Episode # 408 – “I realize that there’s no death for me at all!!!” – King Parikshit thanks Sage Sukhaachaarya!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a bit of more detail as to why “Naama-Sankeertana” is very important in this Kali Yuga, and how do we focus our mind into doing it as a regular spiritual practice every day. As we know by now, “Naama-Sankeertana” is the practice of singing in praise of Bhagawan wholeheartedly. Having said thus, we had witnessed that it is not required for all of us to be excellent musicians to perform “Naama-Sankeertana”. All what is important for Bhagawan is whether we’re really singing from our heart. Some people might be excellent musicians and would have been trained in classical music right from childhood. Indeed, this is a rare opportunity and a gift given by Bhagawan to such people, and they should use it in the legitimate way to sing for Bhagawan and not for commercial purposes. This is where, Kali Purusha keeps the check here – If people are bestowed with the art of singing, he / she should employ that art in the manner in which Bhagawan would be happy and pleased. However, Kali Purusha would try and make us deviate from this path and would bring “name”, “money” and “fame” in the middle of everything. Just like how a screen would prevent us to have Bhagawan’s divine “Darshan” in a temple, when the “Sanctum Sanctorum” is closed, these three factors namely, money, name and fame would come in the middle and prevent us from seeing Bhagawan through our music.

In fact, we should understand this point very clearly here. I’m again and again re-emphasizing on this point that music is perhaps the easiest way to attain Bhagawan. Music, if rendered with ardent devotion, captures Bhagawan’s attention and melts His heart. This is where we need to rise beyond these three factors of money, name and fame, when it comes to singing. Of course, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t make careers out of music. All of us can, if we have the right knowledge and the required training. However, what is more important here is, the devotion part. If we sing with ardent devotion, Bhagawan is automatically going to take care of our day-to-day needs of money and other things, isn’t it? Hence, the point here is that, musicians should refrain from going too much behind money and fame. Rather, they should use this golden opportunity provided by Bhagawan to sing for Him and use this path to attain Moksha quite easily.

Thus, these are the important points when it comes to the Kali-Yuga Dharma. With this, we are almost towards the end of the entire “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” text, and King Parikshit is absorbed in listening to all these important points from Sage Sukhaachaarya. Now Sage Sukhaachaarya explains thus, “Oh Parikshit! Starting from the first “Skandha” to the twelfth, I’ve tried to answer all your questions one by one. You had asked me that you should know all what is unknown to you. You had asked me that you should see all what you’ve not seen till now. You had asked me that you should listen to all what you’ve not listened to, till now. All what is required for you to attain “Moksha”, has been covered in detail and in-depth in these twelve “Skandhas” and within these seven days. Now tell me what is your state of mind. You’ve listened to everything here – How the “Atman” is something that is far more superior than the “Deham” (Physical body? Who is the “Paramatma” and why has He given you a human birth here in this world? I’ve answered all of these important questions in as much detail as possible. Now tell me what is your response. Are you satisfied with my answered, or do you want more depth?”

Listening thus to Sage Sukhaachaarya, King Parikshit stands up in respect to him, folds his hands and replies thus, “Oh Sage Sukhaachaarya! After listening to your in-depth accord for the past seven days continuously without a break, all my doubts have been clarified. All my fear has vanished! Initially I was terrified upon hearing the curse that I would be bitten by a poisonous snake at the end of the seventh day. But now, that terror of experiencing a snake bite has totally vanished from my heart. I’m now prepared for anything that comes through, as I’ve clearly understood that this physical body is subject to destruction some day or the other. Even if I somehow escape the snake bite today, this physical body is going to be destroyed some day in the future. Hence, I’m very clear now and my mind is all prepared to attain Bhaagwan Krishna’s divine feet!”

King Parikshit continues thus, “Oh Sage Sukhaachaarya! Although the snake is going to bite me within the next few hours, I know that there is no “death” for me. My “Atman” is going to live permanently and it is only this physical body which is going to be destroyed by the snake. So be it! I’m extremely glad to understand all of these important facts and “Vedanta” from your divine discourse! Who on earth is going to be as blessed as I am, to listen to all these things from a great Sage? Hence, Sage Sukhaachaarya! I’m extremely thankful for your great service! In fact, my entire “Paandava” clan is indebted to you for what you’ve done to me today and for the past seven days!”

So for today, let us understand how King Parikshit attains the final and the most important understanding at the end of Sage Sukhaachaarya’s accord. We shall wait till the next episode, to witness the continuation of the story henceforth. Stay tuned! 😊

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