Episode # 10 – Sage Maithreya asks – What is “SRISHTI” and “SAMHAARA”???

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the important point on how a disciple (Sishya) should approach a Guru (Aachaarya or Spiritual Master) to seek knowledge and advice. We’ve witnessed Bhagawan Krishna’s accord from the Bhagawad Gita too, to substantiate this point. Bhagawan Krishna Himself explains that a Sishya should always be humble in front of the Aachaarya, and moreover, the Sishya should be patient enough to wait for the right time to ask questions to the Aachaarya. If the Aachaarya isn’t answering the Sishya’s questions, the Sishya should wait patiently till the Aachaarya answers the questions. Or, if the Aachaarya is not answering the question, the Sishya should understand that this isn’t the right time to ask that question to Him / Her, and not otherwise. Moreover, Bhagawan Krishna also explains that the Sishya should always approach the Aachaarya by His / Her side, and not through the front or back. We’ve thus witnessed all of these important points yesterday and that Sage Maithreya is following all of these points and procedures while approaching Sage Paraashara. 

We’ve already witnessed that when Sage Maithreya was approaching Sage Paraashara, Sage Paraashara was in penance, and Sage Maithreya had to wait for a few minutes before Sage Paraashara opened his eyes and cast a look on him. Now with this deeper understanding, let us witness what Sage Maithreya is asking Sage Paraashara. Here goes the first question. Sage Maithreya asks thus, 

“Yan mayancha jagat brahman yanmayam yatah chaitath charaacharam!

Leena maaseeth tathaa yathra layameshyati yatracha!!”

Any of our “Puraanas” if we look a bit closer and deeper, would all start with the “Shrishti”. This means, how did Bhagawan create this world. What are the different components of what Bhagawan has created? At the same time, how is this “Shrishti” going to get destroyed? In the gap between the time when it was created and it is going to be destroyed, what all happened in this world? Who are the prominent people living / lived in this world? Which are the various prominent “Vamsas” (Family Lineages) and what are their significance? In this, there would be a lot of auxiliary stories that would branch out from the main ones. 

Basis this, Sage Maithreya is asking Sage Paraashara for a detailed description about the “Shrishti”, or in other words, “How did Bhagawan create this entire “Prapancha” (World)?” In this above sloka, Sage Maithreya is employing the term “Yan mayam”. This means, “What was the fundamental aspect” upon which the world was created. Many of us might know this – If we’ve to create something new, we should have a fundamental base of what we already know, and over that, we build on what is new. This is how scientific research is done even today. If we look at the structure of modern day research too, we have a detailed section called “Review of Literature”, wherein we deeply analyze what has already been found out and established in our area of study, and what is something that hasn’t been addressed / found out yet. It is only based on this, do we build further research and findings. Similarly here too, Sage Maithreya is framing his question very carefully – He’s questioning and wanting to understand the basic fundamental upon which Bhagawan has created this entire world. For instance, if we’re creating a pot, the plastic or silver with which it is made, becomes the fundamental basis (“Mayam”) for the pot. If we’ve to create a house, bricks and cement would be the “Mayam”. So, similarly, if Bhagawan is creating the world, what is the “Mayam” for it? 

In the next phrase, Sage Maithreya continues his question thus, “Yatah chaitath charaacharam”. Here he asks as to what is that aspect from which the world is created. Here, he re-establishes the question even more firmly – For instance, if we’ve to ask, from where is this pot made of? We would say that this pot is made out of mud, or steel or silver or gold, etc. If we’ve to ask, from where is this diamond chain or ring made of? We would immediately say that this diamond chain was made out of carbon. In fact, diamond is an “allotrope” of carbon, and many of our readers might be able to understand and relate the chemistry behind this. Similarly, Sage Maithreya is asking the second question here – From where is this world made of? 

So for today, let us understand the first two questions that Sage Maithreya is asking, and we shall wait till the next episode to witness the next important question that he is asking, which is in the same sloka that we’ve witnessed above. Stay tuned for an absorbing discussion tomorrow! 🙂 


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