Episode # 127 – How do modern-day “ASTROLOGERS” trap us to make money from our ignorance? An important accord!!!

We’re amidst an important discussion wherein we’re seeing why we shouldn’t get carried away too much with looking into “Auspicious days”, “Auspicious times” and also too much into Astrology for everyday aspects of life. Of course, these are important if we perform some important spiritual practices and other key life events. However, if we’ve to start looking for such things for our regular routine works and our job-related things, we’re simply trying to shrug off responsibility, and in turn, we’re getting more and more scared to face challenges in life. We’ve to understand that at whatever “auspicious” time and day we commence doing something, challenges are inevitable, and we’ve to live through tough phases in life. It is a wrong concept that prevails in some echelons of the society that if we start something at an auspicious time and day, only then will things be successful. These are some wrong pieces of information that are constantly being fed by some so-called “famous astrologers”, who mint money by taking advantage of our ignorance and weakness. 

In regards to this as well, we’ve witnessed during our previous episode itself as to how some astrologers take common people for a ride, misguide them and make money out of it. In fact, in our “Sanaatana Dharma”, there is nothing called “Parihaara” for any adverse planetary positions that we might have. Today too, I’m going to reiterate this point in a different way, and let us see in due course how these so-called “astrologers” exploit the weakness and ignorance of common people. If for instance, we as common people who have zero knowledge in astrology go to an astrologer, what would happen? That astrologer, if he / she has the sole agenda of making money, would nicely start brainwashing us that our planetary positions are pathetic and we’re staring at a great danger in our near future! This would serve as an emotional blackmail and we would automatically tend to get scared. As we get scared, the astrologer would use this fear to drive his / her agenda. 

Now what would be this “agenda” for the astrologer that we’re talking about here? The astrologer would start explaining the “bad” planetary positions and that the only way that we can escape the dangers that it can cause is by doing an expansive “Parihaara”. The astrologer would then “prescribe” some temple wherein he / she would have a few connections and contacts. In fact, the modus operandi of these people is like that of a mafia gang. If we happen to ask the astrologer that if we can go to any other temple to perform the “Parihaara”, the astrologer would immediately negate it and “explain” to us that we’ve to go only to this particular temple, and do the “Parihaara” as per the set of people whom this astrologer asks us to go and meet. Now when it comes to the payment, we’ve to pay a hefty amount of money to the astrologer, as well as to the entire gang of people in that temple as well. Ultimately after the so-called “Parihaara” is performed, do we see any sort of improvement in our day-to-day life? Unfortunately the answer in most of the cases would be a big “No”! All that happens is that we waste our hard-earned money and lavishly spend them on useless things like these. 

As readers are going through this, some might be shocked, and some might think that I’m anti-astrology. I’m not anti-astrology in any sense. I respect astrology as a science, but the problem comes when we start using it for our own convenience by flexing it as per our own requirement. This is something wrong and unethical. Of course, many astrologers might be angry with me for the fact that I’m exposing their “tricks” to earn easy money, but there’s no option. Earning money through unethical means is equivalent to “Adharma”. There is no mention in the “Vedas” that a “Parihaara” can solve planetary-related ill-effects. If such is the case, why mislead people and make money out of their problems? This is where, we as common people should be extremely careful. Just because we face problems in life, it doesn’t mean that we would run to an astrologer with our horoscope. Instead, we should learn how to face the problem and move up the ladder. We should understand that doing “Parihaaras” are never the solution for any problem in life. If such was the case, then all those people doing “Parihaaras” should be totally devoid of all problems in life, isn’t it? Is this ever happening in the world? Can we point out to one person in this world who doesn’t have problems and challenges? It’s totally impossible isn’t it? If such is the case, why going behind something that’s not going bare fruit in any way, and instead only going to drain out all our money? 

Thus, this is also the time we realize that we’re the sole cause for all sufferings that we’re undergoing. It is only our previous “Karma” that makes us experience all that we experience today. If we do the right things today, we’re going to have a brighter future tomorrow, isn’t it? So instead of worrying about our past and what has gone by, let us surrender to Bhagawan, invoke His blessings by seeking forgiveness to whatever we’ve done in the past and seek a better future in such a way that we ultimately walk the path towards attaining “Moksha”. This should be our prime focus, rather than going to listless astrologers for petty things in life. So for today, let us understand this important point and let’s wait till the next episode to commence Sage Paraashara’s discussion on Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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