Episode # 46 – Sage Bruhu’s family lineage – Sage Vyasa explains in detail!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the “Upa Parva” called “Puloma Parva” under the main “Aadhi Parva”. In this, we’re witnessing the “Charitra” of Sage Bruhu and his wife Puloma. In this Charitra, there is another Raakshasa by name Puloma. Readers should be careful to differentiate between these two Pulomas. One was Sage Bruhu’s wife, and the other was a Raakshasa. This Raakshasa Puloma had an eye on Sage Bruhu’s Puloma for a long time. We had witnessed yesterday, how Raakshasa Puloma invaded Sage Bruhu’s house one day when the sage had gone out for something. At this time, Puloma was all alone at home and Raakshasa Puloma saw this as a chance to abduct and marry her. In this, Agni Bhagawan was made a “witness” by Raakshasa Puloma. He recollected an important set of words uttered by Puloma’s father before her marriage that if she doesn’t obey his words, he would get her married to a Raakshasa. Since he had given that word to her, Raakshasa Puloma claims now that the words of a Brahmana Rishi shouldn’t go down as a lie. It should come true. However, on the other hand, Sage Bruhu has followed all the due procedures of marriage and has officially married her. Now how does Agni Bhagawan answer Raakshasa Puloma here? He is clearly caught in a fix between the two cases, which sound to be completely true. Agni Bhagawan did not know to whom he would answer! If Sage Bruhu comes back and doesn’t find Puloma, what would Agni Bhagawan say to him? On the other hand, how does he give a verdict to Raakshasa Bruhu? 

Thinking twice or thrice thus, Agni Bhagawan comes up with his verdict to Raakshasa Puloma – “Oh Puloma! You’re saying that you’ve already married Puloma mentally, the moment her father gave that word. I agree to it completely. However, if we look at the spiritual angle of things, Sage Bruhu has followed all the due procedures of marriage physically and hence, Puloma officially belongs to him. You cannot claim rights to her now. You should have done that before Sage Bruhu would have married her. Now it seems to be too late. So, my verdict would be that, Puloma rightly belongs to Sage Bruhu and not to you, since he has officially married her in front of everyone!” 

As Agni Bhagawan comes up with such a verdict, Raakshasa Puloma gets extremely angry! It is to be remembered here that as this fiery conversation was going on between Raakshasa Puloma and Agni Bhagawan, Puloma was carrying. Notwithstanding Agni Bhagawan’s argument, Raakshasa Puloma saw this as a chance, abducted her and started running. As Puloma was being abducted by Raakshasa Puloma, her “Garbham” (Womb) fell on the ground with a fully-grown child, who was none other than “Chavana Maharishi”. This Chavana Maharishi was a great sage. He had so much of power within himself even as he took birth! Of course, he would have that because he is the son of a great sage, isn’t it? Hence, as Chavana Maharishi takes his incarnation, he comes with a plume of fire! This fire was extremely intense in such a way that it started chasing Raakshasa Puloma. Unable to withstand the fire’s intensity, Raakshasa Puloma died on the spot as the fire engulfed him. 

Upon seeing this, Sage Bruhu came running and he was utterly shocked! He enquired with his wife as to what had happened! Puloma thus narrates the entire set of events and explains to Sage Bruhu that it was their son who saved both of them from the Raakshasa’s wrath. Puloma explains to her husband that their son is not an ordinary boy, and that, he was extremely powerful even from the minute he took birth. Upon hearing all this from Puloma, Sage Bruhu was extremely happy and relieved. They went back to their hamlet and continued their lives further. As years passed by, Sage Chavana attained the age of marriage, and he was married to a girl by name Sukanya. This couple then had a baby boy by name “Pramati”. This Pramati got married to an “Apsaras” woman by name Gruthaachi. This couple in turn had a child by name “Ruru”. This Ruru was about to get married to a girl by name “Pramaadvara”. This Pramaadvara was the daughter of a great sage. Sage Vyaasa is going to explain this in the next “Adhyaaya” in detail. We shall also wait till Sage Vyaasa gives a detailed explanation on the same, which we would witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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