Episode # 15 – Why do different sages across time convey the same information over & over again? A reality check!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion wherein Sage Vasishta is advising Sage Paraashara to control his anger and frustration, over what had happened to his father, Sage Shakti. Sage Vaisishta is explaining how things happen due to the act of “Karma” and how an individual’s “Karma” is responsible for whatever happens in his / her life. Sage Shakti was no exception to this as well – He had also met this fateful end to his life, only because of his “Karma” and there’s nobody to be blamed here. Even though there might have been people who were responsible for his killing, it is only because Sage Shakti’s “Karma” that has brought these people together to kill him at this point in time. Even if these people wouldn’t have killed him, Sage Shakti would anyway have met his end through some other means. Hence, Sage Vasishta is advising Sage Paraashara here that he has to move on from this deep sorrowful state and overcome the anger and frustration. 

Thus, as Sage Vasishta advises, Sage Paraashara immediately calls off the “Yagnya” that he was performing, so as to bring the perpetrators to justice. Sage Paraashara realizes the depth of Sage Vasishta’s advice and decides to move on with his life’s agenda, rather than brooding over something that is not in anybody’s hands. As Sage Paraashara takes the decisive step forward immediately, all the Sages who had gathered there were extremely happy! They were overjoyed with Sage Paraashara’s spiritual maturity at such a young age. All of them come together and talk to Sage Paraashara thus, “Oh Paraashara! Today you’ve done a great thing by stopping a “Yagnya” that would have otherwise paved the way for the world’s destruction! Out of our happiness, we’re prepared to bless you with a lot of things! You’re going to become a great sage in the near future and we’re collectively blessing you for that!” 

We might be wondering here as to what would have been the blessing or “Anugraha” that the consortium of sages gave to Sage Paraashara! We might wonder if they would have given a lump sum of money, gold, etc. The answer is “No”! The consortium of sages narrated a lot of facts to Sage Paraashara and together educated him on how this world was formed, what is this world made up of, and how to lead a peaceful life in this world, without getting perturbed by any sort of obstacle or illusion. It is only part of this conversation that we’re going to witness here – This is what Sage Paraashara is going to narrate to Sage Maithreya. Thus, the story stems out from the context wherein Sage Paraashara invokes the conversation between these consortium of great Sages, inclusive of Sage Vasishtaachaarya and Sage Vishwamitra. 

It is this same narration which Sage Maithreya is giving to Vidura in the Shrimad Bhaagawtha Puraana text. We’ve witnessed this in the earlier project, during Skandhas 1 & 2, wherein Sage Maithreya is passing on this same information to Vidura, by telling that he came to know of all these information from Sage Paraashara, who gave it me as part of a conversation between Sage Vasishtaachaarya and Sage Vishwamitra. Thus, it is the same information only, which keeps passing on and on, generation after generation. In turn, Vidura passes this information to many other people, including King Dhirdiraashtra, Arjuna, Udishtra, etc. during the Mahabharata time. Vidura also narrates this same information to these people by telling that he had heard this from Sage Maithreya, who in turn learnt it from Sage Paraashara, who in turn learnt it from Sage Vasishtaachaarya! 

We might wonder here – Why don’t these people talk about something new and fresh? Why are they talking the same thing over and over again? We should understand here that these pieces of information are the ultimate reality of how this world functions. These pieces of information are fundamental for the entire creation and destruction and cannot be changed by anybody. These pieces of information are extremely high profile in nature, and are ultimately part of the Vedas and Vedanta of our Sanaatana Dharma.  Thus, irrespective of whether it is Sage Maithreya or Vidura or Udishtra or Sage Vasishtaachaarya, or anybody for that matter, nobody can change or re-invent something new in this. All of us should thus comply according to what the Vedas and Upanishads preach, because ultimately all the Vedas, Vedanta, etc. come from Bhagawan Himself! Thus, these kinds of literature which vastly talk about creation of this world, are beyond one’s research capability. If our “Aachaaryas” explain these things to us in whatever way, it is our bound duty to listen to them avidly, rather than question them and their philosophies. 

Thus, with this brief background in mind, we shall commence the conversation that is going to start between Sage Paraashara and Sage Maithreya. So for today, let us get our basics right, and let us wait till the next episode for the interesting and absorbing conversation to commence! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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