Episode # 38 – The drilling process starts – Devas & Raakshasas drill the “Ocean of Milk” in pursuit of the divine “Amrita”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a detailed accord on the all-important “Lakshmi-Vaibhavam” wherein we’ve discussed that if we’ve to have a hassle-free experience of attaining “Moksha”, we require the divine grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi. As Bhagawan might be very strict at times with the account of our wrong deeds (Sins), He might end up punishing us for them, rather than forgiving us and accepting us. This is where Goddess Mahalakshmi intervenes in a timely manner and sorts things out between us and Bhagawan. She makes sure that we go unscathed at the end of the day, and with Her compassion in the forefront, Bhagawan also accepts us with His never-ending grace. Thus, Goddess Mahalakshmi’s role in our path towards “Moksha” is clearly understood. 

Moving on thus, we shall come back to the context of our main discussion here – Indra has lost his position as the ruler of the three “Lokhas”, and subsequently he goes to Bhagawan Vishnu for a solution to this. Bhagawan explains to Indra that he and his Devas should take the “Manara Parvatha” to the “Ocean of Milk” and should drill the ocean floor to get the divine “Amrita” (Ambrosial Nectar). If he manages to extract it and consume it, he would thus become immortal and with that, he would regain all his lost power and position. Accordingly, Indra and Co. brought the huge Manthara mountain with a lot of effort, into the “Ocean of Milk” and now they are all set to start drilling. Suddenly a thought flashed into Indra’s mind as to how do they drill it? The mountain has been brought, but there should be some instrument to drill the mountain into the ocean floor, isn’t it? The mountain cannot go by itself. Again Indra goes up to Bhagawan Vishnu and seeks advice. Bhagawan Vishnu suggests him to call the snake called “Vaasuki”, who can be tied to the mountain and drilled. Moreover, Bhagawan Vishnu asks Indra to invite the Raakshasas also in this pursuit, as the Devas cannot do this entire project alone. As Bhagawan Vishnu suggests thus, Indra was perplexed! Why do we call the Raakshasas and what if they take away the “Amrita” and become immortal? 

This is the biggest problem with Indra and the Devas. They do not think long-term and are always selfish with their immortality and the power they enjoy. Little do they have concern for others, or even for Bhagawan, at times! We’re going to witness many such instances like this in the coming episodes wherein Indra acts selfishly for his needs. However, Bhagawan Vishnu, knowing Indra’s mentality, signals him in a subtle way to obey His words, rather than asking unwanted questions. Bhagawan Vishnu explains to Indra thus, “Oh Indra! Sometimes you’ve to act smart as well! It’s not enough if you do hard work! You need to do some smart work with some smart thinking as well!” Indra gets the message from Bhagawan Vishnu and goes to invite the Raakshasas for the drilling project. As the Devas make truce with the Raakshasas, the drilling project is about to commence. 

It is at this point, Bhagwan Vishnu again calls Indra and explains that he and the Devas should catch the tail of the snake and not the head portion. Indra again gets the message and Bhagawan Vishnu explains further thus to Indra, “Oh Indra! Just propose the idea that the Raakshasas would occupy the tail portion of the snake, and see what happens! They would be very egoistic and would want to be occupying the head portion. If they wish to do that, let them do it and don’t argue or enter into a fight with them!” Indra accordingly, proposes Bhagawan Vishnu’s idea to the Raakshasas and as expected, they immediately burst out with anger thus, “Oh Indra! How dare you occupy the head position, being a popper? We’re the all-powerful people isn’t it? We would take up the head portion, and since you’re a popper, you go to the tail portion of the snake!” Indra was surprisingly more obedient than never to the Raakshasas, and agreed to their proposal! 

With this, both the Devas and Raakshasas occupy their respective positions and the drilling process commences. As both the camps put in their strenuous effort, the mountain slowly starts moving and slowly drills into the ocean floor. So for today, let us understand these important points and wait till the next episode to witness what happens further from here on! Who is going to be the successful party from here on? Who is going to get the divine “Amrita”? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂


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