Episode # 42 – Sage Utthanga persuades King Janame-Jaya to perform the “SARPA-YAGA”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Utthanga being able to fulfill the “Guru Dakshina” that he had committed to his Guru Veda and his wife. We’ve witnessed how Guru Veda’s wife wanted a pair of diamond rings that King Poushya’s queen was wearing. Accordingly, Sage Utthanga set out in pursuit of the diamond rings and ended up getting them from the queen. Subsequently in yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed how Takshaka, the leader of snakes, had an eye on these rings and how he tried stealing them from Sage Utthanga. Despite the queen warning Sage Utthanga about Takshaka, he was a bit careless and ended up losing them to him. Subsequently, thanks to Indra’s timely intervention, the diamond rings were retrieved from Takshaka and were finally handed over successfully to Guru Veda’s wife. With this, we’ve witnessed how Sage Utthanga fulfilled the Guru’s requirement by going the extra mile. Not only from this instance – we’ve witnessed this over the past three instances as well, as to how a Sishya should be prepared to go the extra mile to serve the Guru. This is what accounts to real “Guru Bhakti”. Thus, moving on from here too, we would witness at various instances in the Mahabharata as to how people exhibit their “Guru Bhakti” in different ways. 

As Sage Utthanga leaves Guru Veda’s place after graduation, the interesting set of events begin! Sage Utthanga is extremely furious over Takshaka’s atrocities. He had already killed the great King Parikshit and now he has also tried to show his wrath to Sage Utthanga as well. Considering all this, Sage Utthanga decides that this Takshaka has to be brought to book! His evil intentions and activities should be put to an end. With this intention in mind, Sage Utthanga walks along, thinking what to do! It is at this time he hears of King Janame-Jaya’s great “Yaaga”, and he decides to attend it. 

Now the link comes – Till now we might have been wondering where did King Janame-Jaya go, and from where did these many characters come in, isn’t it? It is to explain this link, did Sage Vyaasa explained all these side stories! Thus, Sage Utthanga makes his way to King Janame-Jaya’s palace, wherein he was preparing himself to do some offerings to overcome the curse that he had obtained because of hurting the “Deva-Lokha dog”. As Sage Utthanga arrives, King Janame-Jaya welcomes him with all the hospitality, as he knows that Sage Utthanga is a great person. As Sage Utthanga takes his seat, he asks King Janame-Jaya as to why he was looking so dull and lost! He also asked King Janame-Jaya as to why he was preparing for all these offerings that he was going to do. As Sage Utthanga asks thus, King Janame-Jaya explains the entire story to Sage Utthanga! I’m not going into that detail again as we’ve already witnessed it in our earlier episodes. King Janame-Jaya was conducting a “Satra Yaaga” and in that, some people who had taken part had thrashed a “Deva-Lokha-Dog”, because of which he had obtained a curse! It is in order to relieve himself from this curse, King Janame-Jaya performs this offering now, under the guidance of Sage Soma-Shrava! 

As Sage Utthanga listens to this, he was amused and at the same time, fuming with anger too! He replies to King Janame-Jaya thus, “Oh great king! I understand your concern here! But there is a bigger concern that is looming large! You’re worrying about one small curse that you’ve received. However, there is a larger issue here – Do you know of Takshaka, who is the leader of all the snakes in the “Naaga Lokha”? It is this same Takshaka who killed your father, King Parikshit! It is this same Takshaka who tried to wreak havoc when I was executing my Guru’s order! It is this same Takshaka who is roaming around scott-free after spoiling so many peoples’ lives! What are you going to do to tame him? How’re you going to bring him to justice? Instead of performing these kinds of spiritual practices, why don’t you perform a grand “Sarpa Yaaga” to finish off all these treacherous snakes?” 

As Sage Utthanga thunders thus, King Janame-Jaya too started to think! He understands what Sage Utthanga is wanting him to do! We can see how smart Sage Utthanga is here – He wanted to take vengeance on Takshaka for what he has done! So instead of directly facing Takshaka head-on, he is now trying to use King Janame-Jaya for executing his vengeance! King Janame-Jaya too starts thinking of what Sage Utthanga was telling him! The moment King Janame-Jaya starts to think, Sage Utthanga has his opportunity now! He has succeeded in convincing the king to pursue his agenda! 

Now comes an important part here – Is King Janame-Jaya going to perform the “Sarpa Yaaga” as per Sage Utthanga’s guidance? Or, is he going to stick around with what Sage Soma-Shrava had told him? This is a moral dilemma for King Janame-Jaya here – Should he work towards fulfilling his own benefit, or should he work for the world’s benefit? Sage Utthanga explains to him further as to how the entire world would benefit if Takshaka was brought to justice! This is a tricky decision for King Janame-Jaya to take! What is going to be his decision now? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂


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