Episode # 205 – Complete surrender to Bhagawan is the ONLY way to neutralize our “Karma” accounts!!!

We’ve touched upon an important point in the previous episode wherein we’ve witnessed how Chintayanti had attained “Moksha”. In this, although Bhagawan Bala-Krishna played an important role seemingly, her “Karma” accounts played a bigger role. Chintayanti was able to attain “Moksha” only when both her “Papa” and “Punya” accounts were nullified. This is an important concept often explained in various places in our Sanaatana Dharma Literature, and here in this case, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is once again trying to re-emphasize this important point. In fact, later on He does it big time in His Bhagawad Gita when He’s going to talk in detail about what is “Karma” and how “Karma” plays an important role in the birth-death cycle of the “Jeevatman”. 

In fact, as an extension to this point, Bhagawan Krishna explains in His Bhagawad Gita as to how can a “Jeevatman ” come out of this birth-death cycle. The context comes wherein Arjuna asks an important question to Bhagawan Krishna, whether there is no end to this birth-death cycle at all. Bhagawan Krishna explains to Arjuna thus, “Oh Arjuna! It is very much possible that the Jeevatman can come out of this vicious cycle. All that I’m saying here is that you, as a Jeevatman, do not have the power to come out of it. However, if you surrender to my divine lotus feet, I can pull you out of this birth-death cycle. Hence, the extent to which the “Jeevatman” can come out of this completely depends on how much he / she surrenders to Bhagawan!” 

We can see a practical illustration of this answer of Bhagawan Krishna in the case of Chintayanti. In fact, if we have a closer look at Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation, all the illustrations would be given first, and finally the theory part would come! 🙂 Normally in science and mathematics subjects today that we read, it is the vice-versa isn’t it? That is, the theory would be explained first, followed by the practical experiences and illustrations. However, Bhagawan Krishna is quite different in His approach and hence, He illustrates the practical aspect of things first, and then follows them up with the theory explained in detail through His Bhagawad Gita. In the Chintayanti episode thus, we’re witnessing how much of deep surrender to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna did she have in herself. Even though she wasn’t able to come out of her house to search for Bhagawan’s divine presence, she imagined Him in herself and got absorbed totally in His divine flute music. Moreover, we’ve also seen how Chintayanti used to wait every passing day to listen to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine flute music and how she used to have complete surrender towards Him. 

Thus the point to understand in today’s episode is that, of course it is important that our “Karma” account, inclusive of our “Papa” and “Punya” accounts should be nullified. However, what is more important here is that this “account maintenance” mostly isn’t in our control. For instance, if we had done some small sin of killing an ant or a fly in some birth that we would have taken 500 years ago, what would we be able to do about it today? This is a totally uncontrollable situation at our end, isn’t it? Moreover, we don’t even know what kind of “Papa” and “Punya” Karmas we have accumulated over the past hundreds of births that we would have taken so far. Hence, such things are uncontrollable factors, isn’t it? Given this situation, how on earth would we be able to liberate ourselves? This is exactly what Bhagawan Krishna explains – The moment He says that we do not have the power to liberate ourselves, Bhagawan intends to explain to us that the only option that is available to us is to seek His divine grace for pulling us out of the “Karma” cycle. This is exactly what Chintayanti did too, when she surrendered completely to Bhaagwan Bala-Krishna. We’ve witnessed a similar experience with the fruit vendor earlier and how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna granted her the ultimate “Moksha” immediately then and there! 

So for today, let us understand this important point – Complete surrender to Bhagawan is the only way to neutralize our “Karma” accounts and it is only through this, we would be able to attain “Moksha”. Hence, let us channelize our efforts in this direction and let us not worry about our “Praarabdha Karma”. Let us exhibit surrender to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine feet, and let Him take care of the needful! We shall wait till the next episode to move on with the next important “Krishna-Leela” as narrated by Sage Paraashara! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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