Episode # 163 – Bhagawan can be realized in Kali Yuga via the grace of a “GURU” (Spiritual Master)!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on why Bhagawan Krishna involved Himself in various childhood “Leelas” at Gokula. We’ve begun witnessing how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna started stealing butter from Gokula residences and how Sage Paraashara beautifully brings it out as part of his “Shri Vishnu Puraana”, but as we do so, we’re also witnessing some deeper spiritual meanings and understandings that we should have, with regards to Bhagawan’s “Leelas”. In that way, in yesterday’s episode we had seen an answer to the important question as to how can we relate to Bhagawan Krishna’s “Leelas” of the “Dwaapara Yuga” to the present “Kali Yuga. We should have the firm belief that even though Bhagawan Krishna incarnated in the previous Yuga, He would still give His divine darshan for us, if we exhibit our ardent devotion towards Him. We’ve witnessed similar examples with few ardent devotees like Saint Thiyagaraja Swami, wherein he was a great devotee of Bhagawan Rama. As he attained Moksha, Saint Thiyagaraja was rewarded by Bhagawan Rama with His divine darshan, for all the “Krithis” he had sung in praise of Him. Similar is the case with yet another devotee by name “Meerabai”. She was an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Krishna in this Kali Yuga, and ultimately she merged with Bhagawan Krishna as she was constantly singing in praise of Him. There are innumerable examples of people who have lived in this Kali Yuga (living now as well) who have had the golden opportunity to witness Bhagawan in person. Hence, it is upto us to make up our mind to move forward in the path of “Bhakti Maarga” with the firm faith that Bhagawan would definitely answer our prayers some day. 

Obviously there might be another question in this regard – When will Bhagawan answer our prayers and come to us? How do we trust these words that Bhagawan would definitely come? We’ve to understand that we’re nobody to command Bhagawan Krishna to come or not to come. We’re nobody to fix “deadlines” for Bhagawan to come. It is He who has to take the call. All we can do is to pray to Him with all our ardent devotion. After that, it is His discretion as to when or when not to come to us. At times, Bhagawan might not come in person, but we would be able to see Him in terms of somebody else. For instance, Bhagawan might enable us to get in touch with a great spiritual master (Sadguru). This is even more a golden opportunity for all of us to attain Moksha, isn’t it? I’ve already spoken about the importance of a “Guru” on various occasions earlier as well. However, it is worth it for us to recollect it in this context. 

A “Guru” is a person who enables us to realize Bhagawan easily by prescribing us the right path. Just like how a doctor prescribes a path to cure a disease to our physical body, by giving medicines, performing surgeries, etc. a “Guru” prescribes the path for all of us to attain the highest “Moksha”. A “Guru” is also a person who shows us who Bhagawan really is and how to attain Him. Just like how a mother shows the father to their newly born baby, the Guru shows Bhagawan to us, and explains His significance. Moresoever, the “Guru” is someone who guides us through the path of attaining “Moksha”, as said earlier. We should understand here that not all of us might be comfortable with one particular path of attaining “Moksha”. What might work for you, might not work for me. It is similar to someone having a disease and how the doctor treats individual patients differently. This is because, what medicine works on one patient, might not work on me, because my body might be allergic to that medicine. Similarly, the “Guru” understands exactly which path of “Bhakti Maarga” suits me and which path might suit you. 

Thus, to be able to identify and approach a “Guru” in this birth, is itself Bhagawan’s divine grace. If we do not have that grace, we would not be able to even identify that this person is a “Mahatma”, even if we might be physically close to Him or Her. Thus, getting to talk with a “Mahatma”, getting good guidance from Him or Her is also a form of Bhagawan’s divine grace. Hence, we should understand here that Bhagawan needn’t come down in person to all of us everytime. He might send His “representative” to bring us to His place, which is Vaikunta! 🙂 For instance, if there is a small issue in some part of the country, will the Prime Minister of the country personally go everytime and address it? He might have his group of ministers or collectors, or someone else in the government machinery who would address selected issues, isn’t it? Similarly, Bhagawan doesn’t need to come down for each and every small thing that is happening in this world. For His ardent devotees, He makes sure that they attain Him through His representative, and that representative is none other than the “Guru” or the “Spiritual Master”. 

So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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