Episode # 198 – The “GURU” (Spiritual Master) – A person who is deep-rooted into Bhagawan at all times!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important discussion on why Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is playing the flute to generate the divine music, and why is He not singing directly through His mouth for the same. We had witnessed an important reason for this – The flute that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is using is acting like a “Medium” through which music is propagated. This “Medium” is what we refer to in our Sanaatana Dharma as the “Guru” or the “Spiritual Master”. Just like how the flute acts like a medium between Bhagawan (Paramatma) and the Bhakta (Jeevatma) to propagate music, the “Guru” or “Spiritual Master” acts like a medium between Bhagawan (Paramatma) and Bhakta (Jeevatma) to propagate Bhakti and all His spiritual guidance and messages. If we hear all of it directly from Bhagawan, we would only get confused as whatever comes directly from Bhagawan might be extremely complex and might be difficult for normal people like us to comprehend. The best example is the Bhagawad Gita – Neither Arjuna himself, to whom Bhagawan Krishna explained, nor others could understand the full essence of what Bhagawan is trying to convey. This is why till date, research scholars across various countries are still conducting innumerable researches on the Bhagawad Gita. Only He knows what He has said! 🙂 

Another example of this is the Vedas. We’ve witnessed in our earlier episodes as to how the Vedas were born. Since the Vedas too have come directly from Bhagawan, it is extremely difficult or nearly impossible for all us to comprehend till date. This is why we have the “Guru” or “Spiritual Master” in the form of Sage Veda Vyaasa, who took it upon himself to compile the Vedas and segregate the complex text into the four sects – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharvana Veda. Even then the Vedas is complex for us to understand and implement. This is where we have the “Ithihasas” and Puraanas” complied by Valmiki Bhagawan, Sage Veda Vyaasa, Sage Paraashara, Sage Sukhaachaarya, etc. who are all in the lineage of the great “Gurus”, who have simplified the Vedas and given to us for easy understanding. This is where the role of the “Guru” or Spiritual Master lies – The main responsibility is to act as a medium between us and Bhagawan and bring both of them together. This is exactly the flute’s role here. Thus, we should understand that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is trying to convey the important message through the flute that the “Guru” is a very significant person in the “Bhakti-Maarga”. 

Moving on thus, Sage Paraashara explains how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna sits and plays the flute on the banks of River Yamuna every day. As He comes to the banks of the river, He sits in such a way that His divine lotus feet brushes through the fast-flowing waters of the river. He sits over a small bund and His feet get drenched in the water. Upon seeing and describing  this scene in the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana,  Sage Sukhaachaarya feels bad that had he be born as the water of the Yamuna River, he would also have had the divine opportunity to caress Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s feet gently, isn’t it? If we look into the “Divyaprabhandham” text compiled by the “Alwars” and the “Aachaaryas”, we would be able to witness their “Bhakti Bhaava”, wherein they would be in tears as they imagine this scene. 

We might be wondering why are these people in tears just by imagining scenes like these! It is only because they are getting tears, they are considered as “Aachaaryas” and it is only because we do not get anything while we read through all these, we’re considered “normal people” without any spiritual knowledge! This is yet another characteristic of a “Guru” or the “Spiritual Master”. A “Guru” is a person who experiences Bhagawan every minute and second of their divine incarnation. Because they are able to experience Bhagawan every minute, they automatically shed tears of “Bhakti” and this characteristic is what makes them revered and respected. From their outward appearance, we might easily tend to conclude that such people have gone mad or crazy, but the reality remains that the “Guru” is a person who is deep-rooted in Bhagawan all the time. In fact, it is only because great Spiritual Masters like Sage Veda Vyaasa, Sage Paraashara, etc. and the present-day Spiritual Masters like Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhagawan Ramana, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, etc. are such deep-rooted souls towards Bhagawan, they have a huge following with lot of respect. 

Thus, for today, let us understand from this episode, this important characteristic of a “Guru”. Thus, from this episode wherein Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is sitting aside the banks of the River Yamuna and playing His flute, let us also imagine that we’re sitting alongside Him and listening to the divine music that is emulating out of His divine flute. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of this discussion on the various characteristics of a “Guru” that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is illustrating further. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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