Episode # 133 – Kamsa’s DEATH-KNELL sounded – Tries to kill Devaki!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a small clarification on the point wherein Bhagawan Krishna’s birthplace was seemingly being disputed. However, since the discussion between Bhagawan Vishnu and the Devas happened at this place called “Thiru-Koshtiyur” near to the city of Madurai in the southern part of India, Swami Periyaalwar concluded that the birthplace of Bhagawan Krishna should be this very place. This place is considered very important since the “thought process” of Bhagawan Vishnu to incarnate as Bhagawan Krishna at Mathura was born here. Thus, eventually we’ve started to witness the key happenings that conspired, which ultimately led to Bhagawan Krishna to incarnate. There was a Raakshasa by name “Kamsa”, whose sister, Devaki, was getting married to Vasudeva. We’ve witnessed the history of Devaki and Vasudeva previously, and hence we shall move on from this point. 

As the marriage got over in a grand style, Kamsa decides to escort Devaki and Vasudeva in his own chariot to Vasudeva’s place. A lot of grandeur followed and the couple got into the chariot and commenced the long journey from Mathura city. Kamsa was himself driving the chariot. After a few miles into the journey, there was a sudden sound of loud thunder rattling above the sky. A huge sheet of lightning engulfed as well, and with that, a heavy-sounding voice caught everybody’s attention. It was a voice from above the sky along with the rapturous thunder and lightning that sounded in a very fearful tone, which was like impounding the death knell on Kamsa’s head. The voice spoke thus, 

“Yaametaam vahase mooda saha bharthraa rathehsthithaam!

Astyaasta bhaasthamo garthaha praanaan apaharishyati!!”

Thus, the voice thundered towards Kamsa, “Oh Mooda! Oh fool! You aren’t realizing that your death is going to come very soon, and it is going to be from the child that is going to be born to this very couple you’re having in your chariot right now! The son who’s going to be born to Devaki and Vasudeva is going to sound the death knell to you very soon! There’s no way that you can protect yourself from this great danger. If you’re even trying to stop this from happening, try it for yourself! Thus, no matter what you do to stop this from happening, that son would be born to this couple and you can do nothing about it!” Upon hearing thus from the rapturous thunderous voice from above the sky, Kamsa was shell-shocked! He couldn’t believe what he just heard! On one hand, his affection towards his sister was trying to take him over. On the other hand, the fear of death is trying to take him over! What would poor Kamsa do now? Rather than thinking for a moment and calming himself down, he immediately pulled out his sharp sword and was about to fling it towards his sister, Devaki! 

Kamsa’s thought process was very simple here – The danger to his life is only from the son to be born to Devaki, isn’t it? So, if he kills Devaki on the spot, his life would be saved, because the son wouldn’t be born at all! With this in mind, Kamsa is about to fling the sword over Devaki’s head straightaway! The world is looking at this incident with shock, fear and uncertainty! Nobody knows what is going to happen next! On one hand, Kamsa’s atrocities are well-known to the world, and he would never be afraid of killing anyone for his own benefit! Whereas, on the other hand, Bhagawan has to incarnate only through this Devaki-Vasudeva duo! 

As Kamsa is ready to fling his treacherous sword towards his wife, Vasudeva immediately falls on Kamsa’s feet and starts begging for mercy. Vasudeva beggs thus, “Oh Kamsa! What are you going to achieve by killing a lady? By doing thus, you would enter into three important sins – Firstly, you’re about to commit one of the greatest sins of killing a woman, for no fault of hers. Secondly, you’re trying to kill a woman on the very day of her marriage. This is an even treacherous sin. Thirdly, Devaki is your own sister. Killing your own sibling is another sin that you’re about to enter. Hence, stop this killing right away, and think of other ways of handling this mystery!”

As Vasudeva explains thus, Kamsa started to think for a while. Using this opportunity, Vasuedeva is now trying to do another “Gita-Upadesha”, just like how his son is going to do much later! 🙂 What was the advice that Vasudeva is going to give Kamsa? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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