Episode # 415 – Bhagawan Krishna arrives at Rukmini Devi’s place – Hides Himself amidst a lawn!!!

We’re at a critical juncture wherein Rukmini Devi had issued an “ultimatum” to Bhagawan Krishna to somehow come to her place and take her away. She was terrified by the fact that her father, Rukmi was trying to marry her off to Sishupaala, who was a Raakshasa. Of course, evern without that, Rukmini Devi was deep-rooted to Bhagawan Krishna and she was steadfast of marrying Him at any cost. She was so stubborn that she was even ready to sacrifice her life for Him! Upon understanding thus, Bhagawan Krishna quickly readies a plan of action and commences His journey along with the messenger, who had brought this news to Him. Both of them get into Bhagawan Krishna’s chariot and are travelling as fast as they can. Meanwhile, Rukmini Devi is all tensed and waiting eagerly for Bhagawan’s arrival.

As the duo were travelling in the chariot, Bhagawan Krishna looks at the messenger and says thus, “Oh Brahmin pandit! I never knew that your leader (Rukmini Devi) would be such a stubborn person!” Upon hearing thus from Bhagawan, the messenger got angry! He replies to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Initially when I came to your place, you scolded me and doubted me whether I’m really a Brahmin or not. You put me to test and thus accepted me. Now, you’re scolding and underestimating my leader, Rukmini Devi too! What’s up with you now? Why are you underestimating all of us again and again? In what way is she inferior to you? In fact, she is one step higher when it comes to expressing love and wish. You didn’t even take a single step to express your love to her, until this moment, isn’t it? Now tell me who is better?”

As the messenger speaks thus, Bhagawan Krishna responds to the messenger with tears in His eyes! He says thus, “”Oh Messenger! I think you’ve misunderstood my words. Why’re you always taking my words in the negative sense? Why don’t you see the positive appreciation that I gave for her? Yes, I agree that she took the lead in writing the letter to me. But know what? I’ve been trying to write to her for years now. Everytime I take the paper and pen to write to her, I’m engulfed into tears, and I’m pained deeply by my separation from her. This is what kept me away from writing to her all these days and years. I was just thinking of her every moment and I know that she’s undergoing innumerable sufferings and is waiting to see me desperately. Oh messenger! Please understand that both myself and Rukmini Devi are made for each other. It was just a matter of time that we met each other and start living together!” Upon hearing thus from Bhagawan Krishna, the messenger was satisfied and immediately apologized to Bhagawan Krishna for his harsh questions.

As the conversation goes this way, Dhaaruka drives the chariot in full speed and within just one night, both Bhagawan Krishna and the messenger arrive at Rukmini Devi’s place. They make their way to the temple lawn where Rukmini Devi was waiting eagerly. As per the instruction from Rukmini Devi, Bhagawan Krishna goes and hides Himself at some corner in the lawn. In order to announce His arrival, Bhagawan Krishna takes His “Paanchajanya” (Shankam) and blows it loud. Rukmini Devi gets the signal immediately from the sound of the Paanchajanya and understands that Bhagawan Krishna has arrived safely. The sound of Bhagawan’s Paanchajanya is so powerful that the entire world comes to a standstill for a moment.

It is also to be understood that it is this same “Paanchajanya” that Bhagawan Krishna blew loud and clear at the start of the Mahabharata war at Kurukshetra. The moment Duryodhana and his hundred brothers heard the sound of Bhagawan’s Paanchajanya, they started shaking with fear then and there! In fact, they had even come to a conclusion that this war is going to be a useless one and is going to suck up all their lives and blood! Sage Veda Vyaasa explains this beautifully in the Mahabhaarata wherein Duryodhana was so stunned and afraid that he pre-decided the outcome of the war without even fighting for a single minute! Thus, we can understand from here as to how powerful was Bhagawan’s “Paanchajanya”! It is thus the same “Paanchajanya” that Bhagawan Krishna is blowing loud and clear here too. More than a signal of arrival to Rukmini Devi, the sound was a dealth knell for people who are trying to oppose Bhagawan Krishna’s pursuit of marrying her. It was a clear message for Sishupaala too, that his danger is arriving very soon.

As Rukmini Devi’s friends look at her face, she is shining bright like a dazzling sun! Immediately all her friends came to know that this “shine” in Rukmini Devi’s face is only because Bhagawan Krishna has arrived safely. Because, till that moment, her face was so dull and she was crying all the time. As her friends get the signal, they started going all around the lawn searching for Bhagawan Krishna! It is at this time that the Brahmin messenger comes across Rukmini Devi’s friends. As he comes in their way, they stop him and ask him a thousand questions! They want to know immediately where Bhagawan Krishna is! They were so eager to see Him, even more than Rukmini Devi! As the messenger was bombarded with questions, he replies in a simple sentence thus, “Oh friends! Bhagawan Krishna is in that lawn opposite to you. Please go there and search for yourself!” Saying thus, he quickly hurried off that scene.

As the messenger leaves, Rukmini Devi’s friends rush to the lawn immediately, eager to see who this Krishna is and who is this person whom Rukmini Devi is in mad love with! They’re so desperately waiting to have Bhagawan Krishna’s divine darshan and are searching here and there, all over the place! So for today, let us also wait along with these friends of Rukmini Devi to obtain Bhagawan Krishna’s divine darshan! We shall continue this absorbing “Charitra” in the next episode and witness how Bhaagwan Krishna appeared in front of all of them! 🙂 Stay tuned! 🙂


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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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