Episode # 78 – Role of Bhagawan Krishna in the entire Mahabharata story – Sage Vaishampayana briefs!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of how the Paandavas were humiliated more and more by Duryodhana and Co. They were sent to the forest as part of the “Agnyaata-Vaasam” for a period of twelve years. During their thirteenth year when the Paandavas finished it and were residing at Viraata-Nagara, Duryodhana claimed to have “spotted” them and with this, as per the previous agreement, they had to go on another twelve years of “Agnyaata-Vaasam” to the forest. This was grossly protested from all corners and the enmity started rising. Even though many tried to convince Duryodhana that he was going on a wrong path, he was not ready to relent. He was firm that Yudishtra should not become the ruler of Hastinapura forever, and the kingdom would solely be under Duryodhana’s control. Uncle Sahuni was motivating Duryodhana to up his ante against the Paandavas every time. As the enmity breached the threshold levels, it was just about time that a war broke out between the two camps. Messengers were sent from either side to doze off the tension, as a “last minute” attempt. However, this too did not work. With the public insult meted out to Bhagawan Krishna Himself by Duryodhana, all the war clouds came together! Bhagawan Krishna too decided that enough and more of opportunities were given to Duryodhana and Co., but they never mended their ways towards “Dharma”. So the only option that was left was the war, and with this, Bhagawan Krishna ensured that not even a single person in the Kaurava camp survived after the eighteen-day event. 

The destruction in the war and its aftermath was so severe that even in the Paandava camp, except for the five Paandava brothers, nobody was left over! Even the Upa-Paandavas had to die at the end of the war, courtesy, Ashwathhaama’s “unethical war tactics”, which we’re going to witness later. After all this got over, Bhagawan Krishna ensured that the entire aspect of “Adharma” in this world came to an end! It was a ghastly end to a great kingdom, which had to bite the dust, courtesy, Duryodhana’s arrogance and jealousy. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna ensured that he “enacted” this war perfectly with the help of the Paandava brothers without taking even a single weapon in hand. This is a very important point that needs to be noted by readers here – During the war, Bhagawan Krishna did not take out even a sword to fight. In fact, He never even fought with a single person on the battlefield. Yet, with His ever-sharp intellect, He made sure that the Paandavas danced to His whims and fancies and got the job done! 

Thus, during His childhood, Bhagawan Krishna made sure that He Himself killed all the Raakshasas who came to attack and kill Him at Gokula and Mathura. We’ve witnessed all these during our previous Shri Vishnu Puraanaa and Bhaagawatha Puraana projects. Right from Poothana to Kesi, Bhagawan Krishna destroyed all the Raakshasas who came to kill him at Gokula. Subsequently at Mathura, Bhagawan Krishna killed Kamsa and Chaanura. Eventually during His later years of incarnation, Bhagawan Krishna killed Sishupaala too. He was also instrumental in Bheemasena killing Jaraasantha and the other allied Raakshasas. Thus we can see here that Bhagawan Krishna’s entire purpose of incarnation was to complete destroy “Adharma” which had manifested in various forms – One in the form of the Raakshasas themselves, and mainly the other form in which normal people like Duryodhana who followed the path of “Adharma”. Duryodhana was not a Raakshasa by any means, but still he bore the brunt because of his “Adharmic” approach. Same was the case with the others like Karna, Ducchaasana, Sahuni, etc. 

If such is the case with Duryodhana and Co., seniors like Bhishmaachaarya, Guru Dhronaachaarya, etc. were also not spared either! This is because they were aiding the “Adharma” to take place by compromising on the “Dharma”. Even though Bhishmaachaarya knew that Bhagawan Krishna is a divine incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu and that, He would always stand by the “Dharma”, the “Maya” (Illusion) took over and this made Bhishmaachaarya take a stance towards Duryodhana and King Dhiridiraashtra, although it was a known fact that these people were talking the path of “Adharma”. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna had no other option but to bring all these people to book, even though they were very senior and learned people! 

So for today, let us understand and appreciate Bhagawan Krishna’s divine role in this Mahabharata story as Sage Vaishampayana narrates these chilling events to King Janame-Jaya. We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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