Episode # 362 – The ONLY way to attain “Moksha” is by practicing “Bhakti” – Bhagawan Krishna’s reply to Uddhava!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the important discussion on how our three “Gunas” dominate our behaviour and our “Karma” at all times. In particular, yesterday we had spoken about how our pattern of sleep gets affected by our three “Gunas”. If we’re high on “Satva Guna”, as normal human beings, we would be able to maintain an optimal sleeping time of 6 hours per day. Of course, if we’re having a complete domination of the “Satva Guna”, which might not be possible for ordinary people like us, we can even overcome sleep completely. Great “Mahatmas” and Sages can achieve this absolute state quite easily with their levels of spiritual “Saadhana”. In the case of normal human beings like us, we always have a mixture of “Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna” embedded within us at all times, and hence, it is optimal for us to maintain a six-hour-sleep everyday. This is quite normal for people who are trying to balance both the “Samsara” and “Spiritual Saadhana” together. However the problem comes if our “Tamo Guna” starts dominating too much. This results in our sleeping time increasing beyond six hours, thereby resulting in various health complications that come along with it. It is thus important for us to understand this point as we move further.

We had concluded yesterday’s episode with an intriguing question, which Uddhava asks Bhagawan Krishna. In fact, this question would be present in all our minds, after such an exhaustive discussion on how our “Gunas” dominate us at all times. Uddhava asks Bhagawan Krishna thus, ““Oh Bhagawan! Till now, I’ve learnt various aspects of detachment! I’ve learnt the various aspects of our three Gunas too, and moreover a detailed accord on the three types of Atmans. You’ve repeatedly emphasized that we’ve to somehow increase the dominance of our “Satva Guna”, thereby paving our way for attaining the highest “Moksha”. However, my question now is that, what should we do, so as to develop this “Satva Guna” within us? What are the best practices that we should adopt, so that our Satva Guna increases its dominance?” Let us witness the answers for these questions in today’s episode.

Bhagawan Krishna replies to Uddhava thus:

“Paricharyaa stuthihi prahvaguna karmaanu keertanam!

Mat kathaashravanesh tadhaa madanudhyaanam uddhava!!

Sarva laabopaharana daasena aatmanivedanam!!”

 For so many questions that Uddhava asked Bhagawan Krishna, he got only one answer back! Bhagawan Krishna explains thus, “Oh Uddhava! You’ve asked me so many questions! But the only answer that I can give to all your questions is that, any devotee from any corner of this world can attain me through “Bhakti”! That is the only way through which anybody can come closer to me! For being able to create awareness about me within yourselves, for being able to see me in front of you and for being to create the urge within yourself to attain the highest “Moksha”, the only way is to follow the “Bhakti-Maarga”! Especially from now on – From the end of the “Dvaapara Yuga” and into the upcoming “Kali Yuga”, Bhakti Maarga is the only way to attain me! You’ve to understand this very clearly!”

As Bhagawan Krishna racks up this important point thus, He continues further, “Oh Uddhava! Now let me answer your question as to how to practice the “Bhakti-Maarga”!” Here, Bhagawan Krishna explains the different ways through which Bhakti can be practiced. This is extremely important for all of us to follow in our everyday life. First is “Paricharya” – Being in unconditional service to Bhagawan and His ardent devotees (Bhaagawathas) at all times. Second is “Stuthihi” or performing “Stothra”.  This is why I’ve already emphasized in our previous episodes that we should learn few slokas byheart and should always strive to keep chanting them at all times. As we do this regularly, Bhagawan feels within Himself thus, “Oh how nicely is my devotee singing praises of me! This melts my heart so much and with this, I should forget all of his bad deeds that he had done till now!”

This is the ultimate thought of Bhagawan that is going to grant us the highest Moksha! Ideally if we witness, Bhagawan doesn’t even have an iota of “forgetfulness”. He can exactly remember what kind of sins that we’ve performed at every instance of time. If we’re going in front of Him and standing at His shrine or abode, normally all the sins that we’ve done till date would immediately flash in Bhagawan’s mind, and with that, He’s going to directly push us into the “Naraka Lokha” then and there! However, if we’re able to muster up some “Bhakti” by singing His praises (It might be chanting some slokas, singing Bhajans, Krithis, etc.), Bhagawan’s heart is going to melt! If we’re able to surrender ourselves completely to His feet with our singing and chanting, He is definitely going to forget all our sins and thereby grant “Moksha”.

If such a thing doesn’t happen, with the extent of Bhagawan’s rememberance of our sins, nobody in this world is going to attain “Moksha” at all, with the extent of sins that we keep doing every passing day! Hence, singing in praise of Bhagawan (Stuthi) is extremely important and is one of the primary ways of exhibiting Bhakti towards Bhagawan! So for today, let us understand these two points – “Paricharya” and “Stuthi” and let us wait till the next episode to witness the other ways and means of practising Bhakthi! Stay tuned! 🙂

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