Episode # 22 – “Avikaaraaya Shuddhaaya…” – Significance of Bhagawan as “Parabrahman”!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued with the discussion on the important point on “Creation” and “Destruction” and how Bhagawan makes sure that He maintains all our “Karma” accounts properly without any mistake! In due course, we also witnessed how we as human beings in the world are so much carried away by the “Maya” (Illusion) that Bhagawan has created, that we’re unable to prepare ourselves to attain “Moksha”, even if Bhagawan is ready to give it to us! This is where we’ve to realize that it is highly impossible for the entire world to attain “Moksha” at any given point in time, even though Bhagawan is an embodiment of compassion and is ready to offer! All what our limited minds can think is that we’re responsible for whatever happens to us, and Bhagawan is no way connected to whatever happens! Little do we realize that it is Bhagawan who is making the entire world function according to His will and wish! Thus, if we’re able to understand that Bhagawan is behind all whatever is happening to our life, we would automatically surrender to His lotus feet. The problem comes wherein we treat Bhagawna as a “third person”, and as a result, Bhagawan also treats us as a “third person” and keeps waiting till we come to Him! 

Thus, the cycle of creation and destruction keeps continuing on and on, without a break. If we’ve to come out of this spinning cycle, it is upto us to take the effort and approach Bhagawan for the same, with our ardent devotion. So let us understand this point very clearly and let us strive to take this special effort to come out of this vicious spinning cycle of birth and death. 

Thus, this is the broad idea that is being conveyed in the first “Adhyaaya” of the Shri Vishnu Puraana, by Sage Paraashara. To summarize all of it in a nutshell, the entire world is created by Bhagawan Vishnu (“Shrishti”) and it is the same Bhagawan Vishnu who protects whatever He creates it! We should also realize that as human beings who have taken birth in this world, Bhagawan has given us an opportunity to approach Him and through Bhakti, attain Moksha, which would free us from this continuous cycle of birth and death. We should understand this point very clearly as we move on further. 

“Avikaaraaya shuddhaaya nityaaya paramaatmane! 

Sataika roopa roopaaya vishnave prabha vishnave!!” 

Now as we move on further, Sage Paraashara is describing more about the all-pervasive “Brahman”. This is a very important sloka and forms part of our introductory slokas before we chant the “Shri Vishnu Sahasranaama”. “Avikaaraaya” means a person without any blemish. Bhagawan is in no way imperfect in nature. He doesn’t undergo any sort of changes like how the “Jeevatmas” in this world undergo. He is changeless and permanent in nature. Moreover, unlike “Jeevatmas” who undergo cycles of trials, tribulations, happiness, sufferings, etc. Bhagawan is someone who is beyond all of this. He is someone who has transcended all sorts of happiness and sorrow! This is what Sage Paraashara refers to, in the second phrase called “Shuddhaya”. This means that Bhagawan is extremely unperturbed by any happiness or sorrow! He is a “Nityaatma” and is devoid of any such experiences that we undergo in this world. This is the next point that Sage Paraashara is explaining here – “Nityaaya”. He is someone who permanently resides at Vaikunta and never is affected by whatever happens in this world. 

We might ask a question here – Can “Muktaatmas” be classified under “Nityaaya”? We cannot! Because, “Muktaatmas” were also in the world, amidst the cycle of birth and death, before coming to Vaikunta, isn’t it? They were also normal human beings like us, before attaining “Moksha”. Hence, Muktaatmas would not be able to attain the state of “Nityaaya”. Only Bhagawan can fit into this category as He doesn’t experience any sort of “Karma” like how we do. We might again ask here – Oh! Bhagawan repeatedly incarnates in this world as a human being like us – In the form of Bhagawan Rama and Bhagawan Krishna. He also undergoes lot of sufferings, happiness, sorrow, etc. like how we undergo! If that is the case, how can Bhagawan be “Nityaaya”? This is an important question, but we’ve to understand that Bhagawan’s incarnation in this world is not comparable to our birth and death. Bhagawan takes birth in this world, not because of “Karma”, but because of the “Will” to establish Dharma in this world. In fact, Bhagawan Krishna Himself explains in the Bhagawad Gita – “No sorts of “Karma” can even touch me! I take birth in this world not because of Karma, but because of the wish to establish and re-establish Dharma over and over again!” 

This is the difference here – So, even if Bhagawan takes birth in this world, He is still considered as a “Nityaatma”, and not as someone who undergoes happiness, sufferings, etc. due to “Karma”. So for today, let us understand this important point and let us wait till the next episode to continue this important discussion forward. Stay tuned! 🙂 

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