jeevatma” in this world is bound to die some day. Let us leave it at that and forget Kacha once and forever!” However, Devayani is not going to let Kacha go away so easily. She once again requests her father to chant the “Sanjeevani” Mantra to check where Kacha is. Sage Shukraachaarya too accepted it for one last time, and with the “Sanjeevani” Mantra being chanted, Kacha’s voice was heard from within Sage Shukraachaarya’s stomach! 

Upon hearing Kacha’s voice from within, Sage Shukraachaarya was taken aback. Now the question is, how does he save Kacha’s life now? If Kacha has to be saved, Sage Shukraachaarya has to die. Only when Shukraachaarya sacrifices his life, will Kacha be saved. For this, Kacha gives a brilliant idea to Sage Shukraachaarya. He says thus, “Oh great Sage! You somehow chant the Mantra and bring me out. With this, I know you would die. However, before I come out, please do the “Upadesha” (Teaching) of the “Sanjeevani” Mantra to me. When I come outside, I shall chant the same “Sanjeevani” Mantra and bring you back to life! It is to be remembered here by readers that Kacha’s sole purpose of coming to Sage Shukraachaarya was to learn the “Sanjeevani Mantra”. Now Kacha has got the best ever opportunity to learn the “Sanjeevani” Mantra. Sage Shukraachaarya too did not have an option but to pay heed to Kacha’s idea. He thus teaches the “Sanjeevani” Mantra to Kacha, and with that, Kacha comes outside of Sage Shukraachaarya’s stomach. However with this, Sage Shukraachaarya falls to the ground dead! Now, Kacha chants the “Sanjeevani” Mantra as taught by Sage Shukraachaarya and with this, Sage Shukraachaarya wakes up again from the deathbed. 

With this, Kacha has achieved his mission! Hence, why should Kacha stay there even for a single minute? He immediately requests permission from Sage Shukraachaarya to go back to the “Deva Lokha”. However, Devayani was adamant that Kacha should marry her. Even with an enormous amount of persuasion, Kacha wasn’t ready. He expressed his stance clearly that this marriage is not possible because he was from the Deva Lokha and she was a Brahmana Rishi’s daughter. With this, Kacha goes back, and teaches the “Sanjeevani” Mantra to the Devas, and with this, the Devas regain all their strength and power! 

This is one part of the story! Now the other part begins with what is going to happen to Devayani. We’ve just now seen that she had been rejected by Kacha. Now what is going to happen next to her? Let us wait till the next episode to witness it further! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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