Episode # 86 – End of the “Amsa-Avatarana-Parva” – A brief about Bhagawan Krishna’s divine incarnation!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the “Amsa-Avatarana-Parva” wherein we had seen who all took birth as part of the “Chandra-Vamsa”. We’ve witnessed in these lines that Sage Veda-Vyaasa himself was born in this famed “Chandra-Vamsa”. Subsequently, Vichitraveerya, Chitraangata and Bhishmaachaarya took birth. The next generation to these people were Dhirdiraashtra and Paandu. Subsequently, the next generation people were the Paandavas and the Kauravas. The Kauravas were born to Dhirdiraashtra and Gaandhaari, whereas the Paandavas were born to Paandu, Kunthi Devi and Maadri Devi. Similarly, Guru Dhronaachaarya was born to Sage Bharadwaaja., who in turn had a son by name Ashwatthaama. Similarly, if we see the lineage of the Shubala Desha, we have Shahuni and Gaandhaari. Gaandhaari was married to King Dhirdiraashtra, and with her came Shahuni to Hastinapura kingdom to “be of help” to his sister. Ultimately all of us know what kind of “help” Shahuni ended up doing! 

In between all of this, there is a mention by Sage Vaishampayana that Dhirdiraashtra and Paandu were born due to the divine “Anugraha” of Sage Veda-Vyaasa! This might be a bit confusing for readers here. So far we’ve witnessed that Satyavati gave birth to Vichitraveerya and Chitrangada. Sage Vyaasa had already told Satyavati that he wouldn’t be staying with her. If that is the case, how did Sage Vyaasa come into the picture all of a sudden? Vichitraveerya and Chitrangada got married to Ambika and Ambaalika. Ideally it should be out of their marriage that Dhirdiraashtra and Paandu should have been born. Where did Sage Vyaasa come in the middle of all these? What is the connection between these two people to Sage Vyaasa? We’re going to witness the answers for all these questions as we move on further. 

Subsequently, the Paandavas had sons called as Upa-Paandavas with Draupati. As all this was happening, the population in the world was increasing, along with the “Raakshasa-characteristics” in all of them. Unable to bear all of this, Mother Bhoomadevi ran to Bhagawan Vishnu asking Him a series of questions thus, “Oh Bhagawan! What is happening in the world below? “Kali” is getting stronger every passing day. “Adharma” is increasing its presence every day. People who follow “Adharma” are also increasing day after day. Until a few years ago, people’s lifespan was very long without any disease and with a long youthful stage. However, with passage of time, things are changing and people are not having a peaceful life, which in turn reduces their lifespan! Oh Bhagawan Vishnu! You should intervene and set the record straight!” 

It is very clear and evident from what Mother Bhoomadevi mentions here – If we’re following “Dharma”, our lifespan would be longer, without any physical and mental illness. If we’re on the contrary, all sorts of illnesses are going to reign in us. This happens a lot as the “Kali” gets stronger and stronger. With the situation becoming grave thus, Bhagawan Vishnu decides that He would go and incarnate in the “Manushya Lokha” as Bhagawan Krishna and restore the “Dharma” that has been lost with time. Subsequently Bhagawan Brahma issues orders for all the Devas and the other “Devatas” to go and incarnate themselves in the world along with Bhagawan Vishnu. Thus with this, we come to an end of the “Amsa-Avatarana-Parva”. Thus, we’ve witnessed a lot of details in this Upa-Parva as to who were all born as whom in this world, including the likes of Bhagawan Krishna. The next Upa-Parva that we’re going to witness is called “Sambhava Parva”, which is an ultra-long one. Here, we’re going to commence witnessing in detail as to how the “Chandra-Vamsa” unfolded and how different generations of the Chandra-Vamsa took birth. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the commencement of the “Sambhava Parva”. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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