Episode # 125 – Every day is auspicious – Bhagawan Krishna incarnates on an “ASHTAMI” day!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the introductory part of Bhagawan Krishna’s divine incarnation. In these lines, we had witnessed firstly as to why Bhagawan’s Avataras are very important, and why do we consider the “Top-10” of them as extremely significant. Obviously Bhagawan’s incarnations come with definitive purposes behind each of them, and as we’ve seen yesterday, the main agenda for every “Avatara” is to re-establish the “Dharma” in this world, by destroying the “Adharma” that is causing the downfall of “Dharma”. This is not a one-down process, but is a one that keeps recurring every Yuga. In that way, in due course of our current Shri Vishnu Puraana and the previous Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana projects, we’ve witnessed the significance of some of Bhagawan Vishnu’s incarnations, such as Bhagawan Narasimha, Bhagawan Varaaha, Bhagawan Vaamana, etc. and in that way, with Bhagawan’s divine grace, we’ve also got the opportunity to experience each of the “Avataras” in great detail. Obviously, we’ve also witnessed Bhagawan Rama’s incarnation in minute detail during our first Ramayana project as well. Now with this, we’re now moving into Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation. 

We’ve already witnessed Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation during our Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana project as well, however, it is worth it to have a revisit again according to how Sage Paraashara is going to narrate it. Even though it’s almost the same, this is one unique incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu, wherein we can have the divine opportunity to experience Bhagawan as a little child, a little boy, a youth and an adult – In other words, we can experience Bhagawan in all walks and stages of life, which we might not be able to in other incarnations. For instance, we’ve seen Bhagawan Rama’s incarnation in great detail, however, there is literally no mention about Bhagawan Rama’s childhood days. Hence, we do not even know what Bhagawan Rama did when He was a child. However, this is not the same with Bhagawan Krishna, isn’t it? All the divine “Krishna-Leelas” have happened when Bhagawan Krishna was a child. Perhaps, this is also one reason why even today we keep names like “Bala-Krishna”. We see many people having names like “Balakrishnan”, isn’t it? However, nobody keeps a name as “Bala-Raman”, because nobody knows what Bhagawan Rama did during His childhood days! Thus, Bhagawan Krishna’s “Avatara” is unique in many ways like this. 

As we move on further, many of us might know that Bhagawan Krishna incarnated during the month of “Avani” (July-August in the english calendar) and on the “Ashtami” (Eighth day of the month) and on the day when the “Rohini” star falls. This is the day when we celebrate grandly as “Shri Krishna Jayanti” all over the world even today. Now here comes an important discussion – As we’re seeing here that Bhagawan Krishna was born on an “Ashtami” day, many of us might have a doubt. Why is Bhagawan incarnating on an “inauspicious” day? Generally it is a superstition that the days of “Ashtami” and “Navami” are not auspicious days in a month, and if we’ve to commence anything new, we tend to avoid these two days for it. In fact, the practice of selecting an “auspicious day” for doing something good is totally a false belief. Every day is a good day and it is only in our mindset and our willpower to face any challenge that comes by. 

This is a huge myth that exists in our society and I still keep wondering the reason behind this! Of course I’m not saying that we should avoid this practice completely. We shall obviously look into auspicious days for performing some important things like marriage, “Upanayana”, and any such religious functions at home. However, if we’ve to start looking into auspicious days for anything and everything in life, we’re only going to waste time and days by not doing anything. We can look at this in two ways – Firstly, if we’re looking into these kinds of things, it only conveys a message that we’re very defensive and trying to run away from problems and challenges. Irrespective of whatever time and day we commence any activity, there would definitely be challenges along our path, and we do not have any option but to face them to be successful. Secondly, we can see here too that if Bhagawan Himself is incarnating on an “Ashtami” day, does that mean that Bhagawan Krishna failed in His mission? Similarly we can see that Bhagawan Rama too had incarnated on a “Navami” day, which is what we widely celebrate as “Ram-Navami”. Thus, can we say that just because Bhagawan Rama had incarnated on a so-called “inauspicious day”, His mission in this world had failed? In fact, it is only to bust these unwanted myths that we have, Bhagawan took it upon Himself to incarnate specifically on an “Ashtami” and a “Navami” day. 

Hence, the point here is that every day is an auspicious day and we can always commence anything good with the divine grace of Bhagawan. All what is important here is our faith in Bhagawan and with the confidence that He would stand by us at any adverse situation. It is also important that we’re putting in our right effort towards achieving success, and there’s no point blaming the day or time if we encounter failure. So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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