Episode # 245 – Bhagawan Krishna descends back to Vaikunta – Courtesy, a hunter!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed two scenarios emerging – One with regards to the numerous small metallic pieces from the wooden plank being washed aside by the oceanic waves, and the second wherein a fish accidentally consumes one of the several metallic pieces that were floating in the sea water. This fish gets trapped by a fisherman, who takes off this metallic piece that it has consumed and gives it to a hunter. This hunter has tied this particular metallic piece on to his sharp arrow, which he would be using for his hunting purposes. Thus, on one hand, the Yaadavas were celebrating that they have somehow “got rid” of that wooden plank upon which Sage Vishwamitra had inflicted the curse, but on the other hand, this wooden plank is “reinventing itself” into these small metallic bits, which are going to prove fatal for the Yaadavas. 

As this was progressing, Bhagawan Krishna decides that He should leave back to Vaikunta from this place called “Praabhaasa Theertha”, just outside Dwaaraka city. We can worship this place even today when we go on the “Dwaakra Yaatra”. This is the very place from which Bhagawan Krishna descended back to Vaikunta, after finishing all His duties that He came with. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna reached this “Praabhaasa Kshetra” and was simply lying down with one leg on top of the other. We might even have this habit, isn’t it? When we lie down on bed, for our convenience, we would have one leg placed over the other. Similarly, Bhagawan Krishna too was tired after a long lifetime in this world and He was lying down in a similar position. This same hunter whom we had seen earlier, arrives at the scene now – The hunter who has this small metallic piece tied to his arrow. Upon coming closer to Bhagawan Krishna, he was able to see His legs from a distance, but His two feet seemed like the head of a deer. This hunter has come searching for his prey for the day, and with this, he too was hungry. With his hunger, he too wasn’t able to differentiate between a deer and Bhagawan Krishna’s feet. With that particular arrow tied with the metallic bit, the hunter hit Bhagawan Krishna’s feet, and with this, Bhagawan Krishna decided to end His divine incarnation. He left His physical body then and there and descended to Vaikunta. 

We might wonder here, how come Bhagawan Krishna was hurt by this one small arrow, whereas during all these episodes previously, we had seen Him fighting more treacherous enemies with ease! Bhagawan Krishna exhibited to the world that He was hurt by this particular arrow just to show that curses coming from the mouths of Maharishis shouldn’t go in vain. They should somehow come to reality. This is the amount of respect that Bhagawan Himself is giving to highly spiritually realized people. He even goes to the extent of sacrificing His life for the words of great Maharishis. Also, we should remember that Gaandhaari as a pained mother of losing hundred sons is also in this. Bhagawan Krishna, although being the orchestrator of the entire Mahabharata war, accepted the curse of Mother Gaandhaari out of deep compassion for her and King Dhirdiraashtra. Thus, this curse should also come true, isn’t it? Hence, Bhagawan Krishna used these two scenarios as reasons to descend back to Vaikunta. 

Moreover, another way of looking at this point is that, Bhagawan Krishna should have some valid reason to descend back to Vaikunta by ending this incarnation. Every action should have a valid reasoning, isn’t it? If something has to happen, there should be a cause. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna used this hunter’s arrow as a “cause” to descend back. This is a perfect example as to how Bhagawan Krishna implemented the “Cause-Effect relationship”, which forms the fundamental principle for all concepts in modern day science. 

Hence, to answer the query of ours – It is not that Bhagawan Krishna wasn’t powerful to kill the hunter for stinging arrows on His divine lotus feet. It is only that, Bhagawan Krishna wanted these two curses to come true, as a token of respect to Sage Vishwamitra and Mother Gaandhaari. Thus, as per the two curses, a huge internal war broke out between the Yaadavas over time, and with these same metallic pieces that were washed aside by the ocean waters, the Yaadavas fought amongst themselves and all of them were eventually killed. Thus, the entire Yaadava clan, including Bhagawan Krishna came to an end. 

So for today, let us understand this important point on why Bhagawan Krishna resisted the hunter’s arrow and descended back to Vaikunta. We shall wait till the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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