Episode # 241 – Bhagawan Krishna decides to descend back to Vaikunta – After 120 years!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna neutralizing the threat of Baanaasura to the world. As per the sequence, we’ve witnessed how Baanaasura’s daughter, Usha fell in love with Aniruddha, Bhagawan Krishna’s grandson. Eventually, Aniruddha was “transported” to Baanaasura’s palace and both Usha and Aniruddha started “living together” without anyone’s notice. As Baanaasura came to know about this one day, he imprisoned both of them. Bhagawan Krishna, on the pretext of releasing Aniruddha and Usha from the clutches of Baanaasura, wages a battle against him, defeats him and retrieves the couple from the jail. In this process, all the Raakshasas associated with Baanaasura were killed by Bhagawan Krishna. However, Baanaasura was left alone. Bhagawan Krishna chopped ninety-eight of his hundred hands and allowed him to flee away. Bhagawan Krishna purposefully did not want to kill Baanaasura as he had become the father-in-law for Aniruddha. It is wrong to kill a father-in-law and bring his daughter home, isn’t it? It then gets classified as “abduction”. Hence, Bhagawan Krishna was very careful here not to get the blame upon Himself that He had abducted Usha for Aniruddha. 

With this, all of them came back to Dwaaraka and Aniruddha henceforth lived happily with Usha. As this event comes to an end, Bhagawan Krishna also decides that He has had enough in this world. He decides that it is time for Him to go back to Vaikunta. I’m skipping many events in the middle here, because we’ve witnessed all of these in detail in our previous “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” project. To sum up a few important events of Bhagawan Krishna’s mission at Dwaaraka, He managed to marry Jaambhavati, Rukmini Devi, etc. He also blessed Kuchela, one of His childhood friends at Gokula with enormous wealth and thereby bringing him and his family out of extreme poverty. Subsequently He killed Sishupaala, did a great deal of help to the Paandavas, especially Arjuna, played an important role in the Kurukshetra battle between the Paandavas and the Kauravas and ensured that Paandavas emerged successful and thereby restoring the “Dharma” in this world. With all this, Bhagawan Krishna too decided that He has completed all His divine duties that He had in His agenda. He was thus thinking of ways and means to get back to Vaikunta. 

At this time, the Yaadavas, amongst whom Bhagawan Krishna was born, were extremely proud of themselves and at the same time, this pride gave way to a lot of arrogance. Just because Bhagawan Krishna was ever with them to protect them, the Yaadavas’ arrogance knew no bounds. However, Bhagawan Krishna wasn’t happy with the ways in which the Yaadavas were going about things and decided that they should be taught a befitting lesson. It is through this lesson that Bhagawan Krishna too decides to finish off His divine incarnation. One fine day, the Yaadavas had heavily drunk alcoholic drinks and with this, they went straight to Sage Vishwamitra in the forest, who was in deep penance as usual. They wanted to make fun of Sage Vishwamitra and his immense penance. 

Thus, the Yaadavas readied a plan  amongst their group to insult Sage Vishwamitra. They selected one person amongst their group, dressed him up as a female, tied a wooden plank around his waist and stomach and brought him straight to Sage Vishwamitra. Thus, the Yaadavas ask the Sage, “Oh Sage Vishwamitra! The entire world knows the power of your penance, isn’t it? We’ve brought in front of you, a woman who is carrying. With the power of the penance that you’ve obtained till date, can you predict correctly whether this woman is going to deliver a male or a female child?” We should remember here that this was a trick that is being played by the Yaadavas on Sage Vishwamitra, so as to insult him and his power of penance. So what is Sage Vishwamitra’s reaction to the Yaadavas going to be? Did he find out that the Yaadavas were fooling him? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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