Episode # 391 – A hunter aims his arrow at Bhagawan Krishna’s foot!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the aftermath of Gaandhaari’s and Sage Vishwamitra’s curse on the Yaadava clan. We’ve witnessed that after Bhagawan Krishna left Dwaaraka city to Praabhaasha Kshetra, there was a huge infighting within the Yaadava clan. People started feeling insecure suddenly and in turn, they started attacking each other with sticks, weapons, bows, arrows, etc. As the infighting intensified, scores and scores of people started dying overnight, and ultimately the entire Yaadava Clan got destroyed within no time! As mentioned yesterday, we should remember that Bhagawan Krishna had a curse from Gaandhaari that just like how her Kaurava clan was totally destroyed, Bhagawan Krishna’s Yaadava clan would also be totally destroyed as well. Similarly, Sage Vishwamitra too had cursed the Yaadava clan that they would be destroyed because of their arrogance that they had exhibited towards him. Thus, after this aftermath, Bhagawan Krishna was the lone surviver of the entire clash.

Moreover, to add on to Sage Vishwamitra’s curse, we’ve already witnessed that these Yaadavas had mocked his penance by tying a wooden log on to a male’s stomach, disguised him as a female and asked Sage Vishwamitra to predict if that person is going to deliver a male or a female child. Sage Vishwamitra understood the plot and cursed the entire Yaadava clan that it is only this wooden log that is going to serve as a huge destructive agent for them. This wooden log would answer their arrogance and pride. We should remember that Bhagawan Krishna is also part of the Yaadava clan and He was no exception to this curse. Although He was Bhagawan Himself, a Sage’s curse would always sustain on Him as well, and this is very powerful.

Thus, we’ve also witnessed that the Yaadavas tried to destroy the wooden log by throwing it into the ocean and by breaking the log into several pieces. But as the curse would still stay, the small metal piece that was sticking to the log, became the biggest enemy for the Yaadavas. It is only with this metal piece, were the entire group of Yaadavas destroyed. Currently, there was one small metal piece that was still remaining from the wooden log, and this piece was picked up by a hunter, who was looking out for some metal pieces for his hunting process. Eventually he tied that metal piece to his arrow. It is only because of this arrow hitting Bhagawan Krishna, is He going to descend back to Vaikunta. Let us witness what happened henceforth.

One fine day, Bhagawan Krishna was leaning towards a huge tree, taking some rest. At this point, Balarama, who was Bhagawan’s brother takes permission from Him, takes His real form of Bhagawan Aadisesha and descends back to Vaikunta. At the same time, Bhagawan Krishna’s chariot, His “Shanka” and “Chakra” also start descending back to Vaikunta. All the Devas were assembling all over the skies, awaiting Bhagawan’s arrival. They’re starting to shower flowers continuously, so as to welcome Bhagawan back to Vaikunta. We should remember that it was only on the request of the Devas and Mother Bhoomadevi did Bhagawan incarnate as Bhagawan Krishna. Thus, He had finished all His duties and is now getting ready to leave back. The Devas talk to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Your divine duties in this world are completed for this incarnation! Hence, it is time for you to come back to Vaikunta! We’re waiting for your return and we want to thank you for all what you’ve done to us, so as to protect Dharma! You’ve lived for 125 years in this world and finished all your duties, and hence, please return back to our abode!”

As the Devas explain thus, Bhagawan Krishna did not talk a word back! He too realized that it was time for Him to descend back, as the advent of Kali Yuga was very close. He thus, goes and leans on a gigantic tree and this is where, Bhagawan’s foot was seen by a hunter, which resembled like a deer for him. This hunter thinks that a deer is coming there to drink some water and this is the right time for him to have a shot at the deer. Immediately, the hunter takes his arrow, locks it into his bow, aims at the “deer” (Bhagawan’s feet), and releases the arrow towards it. On the other hand, Bhagawan Krishna was also waiting for that arrow to come and hit Him. Finally the arrow comes thick and fast and hits Bhagawan’s feet. Of course, nothing can harm Bhagawan, and this small arrow is just a miniscule thing to harm Him in any way. However, we should remember that this metal piece from that log of wood was tied to this particular arrow and it was this arrow that has come and hit Bhagawan. Thus, Bhagawan wanted to use this opportunity to pay His respect to Sage Vishwamitra and His prowess of his penance.

As the hunter witnesses that his arrow had hit the desired target, to his utter surprise and dismay, there was human blood oozing out from the point where the arrow had hit. It is only then he realizes that he had hit a wrong target. The target was supposed to be a deer, but unfortunately it was a human being – And that too, Bhagawan Krishna of all human beings! The hunter runs and comes to the vicinity of Bhagawan Krishna and he was shocked to see what has just conspired! What happened next? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness! Stay tuned! 😊


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