Episode # 210 – Can “Bhakti-Marga” be implemented in this “Kali-Yuga”? An important discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the divine experience of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna with the Gopikas at Vrindavan, wherein Bhagawan Bala-Krishna mixes spiritual bliss with some breaks in the middle, so that the Gopikas do not get carried away too much. As Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s presence is intoxicating the Gopikas more and more every moment, they’re starting to fall on the ground unconscious, and this, as we’ve seen earlier too, is the highest level of “Bhakti” one can transcend to. We have been experiencing this blissful state for the past couple of episodes, along with some important points with regards to what was the level of relationship between Bhagawan Krishna and the Gopikas. We’ve witnessed that the Gopikas had the highest level of divinity when it came to their relationship with Bhagawan. Rather than being worldly or physical in nature, the Gopikas proved how a “Jeevatman ” should exhibit ardent devotion and longing towards Bhagawan. We should learn this important point from the Gopikas and should try and implement it in our daily lives. 

Of course, I’m saying that all of us should sit and cry in front of Bhagawan, leaving aside everything else from tomorrow. That is not the point here. However, we shall experience Bhagawan’s divine presence amongst us by chanting our “Mantra” non-stop even while doing all our daily routine chores, both at home and office. Moreover, one can attain closeness to Bhagawan by “Naama-Sankeertanam” (Singing in praise of Bhagawan by uttering His divine names). We’ve witnessed the significance of this in our previous episodes as well. Thus, the point here is that, it is very much possible for all of us to attain Bhagawan’s proximity even in this Kali Yuga. Many of us might be having this question in our mind – We’re witnessing the Gopikas exhibiting devotion towards Bhagawan and attaining Moksha. We’re witnessing the episode of Chintayanti, and the fruit-vendor who directly attained Moksha with Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine grace. There are many more such instances that we’re going to witness in due course. However, are all these applicable in this present “Kali Yuga”? How do we even conceptualize Bhagawan in the Kali Yuga, given so much of disturbances and unprecedented amounts of distractions around us? Will it be possible for us to attain “Moksha” in this treacherous Yuga? 

The answer is very simple – Any “Jeevatman” would be able to attain the highest “Moksha” irrespective of whichever Yuga he / she lives in. We should understand this important point here – Every Yuga is significant in its own ways, as all of it are creations of Bhagawan. Just like how the Tretha Yuga and Dwaapara Yuga had their significances, Kali Yuga too has its own significance. It is only up to us to identify and unearth those significances, make use of them and attain Bhagawan’s proximities. Aren’t there so many people who had attained “Moksha” in the Kali Yuga? We’ve witnessed “n” number of examples in this regard in our previous episodes as well, isn’t it? We’ve for instance, witnessed how Saint Thiyagaraja Swami (A prolific composer in Carnatic Music), who lived just 300 years ago in this same Kali Yuga, having the divine opportunity to worship Bhagawan Rama in person and thereby attain “Moksha”. In similar lines we’ve witnessed many others like Saint Tukaram, Meerabai, who were ardent devotees of Bhagawan Paanduranga (Bhagawan Krishna). These people have also lived in the Kali Yuga only. In the same lines, many of us know how the “Alwars” and “Aachaaryas” have propagated their “Divyaprabhandham” text in praise of Bhagawan Vishnu and thereby with that, have attained the highest “Moksha”. 

Thus, the point here is that, irrespective of whichever Yuga we’re part of, everyone has an equal opportunity to try and attain “Moksha”. Bhagawan treats all His children equally without any differences amongst any of us. Hence, instead of cribbing about the nuances of the Kali Yuga, we’ve to make up our minds and try to focus on Bhagawan. Yes, of course, it is difficult, but since it is difficult, can we just sit without taking any effort? We should channelize our mind and drive our focus towards Bhagawan, isn’t it? Of course, all of this doesn’t come without having faith. Our faith should be strong enough within us, that Bhagawan would definitely respond to our ardent prayers. It is with this same faith that these Gopikas were also longing for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s presence isn’t it? It is with this same faith that Chintayanti was waiting patiently for Bhagawan’s divine flute music to pierce her ears, isn’t it? We should understand here as to how “faith” and “willpower” are extremely important for spiritual progress. If we have a negative feeling thus, “Oh! There are so many thousands and millions of people calling out for Bhagawan. Is He ever going to respond to me?”, nothing is going to happen. Bhagawan would definitely come in front of us if we’re having the right pedigree of “Bhakti”, “Faith”, “Confidence” and “Willpower” in us. Along with these four important parameters, we should also put in the right effort in the right direction. We should make sure that we keep doing our “Mantra-Japa” every time without a break. We should perform our “Nitya-Anushtaana” every day without fail. If we start with these simple practices, these would take us a long way forward. 

So for today, let us conclude the episode on the Gopikas with this important note, and let us start taking the right effort in the right direction, so as to attain “Moksha” at the end of this birth. We shall wait till the next episode to continue with the next important “Krishna Leela” as narrated by Sage Paraashara. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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