Episode # 35 – “LAKSHMI VAIBHAVAM” – Significance of Goddess (Mother) Mahalakshmi!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the birth of Bhagawan Shiva in detail, and how Bhagawan Shiva had obtained the important divine name of “Bhagawan Rudra. Subsequently, Bhagawan Shiva has other divine names as well, such as “Bhava”, “Sarvan”, “Eeshaana”, “Pashupati”, “Bheeman”, “Mahadeva”, “Pitamaha”, etc. The list is long enough to describe various divine names of Bhagawan Shiva, but we shall restrict this discussion to suit our particular context here. Sage Paraashara explains the birth and emergence of Bhagawan Shiva in this context in brief, as He’s going to play an important role in the upcoming “Mohini-Avatara” of Bhagawan Vishnu. Let us now continue with what Indra’s strategy to re-obtain his lost glory is going to be. As we’ve seen that Indra has lost all his wealth, property and kingdom, courtesy, Sage Dhurvaasa’s curse, Indra is in a fix. He thus tries all tricks in his trade to somehow regain all what he has lost, but nothing is coming in favor for him. Eventually, he gets ridiculed, insulted and humiliated by the “Raakshasas” very badly, that he runs to Bhagawan Vishnu for help. 

Thus, Indra reaches Vaikunta with lot of “huff” and “puff”, unable to bear the sufferings that he was undergoing and asks Bhagawan Vishnu thus, “Oh Bhagawan Vishnu! What can be done from now? How do we restore the normalcy again?” Bhagawan Vishnu comes up with a plan thus. He replies back to Inda – “Oh Indra! Let’s do one thing – Take the “Manthara Parvatha” and place it in the “Paar-Kadal” (Ocean of Milk, where Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine abode is). Using the “Manthara Parvatha, start drilling the ocean. You may seek the help of the Raakshasas also in this pursuit, as this is going to be a strenuous process only for the Devas to do. As you dredge the ocean, there would be a pot with divine “Amrita” (Nectar) in it. If you’re consuming that “Amrita”, you would be able to regain all your lost wealth, glory and kingdom. As you’re doing the dredging work, Goddess Mahalakshmi would appear from beneath. You should offer your apologies to Her for insulting her garland, which is why you’re a popper today! Let Goddess Mahalakshmi Herself intervene and bless you!” 

It is only at this time, Bhagawan Vishnu talks about the “Lakshmi Vaibhavam” (Significance of Goddess Mahalakshmi). We should understand that Goddess Mahalakshmi is the divine consortium of Bhagawan Vishnu. Goddess Mahalakshmi never gets separated from Bhagawan Vishnu at any cost. She is always embedded within Him. Wherever Bhagawan Vishnu incarnates and in whichever form, Goddess Mahalakshmi also incarnates along with Him. This is why we see Goddess Mahalakshmi incarnate as Mother Sita during Bhagawan Rama’s incarnation, and as Mother Rukmini Devi during Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation. Thus, it is this same Goddess Lakshmi who is going to incarnate from beneath the ocean floor during the “Amrita-Mathana” (Extraction process of the divine “Amrita”). 

We might wonder why is Goddess Mahalakshmi incarnating everytime along with Bhagawan Vishnu. Only if She incarnates, will we be able to get the blessings of Bhagawan Vishnu. Else, what is going to happen is that we’re going to be fired from all four directions by Bhagawan, for all the sins that we’ve accumulated all these births. For instance, in the Ramayana project, we have seen how “Kaakaasura” (Indra’s son Jayanta) misbehaved with Mother Sita, for which Bhagawan Rama should have killed him then and there. However, since Mother Sita was by His side, Bhagawan Rama pardoned Kaakaasura for his mistake. However, Ravana had to meet a ghastly end, because he didn’t pay heed to Mother Sita’s advice. For the ten months that Ravana held Mother Sita captive, She tried her best to make Ravana realize his mistake and only after all attempts failed, did Bhagawan Rama kill him. Thus, if Goddess Mahalakshmi is there alongside Bhagawan Vishnu, He never fights or kills anybody. Rather, both of them, as our divine Mother and Father, only bless people like us, by forgetting all our mistakes that we’ve made in the past. 

Thus, this is the main reason why Goddess Mahalakshmi simultaneously incarnates along with Bhagawan Vishnu everytime. So for today, let us understand this important point and we shall wait till the next episode to move forward! Stay tuned! 🙂

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