Episode # 18 – Can nature create itself? An important discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important point pertaining to the “Shareera-Atma Bhaava” wherein Sage Paraashara explains to Sage Maithreya that Bhagawan Vishnu is omni-present within all living beings in this world, and it is He who encompasses all what He has created. Thus, from this we can understand that if Bhagawan Vishnu is considered to be omni-present, all of us are like “building blocks” of a huge “Shareera” (Body) called Bhagawan Vishnu! All of us are small but significant constituents of Bhagawan Vishnu’s divine form. I’m using the phrase “small but significant” for a reason here – If we take our own human body, it is composed of millions of small cells, many of which are microscopic in nature, that is, we cannot see them with our naked eyes. Even though they are microscopic in nature, they are very significant. For instance, if some cells of our ear canal get damaged, we would lose our body balance and would feel like fainting, isn’t it? Similarly, if one muscle in our hand or leg starts to degenerate or gets dislodged, our body movements start getting restricted, isn’t it? Thus, we can see here that every cell and muscle of our body has its own place and significance. Similarly, all of us being constituents of Bhagawan’s divine physical form also have our own place, significance and responsibility, no matter how miniscule we might be in terms of numbers. 

Now, having said thus, what does it signify for ardent devotees like us? If we’ve to occupy a significant place in Bhagawan’s form, our responsibility and accountability increases isn’t it? If we’ve to proudly proclaim that we’re part of Bhagawan, we’ve to make sure that we behave in the right way, so that Bhagawan’s name and reputation doesn’t get spoiled because of our actions. We’ve to make sure that we’re following whatever Bhagwan has taught us. We’ve to make sure that we exhibit utmost sincere and innocent Bhakti towards Bhagawan, so that He acknowledges that we’re part of Him! This is where all these Puraanas and Ithihaasas occupy a prime place in our Sanaatana Dharma. All of these texts were born to make us realize that we’re integral constituents of Bhagawan, and that, we should behave that way, so as to maintain our status-quo properly every time. This is the real understanding of the term “Shareera-Atma Bhaava”, which Bhagawad Raamaanuja tried to actively propagate to the world, during His divine incarnation, thousand years ago. This concept also forms the basis of the sect called “Vishishta-Dvaitam” in our Sanaatana Dharma. 

Moving on thus, Sage Paraashara discusses the next important point here. He continues the discussion on the “Creation” aspect, wherein he says now that the person who is responsible for the entire creation (Bhagawan Vishnu) is an embodiment of all of “Gnyaana” (Knowledge) and “Vairaagya” (Will). It is only with these two qualities is Bhagawan creating the whole world. We should understand this important point here, and I shall explain this in simpler words. For instance, we might have this intriguing question in mind – Why can’t nature create itself? In simpler words, does nature have the power and will to create and multiply? Can mountains, rivers, oceans, come together, conduct some meetings, conferences, etc. with each other, come to a conclusion and decision to create more mountains, rivers, etc.? This cannot happen, isn’t it? This is because, if something has to be created, there should be someone who should have the “Gnyaana” about it. Mountains and rivers do not have the “Gnyaana” to create and multiply, isn’t it? They are after all non-living objects. They should have some source, which is an embodiment of knowledge and wisdom to be created. For instance, if a cow has to give milk to its calf and to us, it should have the “Gnyaana” that it has a duty to give milk. A mother feeds a baby with all her love and affection. She does it because she has the “Gnyaana” that it is her responsibility to feed her child. Similarly, if we’ve to reproduce and make children, we’ve to have that “Gnyaana” to do so. If we apply this same thing to mountains and rivers, do they have this “Gnyaana”? The answer is “no” isn’t it? Hence, who created all these mountains and rivers? There should be somebody who has that “Gnyaana” isn’t it? This person is none other than Bhagawan, who is an embodiment of this “Gnyaana”. 

I’m giving a lot of emphasis to this point also because this is the fundamental principle upon which atheists keep arguing. This is to thwart their argument completely into pieces. Atheists would argue that nature creates itself, and there’s no Bhagwan who does any sort of creation in this world. For them, the counter question is this – Does nature have the “Gnyaana” to create itself? If one doesn’t have the “Gnyaana”, how does creation happen? If we’re reproducing children, how can it be done without Gnyaana? Can we – Human beings create ourselves without the “Gnyaana”? Thus, we should understand here that for creating nature which is of a mammoth size, Bhagawan should be an embodiment of all sort of “Gnyaana” and “Vairaagya” put together! We cannot compare the amount of Gnyaana and Vairaagya that we have with that of Bhagawan. All the “Gnyaana” that we have is to create one or two new human beings. But Bhagawan is creating the entire world, full of innumerable types of living beings, isn’t it? Right from plants, trees, shrubs, animals, insects, flies, birds, etc. – The list is endless! So if Bhagawan has to endure a creation of this mammoth size, this is why we emphasize that Bhagawan is an embodiment of “Gnyaana” or the divine knowledge. 

So for today, let us understand this important point and let us wait for the next episode to continue this discussion on “Creation” further! Stay tuned! 🙂  


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