Episode # 251 – Why are Shudras & women at an advantage during this Kali Yuga? Sage Vyaasa explains!!!

In the previous episode, we witnessed a very interesting conversation between a group of Maharishis and Sage Vyaasa with regards to the Kali Yuga and how is it going to pan out in the future. This conversation is being narrated by Sage Paraashara to Sage Maithreya, and Sage Vyaasa explains a very important point here. He clearly says that three things in this world would gain a lot of prominence in the coming Yuga – Shudras, Women and Kali. As Sage Vyaasa says thus, he quickly leaves that place and walks away. After he goes away, the Maharishis get together and discuss why did Sage Vyaasa say these three things and walk away without giving any further explanation. In fact, great Maharishis wouldn’t talk much like how we do today! They would answer the question to the point and leave it at that. They wouldn’t give any further explanations, until and unless we ask for it. Sometimes, even if we ask for it, they wouldn’t give the detailing. This is how Maharishis communicate, and to this, we have a famous proverb too – “Golden words shouldn’t be repeated more than once”! Perhaps this proverb was derived from the way in which Sage Vyaasa and other great Maharishis communicated during yesteryears! 

As we’re discussing this point throug, we might wonder why Sage Vyaasa is talking about these three things in particular. Now let us get into the details which this group of Maharishis are discussing right now. The first to gain prominence are the “Shudras”. Why “Shudras” and not “Brahmins”? We might all know that the “Brahmins” are the only sect of people as per the “Varnaashrama Dharma” to perform the “Veda-Adhyayana” and propagate the Vedas to the world. The “Brahmins” are the only people who are authorized to perform spiritual practices. If that is the case, why is Sage Vyaasa saying that the “Shudras” are more at advantage in this Kali Yuga as compared to the “Brahmins”? The reason is simple – “Brahmins” have to take a lot of strain and effort to focus constantly on spiritual practices and thereby attain “Moksha” through perfection. However, for the “Shudras”, this is never the case. If they merely chant Bhagawan’s divine names even without any austerity or rules, they would be able to attain “Moksha” quite easily without any strain. Thus, since the “Shudras” have this advantage, they are at a greater advantage as compared to the other sects of people. 

Second in this list are women. Why are women at an advantage more than men? It is men who have to be proficient in all the “Manthras”, “Yantras”, “Nitya-Anushtaana”, “Veda Adhyayana”, etc. Moreover, it is the men’s responsibility to go out, earn money and support the family. Women are at ease from all this, isn’t it? All women have to do is to ensure that Bhagawan is duly taken care of with adequate “Prasad”, and other related “Kainkarya” (Service to Bhagawan). Of course, in the modern day there are many questions that are being raised in the form of “Gender Equality”. People are asking why women shouldn’t chant Vedas? Why shouldn’t women perform any sort of “Nitya-Anushtana”? Moreover, why shoudn’t women go out and work? As per the Vedas, it doesn’t mean that women “shouldn’t” do all this. The Vedas explain that women “need not” do all this. There is a difference between the two sentences isn’t it? If I shouldn’t do something, it means that I do not have any right to vouch for something. Whereas, if I “need not” do something, it means that I can do it, but it is not a requirement. For instance, there is a ten-storeyed building and there are two ways to get to the tenth floor – One is through the staircase and the other one is through the lift or elevator. We can obviously use the staircase and climb ten floors, but I do not need to do that, do I? It is not necessary that I climb up the stairs to reach the tenth floor. Instead, I can always use the elevator to go up! Similarly, the Vedas have given women an “elevator track” to reach Moksha. However, men have to climb up the staircase to reach there! If such is the case, the question here is why should women climb the tough staircase, instead of taking the fast elevator? In fact, the Vedas doesn’t have any discrimination against men or women here. It is highly gender-neutral. It is we who wrongly interpret the Vedas by saying that it is biased towards men and not towards women. So let us think about it a bit deeper from now. 

So Shudras and women are at a higher advantage level as compared to others, according to Sage Veda-Vyaasa. There is yet another aspect that is also at this same advantageous level and that is nothing but “Kali”. Why is it so? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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