Episode # 402 – “Kali-Yuga Dharma” – FLOODS & DROUGHTS would be a frequent affair in the world!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued the discussion on how the Kali Yuga is going to span out, according to Sage Sukhaachaarya. In these lines, we had witnessed an important point that in this Kali Yuga, as days and years roll by, the biggest thieves would be none other than the administrators of the kingdom / state / country. We’re witnessing this today as part of the present Kali Yuga happenings, how the government machinery is looting the common people’s wealth in the form of taxes, which directly goes into the hands of corrupt politicians, who do nothing significant in life, except looting money! As this inreases, it means that the Kali Yuga is getting more and more prominent. We’ve witnessed in the yesterday’s episode, an example of how the government loots money from people in the form of taxes. We witnessed how in India, common people pay exhorbitant taxes for essential products like petrol and diesel. For a 20 rupee commodity, we end up paying around 85 rupees per litre. This is how the common man today is looted, but without even his knowledge! This is how the Kali Yuga would be, and we’re witnessing today whatever Sage Sukhaachaarya has said, 5000 years ago!

Moving on thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains how the climatic patterns in the Kali Yuga would span out. He clearly explains here that if it rains, it would rain in excess in such a way that the entire place would be flooded with water everywhere. Whereas, if it doesn’t rain, it would never rain at all, which would result in extreme drought conditions. We’re witnessing this too today, isn’t it? How many times have we seen monsoon seasons fail and excessive. Very rarely we see nowadays that the rains are bountiful and are of the required quantity. Either it rains so much in excess that it floods out all the cities and towns, or it doesn’t rain at all in a way that the entire place goes totally dry and devoid of any possible traces of water. However in the previous Yugas, the rain was bountiful and very seasonal in nature. It wasn’t raining off the rainy season. However, in Kali Yuga, we’re also witnessing this – Rains occur even outside of the rainy season. We’re witnessing unseasonal rainfall quite often, which damage crops, vegetation, etc. and also affects the food chain of the living beings. We might attribute all of this to global warming and other factors, but Sage Sukhaachaarya clearly attributes this phenomenon to the characteristics of the Kali Yuga.

Emphasizing this point thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains further that in the Kali Yuga, Sanyasins would start living with families! How worse can that go to? A Sanyasin typically is a person who has renounced family bondings and life, and dedicates himself to the service to this world. This was the case in the three previous Yugas, wherein we’ve seen the advent of great Maharishis in the likes of Sage Vasishtaachaarya, Sage Vishwamitra, etc. However, in the Kali Yuga, this scenario would change and there would be no concept of “total renunciation”. Even Sanyasins would be no exceptions of getting into the world of “Maya” or “Illusion”. Ultimately, the people who are supposed to be Sanyasins, would never follow the “Sanyasa Dharma”.

Moreover, Sage Sukhaachaarya adds on that the four “Varnaashrama Dharma” categories would be totally forgotten in the Kali Yuga. In other words, “Brahmins” would do everything except performing the “Veda-Adhyayana”, “Kshatryas” would start doing anything and everything, except fighting and protecting the country, “Vaishyas” would start doing everything except business, or they would start doing business unethically for their own benefit, and finally the “Shudras” would start fighting for their “rights”, and pressing for so-called “equality”. It should be noted that I’m not saying thus, but it is Sage Sukhaachaarya who’s saying this! We’re witnessing this today too isn’t it? How many Brahmins today are opting for “Paatashaala” education, wherein they’re taught the intricacies of Vedas, Upanishads, etc.? Nowadays, it has become a norm that if one goes for the “Paatashaala” education, he is a dumb person and not intelligent by any means. The trend is now towards the “Western” style of education and only if one has good qualifications in this, he / she is being respected in the society. We’re witnessing this increasingly during the Kali Yuga. Similar explanations go by for the other three “Varnaashrama Dharma” categories as well. Thus, the point here is that, the Varnaashrama Dharma concept would be totally misunderstood in the Kali Yuga and nothing would be followed as per the norm.

As days, months and years roll by thus, Sage Sukhaachaarya explains the advent of Bhagawan Vishnu in this world as Bhagawan Kalki. Sage Sukhaachaarya is going to give a beautiful accord in the advent of Bhagawan Kalki, which we would be witnessing in the next episode! Stay tuned for yet another absorbing episode! 🙂


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