Episode # 24 – “Your partiality towards the Pandavas brought about your downfall!” – Sanjaya blasts King Dhirdirashtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how King Dhirdiraashtra’s extreme level of “Putra Vaatsalya” (Excessive attachment towards his son) not only brought about his downfall, but also for the entire Kaurava clan and the Hastinapura Kingdom as a whole. At the end of the 18-day Kurukshetra war, the entire Kaurava clan was completely destroyed, including that of Duryodhana. As this happens, King Dhirdiraashtra couldn’t hold his emotions back! He’s totally devastated that all his hundred sons had lost their lives in the war. In fact, for a very long time, King Dhirdiraashtra wasn’t able to realize his mistake and instead, squarely put the blame on Bhagawan Krishna for the debacle. However, with Sanjaya at the helm of affairs, King Dhiridiraashtra slowly started realizing his fault, but it was too late by then! Everything was over and there was no point in crying and venting henceforth. Had King Dhirdiraashtra opened his mouth when it mattered, many problems could have been solved. Had King Dhirdiraashtra stopped his arrogant son at the right times, the situation wouldn’t have snowballed to such a level. 

This is where we’ve to learn a very important lesson. If we’re going to show excessive attachment towards someone or somebody, we would slowly start getting blinded to whatever “Adharma” that person is doing. In other words, forget taking action, we would not be in a position to even raise our voice against the “Adharma” committed by the person who is seemingly close to us. This is exactly where King Dhirdiraashtra got entangled into. Even though he knew that Duryodhana was arrogant and is trying to push his wrong agenda on the Paandavas, even though King Dhirdiraashtra knew that Bhagawan Krishna is leaning towards the Paandavas everytime, even though King Dhirdiraashtra knew that his son’s life is a great danger, he couldn’t just open his mouth and talk anything against his son’s behavior and actions. This is where, King Dhirdiraashtra’s excessive affection towards Duryodhana blinded him completely, even though there were stalwarts like Vidura and Sanjaya advising him everytime. All their advice went deaf ears to King Dhirdiraashtra, and we’re going to witness all of this in a great detail later on. 

Thus, as King Dhirdiraashtra laments, Sanjaya continues his accord further. He says thus, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Leave alone your “Putra-Vaatsalya” towards your son, Duryodhana – You’ve committed another grave mistake as a king. You’ve exhibited clear partiality towards the Paandavas, even though they are the legal heirs of this Hastinapura Kingdom. Don’t you remember that divine voice which clearly pronounced the verdict that Paandavas hold the moral right to claim the kingdom after King Paandu? When they were children, you had accepted the Paandavas as your own sons, after King Paandu’s demise, isn’t it? The deal at that time was to treat the Paandavas like your own sons, isn’t it? But what did you do? You were taking sides and leaning towards your sons and thereby acting with partiality! Isn’t this an “Adharmic” action as per the “Raaja-Neethi”? How can a king conduct himself with partiality towards his own subjects? This is what pulled you down ultimately. Till the end you weren’t able to realize your partial conduct. If you would have been assertive from the beginning, this great disaster could have been prevented. For all your faults thus, why do you blame Bhagawan Krishna? What did He do? Don’t you know that whichever side Bhagawan Krishna leans towards, would be the side wherein “Dharma” prevails? Didn’t you know that Yudishtra was an epitome of Dharma? Didn’t you know that Duryodhana insulted Bhagawan Krishna Hismelf when He had come as a messenger for the Paandava camp? Did you even ask a single question to Duryodhana when he abused Bhagawan Krishna in public? What were you doing back then?” 

As Sanjaya asks King Dhirdiraashtra left, right and center, he loses heart even more! As mentioned earlier, King Dhirdiraashtra expected Sanjaya to console him. However, what Sanjaya answered was in stark contrast. He knows only to talk “Dharma”. He doesn’t know how to say juicy words to kajole anyone. He only knows to talk straight and bluntly. Hearing these seemingly harsh words from Sanjaya, King Dhirdiraashtra sinks further! He replies to Sanjaya thus, “Oh Sanjaya! All this happened because my time wasn’t good! Everything in this world happens because of the time (Kaala)! For me, this “Kaala” has given a bad answer! It’s all my fate! I had to bear everything as a king and as a father. Whom do I go and blame? It’s only time that should answer the way forward as well!” 

As King Dhirdiraashtra laments further thus, Sanjaya again intervenes! He did not like the way in which King Dhiridiraashtra tried to “pass the buck” even at this stage without accepting his mistake! Sanjaya replies thus, “Oh King! Your words are only making me even more sad! I really do not know whether to laugh or cry! Even now after all events have conspired, you’re still unable to accept your mistake! This is where your weakness lies! Till now I thought that your external eyes were only blind! But now I understand that your “internal eyes” (Atman) are also totally blind! Long live Hastinapura!” Saying thus, Sanjaya too sank in sorrow for all what had happened! 

So for today, let us understand the brief of the Mahabharata text till this point, and let us wait till the next episode to witness what happened further and how Sage Vyaasa commenced the detailed version of the Mahabharata text! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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