Episode # 80 – Some “Royal Treatment” at the “TAPTA LOKHA” – Sage Paraashara thunders!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced the important discussion of Sage Paraashara explaining some “royal treatments” that would be meted out in a few of the “Naraka Lokhas”. In these lines, we’ve started with the accord on the “Rourava Naraka Lokha”, wherein we’ve seen how people who fail to protect the law of the land and justice to the innocent, would be subjected to some “royal treatment” from this animal called “Ruru”. In fact, Sage Paraashara starts first up with people who falter in the judicial system, perhaps because he already knew that this is one system in our today’s scenario which is totally rotten beyond change. We’ve already witnessed many times in the past as to how our ancient “Maharishis” have had far-sightedness with their immensely accumulated “Tapas” or penance.  Thus, Sage Paraashara knew long back that if there’s one thing that requires to be explained first up, it is for those in this rotten judicial system of India today. Secondly, Sage Paraashara gave an eye-opener for those people who think that they can attain name and fame by torturing and killing animals, babies, etc. Such radicals would be subjected to some “burial” exercises by Yama Dharma Raja in the Naraka Lokha. Thirdly, Sage Paraashara spoke about the “Sookara Naraka Lokha”, which gives some royal treatment for those who are into consumption of excessive alcohol, drugs, etc. and those who insult and kill innocent Brahmins. So for those who are “busy” today in lynching people for their pride, they have some special treatment waiting for them. Yama-Dharma Raja is waiting for such lynchers with some “appointment letters” with wild boars and pigs, which are waiting to have a go! Fourth, Sage Paraashara talks about the “Tapta Kunda” Naraka Lokha, wherein those people who misbehave with their teachers and their wives go! They would be subjected to some “burning” treatment here wherein they would be dropped into a hole with burning fire inside it. 

Moving on further thus, Sage Paraashara continues with his accord on the different “Naraka Lokhas” and what are the various treatments meted out to those who enter them. He says thus: 

“Saadhvi vidhve kritvatpaalaha tapta loke patantethe tapta pareechayeth!!”

Here, Sage Paraashara drops the next bombshell. He now explains that if one illtreats his wife in anyway by torturing her or by physically harming her, or if one doesn’t forgive a person who comes and falls on his feet, seeking forgiveness, he goes to the “Naraka Lokha” called “Tapta Lokha”. Here what happens is, a huge female body would be created out of brass. Normally, one important characteristic of this brass is that, if it is shown into the fire, it would immediately start reacting to the heat. The temperature of the brass would go up immediately. This is why we often use some utensils in the kitchen, which are made of brass. This enables the heating process to happen quickly. Thus, it is this brass we’re talking about here. In the “Tapta Lokha”, there would be a woman’s body beautifully crafted in brass and this body would be on top of a fire. Yama Dharma Raja would take us near that brass woman body and tell us thus, “Oh! When you were living in the world, you wanted to harm your wife by torturing her, isn’t it? You wanted to go behind women other than your marriage, isn’t it? You wanted to show your superiority over a person who seeked your unconditional apology, isn’t it? Now go to this brass woman and exhibit all your desires!” Saying thus, he would push us towards that burning hot brass woman and would make us hug it. Thus, this is what happens at the “Tapta Lokha” – A section of the “Naraka Lokha”. 

Similarly, Sage Paraashara keeps on listing one after the other about the various Naraka Lokhas and the corresponding people who go there. He talks about how people who commercialize Vedas and sell them and how these people enter into the Naraka Lokha and obtain the requisite punishment. As we go on like this, I’m sure we would start getting extremely jittery! As Sage Paraashara describes all the 32 different Naraka Lokhas, we’re going to faint down on the ground as all of us know that we’re going to fit into atleast one of the 32, if not all! In fact, we fitting into just one out of the 32, is a gross understatement! 🙂 We would probably fit into all the 32 of them! We’ve to literally ask Yama-Dharma_Raja whether he has another 32 Naraka Lokhas exclusively made for us! 🙂 This is exactly what Sage Maithreya felt too! Hearing all of these carefully, Sage Maithreya replies to Sage Paraashara thus, “Oh Sage Paraashara! Till now you’ve explained all the 32 different Naraka Lokhas! Everything was perfectly said. You’ve also said who goes to which of the 32 Naraka Lokhas. That is also perfectly said. Now you’ve not told me how “not” to go into any of these “Naraka Lokhas”. You’ve to tell me this. Upon hearing all your previous accords of the Naraka Lokhas, I’m sure that I’m going into many of them – Not one!”  

As Sage Maithreya and ourselves have this doubt in mind, Sage Paraashara is going to clear this doubt with this important answer. What is that answer? Let’s wait for the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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