Episode # 27 – What happens during the “Pralaya-Kaala”? Sage Paraashara details it out!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced our important discussion on “Time” (“Kaala”) as per Sage Paraashara’s accord to Sage Maithreya. In this, we’ve witnessed how is the calculation performed for the time period of a day, a month, a year, etc. in our “Manushya Lokha” and correspondingly in Bhagawan Brahma’s “Satya Lokha”. We’ve also witnessed the calculation of a “Chatur Yuga” and a thousand “Chatur Yugas” constitute Bhagawan Brahma’s half a day (Day time). Similarly another thousand “Chatur Yugas” constitute Bhagawan Brahma’s another half a day (Night time). Thus, we can witness here that one full day of Bhagawan Brahma is around 87 Lakh years in length, and his lifespan is around 100 such years. It is only after Bhagawan Brahma completes this many number of years, will the world come to an end and a “Pralaya” would occur. 

Thus, we can see here that the entire narrative of “the world coming to an end within the next one or two years” is totally busted with this. We should understand that the world is going to exist continuously, no matter what happens. Even if there is a natural calamity or a pandemic, there might be some form of a small level of destruction, but with this, spreading rumors that the world would come to an end, without any proof and backup is totally unwarranted and is of distaste in the society. 

Saying thus, we might have a question here out of shock – “Oh! So I’ve to exist in this world for this many years?” We’ve witnessed just now that the world is going to exist for millions of years without a destruction and this implies that myself, as an individual also is not subject to any sort of destruction. We’ve witnessed in our previous episodes as to how we do not undergo destruction, but just changes in the states of existence isn’t it? So we might get shell-shocked as to how we live in this world for millions of years! We might be wondering that this one birth itself is such a nightmare to spend in this world, given the innumerable sufferings and heart-breaks that we’ve to undergo at every stage in our life. Also, we should remember that since this is “Kali Yuga”, the sufferings and “Adharma” is only going to increase further and further as days, months and years progress. If this is the suffering that we undergo today, we can imagine how this would be ten years or twenty years or hundred years from now. This is where it becomes extremely necessary for us to “escape” this vicious cycle of birth and death. This is where we emphasize repeatedly that at the end of this birth, we should attain “Moksha” somehow or the other. We should take that effort and try to reach Bhagawan by doing the needful. 

Moving on with the concept of time and creation, Sage Paraashara explains that Bhagawan Vishnu created the “Aakaasha” (Sky) first. From the “Aakaasha” came the “Vaayu” (Wind). From the “Vaayu”, came “Agni” (Fire). From “Agni” came “Jalam” (Water). From “Jalam” came the “Prithivi” (World). Finally, it is in this “Prithivi” that all of us are living currently. As Bhagawan Brahma’s lifetime comes to an end, this entire setup gets destroyed, however, it reappears from the opposite direction. This is where Sage Paraashara explains the characteristics of the “Pralaya Kaala”. He explains here that as the “Pralaya Kaala” commences, the “Prithivi” would start slowly getting dissolved in the water. This means that there would be an extremely intense rainfall. This is not the rainfall that we see today in our world – This rainfall that Sage Paraashara is talking about is so intense that it would start dissolving all the sand and rocks on the earth surface. Thus, we see here that when the world gets destroyed, we go in the reverse direction – We’ve witnessed that the “Prithivi” was formed from “Jalam”, and now the “Jalam” is slowly absorbing the “Prithivi”. Thus, we can see here that all the rocks, sand, mud, etc. would be totally dissolved after the torrential rain and finally everything would become just water. 

As this happens on one front, the other end of the cycle starts in the reverse direction – There would be a blazing fire and wind combination. There would be intense fire and the wind would aid it’s rapid spread. At this time, the fire would be so intense that it would engulf even the water into it! Thus, the water would start “burning” in the fire! We can imagine the level of intensity. At this time, the wind intensity would pick up too. As the wind increases its pace, all of this would be blown away by the wind! Hence, we can see here that the “Prithivi” gets dissolved into the water, the water gets engulfed into the fire, the fire and water together get engulfed by the wind, and this entire thing is sucked up by the “Aakaasha”! Thus, we are witnessing here that the world would become a barren land after all this happens. All this again would be sucked up into the “Ahankaara” of Bhagawan Vishnu and everything would cease to exist. 

So thus, the “Pralaya Kaala” commences and ravages the entire world, at the end of Bhagawan Brahma’s lifespan. Of course, many of these things might be unimaginable to our minds, but this is what Sage Paraashara is explaining! So for today, let us understand these points and wait for the next episode to witness more on this! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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