Episode # 144 – Bhagawan Krishna incarnates – Gives His “Vishwarupa Darshan” to Devaki & Vasudeva!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the stage being set for Bhagawan Vishnu to incarnate in this world, as the son to the Devaki-Vasudeva couple. We’ve witnessed all the instructions being followed meticulously by Goddess Yoga-Maya, wherein she had first played a huge role in shifting Balarama from Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb. Secondly, Goddess Yoga-Maya herself incarnates in the human form as a baby girl to Yashoda and Nandagopa at Gokula, precisely at the same time when Bhagawan Krishna incarnated to Devaki and Vasudeva. As this was about to happen within the next few moments, all the Devas, including Indra and Co., were eagerly awaiting Bhagawan’s arrival with flowers in their hands. Sage Narada was ecstatic and happy that finally Dharma has an opportunity to be re-established. All the Sages started to realize an abnormal and a once-in-a-lifetime event happening, and they too joined hands to sing in praise of Bhagawan. All the “Nakshatras” are shining brighter than ever. As it was night time, the Moon (Chandra Bhagawan) was in his full energy level. Chandra Bhagawan was also more interested because Bhagawan Krishna is going to incarnate in the “Chandra-Vamsa”. Thus, the entire world was awaiting this golden moment, and finally now it is time for Bhagawan to move forward. 

As all this was happening, it was already middle into the night. Sage Paraashara explains this beautifully thus, 

“Ardha raatre akhilaadhaare jaayamaane janaardhane!

Pullingeevaramathnaabham chaturbaahum udeekshatham!!”

As time was going by, Bhagawan Vishnu incarnates finally – As a lovely little baby with a bright face and a beaming smile. As the baby looks around, it is in all smiles, without even a trace of sorrow that it was born in a prison afterall! The mission commences – With a humble beginning! As Bhagawan incarnates, He is along with His “Shanka” and “Chakra” in both His small little hands. It was as if the sun has rosen way early that night! It was as if Bhagawan Surya didn’t have the patience to wait till the dawn to rise up. The entire place shone with divine brightness all around. 

As Bhagawan incarnates thus, all the Devas are now singing praise and showering flowers upon Him. It is as if, all the Devas are welcoming Bhagawan to this world. Finally their prayers and requests are going to be answered soon! Kamsa’s end is nearing and this was the apt moment for which all of them were waiting for. Devaki thus delivers her eighth son! As Vasudeva looks at his son thus, he was surprised and shocked to see the baby with four shoulders, “Shanka” and “Chakra”. It was the perfect answer for Vasudeva’s and Devaki’s ardent devotion towards Bhagawan Vishnu. We’ve earlier seen this as well. Thus, as Bhagawan takes birth itself, He starts His mission by giving His “Vishwaroopa Darshan” to His parents! It’s a known fact that Bhagawan Krishna later gives this “Vishwaroopa Darshan” to few others as well during the course of His incarnation to Arjuna, and the likes later on. But here, the first set of people to receive this golden opportunity are none other than Vasudeva and Devaki. 

As the couple enjoys this divine golden opportunity, Vasudeva has his own concerns. He didn’t have the heart to take the baby and give it in the hands of the wicked Kamsa. So Vasudeva has a small request to the baby thus, “Oh little one!! I know and understand who you really are! However, please hide your identity for the moment as Kamsa is after your life. I don’t want you to go under the knife of that wicked fool. I shall think of some way out, to protect you from Kamsa. Or…. Rather…. Who am I to protect Bhagawan? You know it by yourself how to escape from Kamsa! Hence, my only prayer at this moment is to hide your identity and be as a normal little newborn baby!” As his father prays thus, Bhagawan immediately conceals His identity and becomes a normal newborn baby! 

This is where, Bhagawan Himself obeys to the instructions given by an ardent devotee! We’ve seen earlier as to how Bhagawan is an obedient servant to all His ardent devotees, and this Vasudeva is a perfect example for this phenomenon! So for today, let us enjoy and celebrate Bhagawan Krishna’s divine incarnation in the world and let us wait till the next episode to witness how Bhagawan Krishna “escaped” out of the prison complex at Mathura city! Stay tuned for an absorbing episode tomorrow!! 🙂 


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