Episode # 110 – All “Atmans” in this world are Bhagawan’s “Sevakas” – Sage Jada-Bharata’s assertion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another important point from the “Jada-Bharata-Upaakyaanam”, wherein Sage Bharata repeatedly emphasizes how different is the “Atman” from the “Deham”. In these lines, we had witnessed yesterday as to how in various spheres of our responsibilities and roles that we take up during our lives ultimately pertain to the “Deham” and how the constant factor called “I” pertains to the “Atman”. For instance, if we’ve to say that I’m an elder brother to my younger brother, or I’m a father to my son, or I’m a son to my father, or I’m a husband to my wife, etc. all these variables called elder brother, father, son and husband pertain to the “Deham”, which is why we say that the “Deham” is ever-changing in nature. Whereas, there is a constant factor in all of these, isn’t it? It’s nothing but the factor called “I”, which is a constant in all cases here. We can see that this “I” never changes in any of these cases, and this is what pertains to the “Atman”. Thus, we can see here that the answer to the question “Who am I?” should ideally be “I am the ever-permanent entity called “Atman”!” This is what we’ve understood in yesterday’s episode, and from here, we shall try and move on further with what Sage Bharata had to say to King Rahuguna. Indeed, we’re at a very interesting phase of the entire Shri Vishnu Puraana text, and I’m sure our readers are gaining a lot of insights from this meaningful discussion that we’re having currently. 

As we’ve said that the “Atman” is the permanent entity and cannot have any sort of worldly significance that can be attached to it, there can however be one significance that we can attach to it. Sage Bharata himself explains it in the following way. Upon trying to answer a quick counter question from King Rahuguna with regards to this context that we’re trying to pen down, Sage Bharata explains thus, “Oh Rahuguna! You’ve to understand one thing here – If we say that the “Atman” can never be attached to any significance or uniqueness, I mentioned it in the context of worldly items only. However, the “Atman” has a unique significance, which is nothing but the significance of being Bhagawan’s “Sevaka” (Faithful servant)! This is the ultimate significance that every “Jeevatma” like you and me should realize from within. All of us need to be in constant service to Bhagawan in whatever way we can, and this would constantly keep adding to our “Atman’s” significance!” This is something that we should realize too, as we move towards our spiritual progress. We should slowly and steadily cultivate this thought within all of us that the very purpose of taking birth in this world is to serve Bhagawan in whatever way possible, and all our actions and thoughts should be rooted and channelized in this path only. The moment we start thinking thus, we would automatically start walking the path towards spiritual progress. This is the ultimate truth and reality that Sage Jada-Bharata beautifully explains to King Rahuguna. 

Moving on with the next important point thus, Sage Bharata continues further to highlight upon which actually gives “Shreyas” or significance to the “Atman”. He explains the mentality of some people who repeatedly assert that having a son is the ultimate significance of taking birth in this world! Does having a son add to the significance of our “Atman”? Or, some people have this attitude that having a girl child (also referred to as “Seemantha Puthri” if a daughter is born as the first child) would bring enormous prosperity, etc. Thus, does having a daughter add to the significance of our “Atman”? An interesting answer awaits us for both these questions in the next upcoming episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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