Episode # 130 – Mathura, Gokula & Vrindavan – Holy places of Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a beautiful accord of Sage Paraashara describing the meaning of the divine name “Krishna”. Bhagawan is referred to as Krishna as He is the only “Savior” of this entire world. We’ve witnessed in due course as to whom Bhagawan Krishna is going to protect. We might have heard that Bhagawan destroyed so many people in due course of His 120-year incarnation in this world. Of course, yes, He had to destroy those who did not fall into the path of “Dharma”. This is a long list, and in due course we’re going to witness this as well. But more than this, the number of living beings that Bhagawan Krishna protected and took to “Vaikunta” is far higher than the number which He destroyed. Right from a fruit seller to the greatest of Kshatrya princes, Bhagawan Krishna treated all His divine children equally and took all of them to “Vaikunta” along with Him. This shows how Bhagawan is so compassionate towards His ardent devotees. We had witnessed during our Ramayana project too, as to how Bhagawan Rama was so compassionate that when He descended to Vaikunta, He did not leave even a single person back in Ayodhya. All Ayodhya citizens had that beautiful opportunity to transcend to Vaikunta, and this is how compassionate Bhagawan Rama was. In fact, we’ve also seen how Bhagawan Rama specially invited Hanuman to Vaikunta, and how Hanuman declined that offer, only to chant the “Rama-Nama” and spread it in this world far and wide! 

Having said thus, we understand here that Bhagawan is the ultimate savior of this world, but how does He protect the world? He does that through His compassion and love. Thus, we can say that Bhagawan Krishna is our “compassionate savior”. Thus, it is now our pleasure to start witnessing how this “Compassionate savior” incarnated in this world as “Little Krishna”. This is going to be an absorbing story and of course, most of us might be knowing it. Yet, it is always a pleasure to experience Little Krishna isn’t it? In fact, by now, we’ve also written around 1300 episodes as part of this blog, and our readers might be knowing most of the stories and events by now. However, why are we witnessing them again and again? The more we experience Bhagawan, the more we get closer to Him, and in turn our Bhakti towards Bhagawan increases. Moreover, the more we experience Bhagawan, the more we would get an opportunity to understand His significance better. The more we understand His significance, the more we would be able to think of Him as our Savior. The more we start thinking about Him, the more deeper our “Bhakti-Maarga” would become. Deeper our “Bhakti-Maarga”, easier it is to attain Bhagawan! This is like a chain process, isn’t it? We can in fact, draw a beautiful flow chart or a block diagram with this data. Thus, the underlying point here is that, we’re witnessing Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation, not just because we already know it, but to experience Bhagawan in the form of a little child, a teenager, an adult, a “Spiritual Master” and finally as Bhagawan Himself. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation offers a complete package of divine experience to all His devotees. 

Thus, when we say that Bhagawan Krishna was born, it was in the holy city called Mathura, in Western Uttar Pradesh – An Indian state. Mathura is around 50 kilometers away from the National Capital, Delhi and even today, we have many instances and places around, which would narrate stories after stories of Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood. There is a place called “Vrindavan”, which is the place where Bhagawan Krishna spent time with the “Gopikas”. This is a remarkably beautiful place. On the other side of the river Yamuna that flows across the city, there is this village called “Gokula”, which we can worship even today. This is the place where Bhagawan Krishna spent almost ten years of His childhood as Little Krishna or Bala-Krishna. Near the Gokula village, there is the “Govardhana Giri”, wherein Bhagawan Krishna protected the entire Gokula village from the evil wrath of Indra and Varuna. Similarly, there are umpteen number of places wherein Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood stories galore! In fact, there are instances wherein, after Bhagawan Krishna proceeded to Dwaraka many years after His childhood, He still used to think and remember all those beautiful days that He spent at Gokula and used to weep immensely with tears! He used to think of the time He spent with the divine Radha, His childhood friends, Gopikas, etc. and used to cry profusely, missing all of them! If Bhagawan had to think about all of them, who were ardent devotees and cry, we might understand how much of Bhakti these people would have showered on Bhagawan Krishna! So, isn’t Bhagawan Krishna the real compassionate savior for all of us?

Thus, today we’ve witnessed the significance of the places wherein Bhagawan Krishna’s childhood days were spent. From the next episode, we shall straightaway enter into the events that conspired, paving the way for the divine incarnation of Bhagawan Krishna in this world. An interesting and absorbing set of episodes await us for the next few days and months from now! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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