Episode # 376 – Our “VAIRAGYA” (Will-power) is extremely important to succeed in “Dhyaanam”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on the key aspects of “Dhyaanam” or meditation, as per Bhagawan Krishna’s detailed accord to Uddhava. He had commenced with the classification of “Dhyaanam” into “Satvika Dhyaanam”, “Raajasic Dhyaanam” and “Taamasic Dhyaanam”. Further, Bhagawan Krishna explains the importance of the “Satvika Dhyaanam” by listing down several key procedures of performing it. He spoke at length about the posture in which we’ve to accommodate ourselves before starting to perform the meditation. He had emphasized that we’ve to sit in an upright position with our back straight. It is obviously preferable to sit in the “Padmaasana” position, so that the correct posture is automatically ensured. We then witnessed the significance of our breathing pattern and how should we focus on it. In yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed why “Praanaayama” is important for us to achieve a definitive rhythm in our inhalation and exhalation. As we’re achieving control on our breathing, we now have to focus on our mind control thus. We witnessed that the first step for this is by chanting the sacred syllable or the “Pranava-Mantra” called “AUM”. We should chant it as per the designated number of “Maatras” (3.5 Maatras), comprising of the sounds “A”, “U” and “M”. The reason why we say that the “Pranava-Mantra” has three “Maatras” is that, for each of the above syllables we have one “Maatra” and for the extension of the sound for a few more seconds would include another half a “Maatra”. Hence, we should be aware of all these three sounds while we chant it. This would slowly bring our mind under control, by calming it down.

As we move on further thus, we should imagine Bhagawan standing in front of us, wearing a brilliant yellow “Peetambara”, with the “Shanka” and “Chakra” in both of His hands and with a charming smile. This is easier said than done, because, when we sit for meditation, this is the time we would remember our friends, our relatives, our parents, children, grandparents, great grandparents, people whom we knew 30 years before, etc.! This is where our “Vairaagya” is under test – We’ve to try and destroy the imageries of all the people who come to our mind at this point in time, and try to focus on Bhagawan’s imagery with utmost concentration. This, obviously cannot be achieved overnight, but it would take some time – Maybe a few days or few months too, in some cases. If our “Vairaagya” is strong enough, we can achieve this state within just few days. Thus, it is up to us to enhance our “Vairaagya”! But the point here is that, just because our mind is wavering for the first few days, it is not right on our part to give it up! We’ve to constantly keep trying and practising. Just like how if we’re a musician, we constantly keep practising music, if we’ve to obtain spiritual progress, we’ve to have that consistency with our practice.

For this, Bhagawan Krishna Himself suggests a simple methodology to Uddhava thus, “Oh Uddhava! As it might be difficult at the beginning, try to focus on a portrait of mine for five minutes and then close your eyes. That portrait imagery would remain for a few moments within your eyes as you close them. However, it would disappear after those few moments. At this point in time, open your eyes again and look at the portrait for the second time for the next three to four minutes and again close your eyes! Now the portrait would remain for another five more minutes in your eyes, and might start disappearing again. At this time, again open your eyes and have a re-look at the portrait, and repeat this same cycle again and again till you get the portrait fixed in between your closed eyes for a longer time. As you keep doing this regularly, at one stage, you’ll reach a point wherein you don’t even need to look at my portrait anymore. You’ll automatically be able to focus on my imagery and would be able to meditate upon it for a long time. This would give you an unending blissful experience!”

How valid is this methodology that Bhagawan Krishna is suggesting! For instance, if we look at a candle light or any light for that matter, continuously for 2-3 minutes and then close our eyes, we would be able to see that light in between our closed eyes for few moments, isn’t it? As we’re increasing the consistency of this light appearing in between our eyes for a longer time, we’re slowly moving towards the path of focusing our mind on whatever we’re wanting to think upon. Once we’re able to focus our mind like this, it automatically implies that our mind is coming under complete control and as days / months progress by, we would slowly start realizing that Bhagawan is within us.

This is an extremely important point that Bhagawan Krishna is stressing upon here. Again, we’ve to understand that this is not an “overnight” process to achieve. This is a slow process and would take time, depending upon an individual’s level of “Vairaagya”. The important point that I’m repeatedly emphasizing here is that, just because we’re finding it tough, we shouldn’t give it up. This would only make us more and more complacent and by giving up, we’re going nowhere. Even if we’re finding it tough to concentrate and focus, we should try harder everytime to achieve it. As we start trying repeatedly, we would slowly start tasting success. For this, our meticulous effort is required.

So for today, let us understand this point and let us start trying this out. As this has come directly from Bhagawan’s accord, we have all the more reason to follow it meticulously. We shall wait till the next episode to move on with the next important point that Bhagawan Krishna is going to emphasize upon! Stay tuned! 🙂


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