Episode # 116 – Sage Yagnyavalkya defines “DETACHMENT” – Excerpt from the “Brihadaranyaka Upanishad”!!!

In the previous episode, we were amidst a very important and an interesting excerpt from the “Brhiadaaranyaka Upanishad”, wherein Sage Yagnyavalkya’s conversation with his wives before he left for the “Sanyasa-Ashrama” is being highlighted. I’m invoking this small anecdote here to highlight Sage Jada-Bharata’s point on detachment and how we should adhere to it, so as to attain “Moksha”. Of course, this is a slight deviation from the “Shri Vishnu Puraana” that we’re currently discussing here, but this is something that teaches us an important lesson. Thus, we’ve seen yesterday how Sage Yagnyavalkya is preparing himself to leave off his “Grihasta-Ashrama”, so as to enter into the more spiritually advanced “Sanyasa-Ashrama”, wherein he totally renounces himself for the welfare of the world. In due course, we’ve also witnessed who is a “Sanyasin” and what is his / her role in this world. As we’ve moved on with the event thus, we’ve seen that Sage Yagnyavalkya’s second wife is questioning him on the very fact that he hasn’t fulfilled his responsibility properly in the “Grihasta-Ashrama”, before he’s moving forward. She argues that it is Sage Yagnyavalkya’s responsibility to make sure that his wife, who is dependent on him for everything, also attains “Moksha” along with him. To this question, Sage Yagnyavalkya is going to give an important answer, with which we shall move on further. 

Sage Yagnyavalkya gives a fitting reply thus, “Oh my dear wife! You’re thinking that I’m living in this world to obtain your love and affection, and you’re living in this world to obtain my love and affection. But this is not actually the reality. The reality remains that we both lived together because it was Bhagawan’s wish, and it was destiny (Law of nature). I’m saying this because of a reason – Just think for a moment – Before we took this birth, did you know who I am, or did I know who you are? In fact, even during our initial childhood days, we didn’t know each other. It was only because of Bhagawan’s divine well did both of us come together. Having said thus, as a “Grihasta”, (family-oriented person), our duty is to work as per Bhagawan’s will and wish, rather than for our own personal will and wishes. Thus, it is becoming very clear that I’m not for you, and you’re not for me. Who am I to guide you in any way, or who are you to guide me in any possible way? I can do one thing though – I can show you the divine lotus feet of the supreme Bhagawan, who is the guide for all of us in this world. Thus, the best way to attain “Moksha” is to surrender these worldly attachments to the divine lotus feet of Bhagawan, and it is ultimately Bhagawan who is going to grant the highest “Moksha”. I do not have any say in this! Hence, if you’ve to attain “Moksha”, rather than asking me for guidance and help, you should directly seek the divine guidance of Bhagawan Vishnu!” 

Saying thus, Sage Yagnyavalkya ushered confidence in his wife that she too can attain “Moksha” if she surrenders to Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet and thereby left the place without even looking at his wife once henceforth. Such was the determination of Sage Yagnyavalkya and with this, he successfully entered into the “Sanyasa-Ashrama”. Listening to his advice carefully, Sage Yagnyavalkya’s wife too was able to attain “Moksha”, as her detachment towards worldly property and family completely disappeared. This is a very important lesson for all of us to learn with regards to how significant is “detachment” in this world and this is exactly what Sage Jada-Bharata is emphasizing to King Rahuguna as well. He is explaining to King Rahuguna that neither his sons or daughters or anybody in his family with all sorts of property or wealth are going to help him attain “Moksha” at the end of this birth. It is going to be solely his effort, coupled with patience and persevereance to walk the tough path of gaining spiritual progress. 

So for today, let us undertstand this point very clearly and let us wait till the next episode to move further with Sage Jada-Bharata’s next point. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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