Episode # 94 – Commencing the story of Jada-Bharata – Sage Parashara’s beautiful narration!!!

In the previous episode, we’ve witnessed a few instances as to how Bhagawan is ruthless with those who try to abuse and malign Bhaagawathas. We’ve witnessed instances from Bhagawan Narasimha’s incarnation, and subsequently even from Bhagawan Rama’s and Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnations too. We’ve seen how Hiranya Kashibu, Ravana and Bhishmachaarya himself suffer in the hands of Bhagawan when they allegedly took over Bhaagawathas such as Prahlaada, Hanuman and Arjuna respectively. Thus, the message that we repeatedly emphasize at this point is that it is always better to stay away from abusing others. Even if we’re compelled to be assertive, it is always better to control our tongue and not to let our anger take over. Once we let our anger take over, we should immediately realize from within that we’re in great danger. Of course, it is easier said than done, but we need to put the effort from our side as well. 

Moving on thus, we’ll again digress into the “Dveepas” discussion. We’ve already witnessed that Aagneetra was gifted the “Jambu-Dveepa”, which we’re living currently in. Further, to recollect, this Jambu Dveepa was split into nine different sections, and it was further handed over to Naabi. This Naabi had a son by name Rishabha Deva, who in turn had a son by name Jada Bharata. Moving on further, we’ve to witness the story of this Jada-Bharata, as we continue with Sage Paraashara’s accord. As Sage Maitreya is also posing the question to Sage Paraashara requesting him to narrate Jada Bharata’s story, Sage Paraashara commences the detailed accord. There was once a king by the name Rahuguna. Sage Paraashara is going to describe the events that conspired between King Rahuguna and Jada Bharata. But before that, we’ve to see who this Jada Bharata was, and what made him go to King Rahuguna. Jada Bharata was a sage – A great sage in fact! He was sitting on the banks of River Chakranadhi, and was in immense penance. As he was doing penance, there was suddenly a moment wherein there was a slight disturbance in the waters of the river. He immediately opened his eyes to see what was happening. It should be remembered that he was in deep penance, but somehow he got disturbed by the sudden disturbance that was going on around him. The moment we get disturbed and open our eyes, our focus on the penance would go away and we would start looking at what is happening around us. Now what was the disturbance? It was in the form of a deer which was at its advanced stage of pregnancy. That female deer had come to the river bank to drink some water. 

As the deer was peacefully drinking water, there was a lion from the other side which was roaring itself to glory! It had also apparently come to the same river bank to drink some water. However, upon seeing this deer, the lion got tempted! It had it’s food right up there! Thus the roar increased in volume and the deer saw a huge danger approaching in the form of this lion! Out of fear for life, the deer started to run. However, since the deer was carrying and since it was in its last month, it couldn’t run fast. As the deer jumped up in fear, the baby deer that was in it’s womb fell down on the ground. The deer had given birth! Upon giving birth to the baby deer, the mother deer ran away out of fear. The lion comes chasing the deer from the back. Upon seeing the baby deer on the ground, unable to move an inch, Bharata was concerned for it’s life. He immediately ran down to the baby deer in his hands and brought it to his home. 

Now what is he going to do with this baby deer? Is he going to grow it up? What is going to happen to his penance? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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