Episode # 208 – Relationship between Bhagawan Krishna & Gopikas – Highest level of “Bhakti-Maarga”!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced witnessing the all-important “Raasa-Kreeda” that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna performed along with the “Gopika” women of the Gokula village. Normally the “Gopika” women are from the families that maintain huge cowsheds and whose daily routine is to sell milk and milk products. They are young in age and as we had mentioned earlier too, the Gopikas are one of the most ardent sets of devotees during Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s time at Gokula. Readers might also recall from our earlier episodes that young women are more inclined towards Bhagawan Bala-Krishna easily, not because they are getting carried away by His physical form, but the underlying fact here is that, the ultimate spiritual surrender towards Bhagawan is of the highest level in them. This is because young women know that there is nobody else in this world to whom they can bank upon for security and sustainability in life. The Gopikas are perfect examples of astute surrender towards Bhagawan, and as we know by now, the Gopikas are none other than the divine incarnations of the Devas (Celestial beings), the surrender is even of a higher order. 

Thus, as Bhagawan Bala-Krishna spends quality time with the Gopikas at Vrindavan by dancing along with them, the environment and atmosphere around that place becomes highly spiritually charged up. This makes the Gopikas go extremely high on “Bhakti” in such a way that one after the other start fainting and falling on the ground unconscious. This is the highest level of happiness and divine “Bhakti” that one can reach. If a person is able to reach this pinnacle level, he / she automatically transforms into a “Mahatma” or a “high spiritually realized soul”. This is exactly what is happening with the Gopikas here. Buoyed by the divine presence of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna for which they were yearning for a long time, the Gopikas reach the highest state of “Trans” that they totally forget everything around them while dancing with Bhagawan. However, Bhagawan also has His responsibility isn’t it? He cannot let His devotees get into extreme unconscious levels. Thus to bring them back to the normal conscious state, He suddenly disappears from their vicinity! Unable to bear the separation from Bhagawan even for a moment, the Gopikas suddenly regain consciousness, only to find Him missing amongst them! They start searching for Bhagawan frantically, only to find Him right behind them again! Thus once again, Bhagawan joins hands with all of them and starts dancing with profound bliss. This continues on and on and as per the promise made by Bhagawan Vishnu to the Devas earlier, the Gopikas are getting quality time with Bhagawan finally. Who would let such a golden opportunity go by? 🙂 

As we’re witnessing and enjoying the profound blissful state of the Vrindavan experience, we should also understand one important point here – In today’s world wherein there are so many atheists (Unfortunate Anti-Hindu elements of the society) roaming around, many raise a “question” as to how can Bhagawan Krishna have “relationships” with so many women! Isn’t this unfair being Bhagawan Himself? Isn’t Bhagawan Krishna setting a bad example for the next generations of people to follow? How can one man have infinite relationships with women? These are questions that arise because of two reasons – One is lack of awareness and in-depth understanding of what exactly is the case, and secondly, such questions are asked just with the intent to malign and defame our Sanaatana Dharma. We would not be talking much about the second reason, as all of us know that our Sanaatana Dharma cannot be destroyed just like that by such buffoons and jokers. The first reason is something of a concern and I shall try and address that today. 

As explained earlier, the “Gopikas” are not ordinary human beings, but are divine incarnations of the “Devas”. This is the first and foremost thing that all of us have to remember. Secondly, we should note here strictly that the relationship between the Gopikas and Bhagawan Krishna was of a different level altogether. It is a perfect illustration of a relationship between a “Jeevatma” and the “Paramatma”. The Gopikas clearly illustrate and teach us how a “Jeevatma” should yearn and long for the divine presence of the “Paramatman”. This is the highest level of “Bhakti Maarga”. As depicted by the anti-Hindu brigade of today, the relationship between the Gopikas and Bhagawan Krishna was never physical in nature. It was completely divine and there was no place for worldly affairs here. We should have a clear understanding here in this context and as ardent followers of our “Sanaatana Dharma”, we shouldn’t get carried away by these baseless gimmicks that are created by this so-called “Secular”  anti-Hindu brigade. 

Hence for today, let us understand this important point about the divinity of the relationship between Bhagawan Krishna and the Gopikas, and let us continue to enjoy the divine spiritual experience as we read through this important event. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of this event further and shall witness how Bhagawan Krishna spent more time with the Gopikas. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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