Episode # 358 – A deeper understanding of “DETACHMENT” – Can we be “detached” in our daily lives too???

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on how the three Gunas, Satva, Rajas and Tamas try and dominate our sense organs and through that, how do we perform our “Karma” every passing day. For instance, if our “Satva” Guna is flying high, we would be able to be a balanced person in whatever we do. We would be able to exhibit calmness and composure, and because of that, we would be able to take the right decisions at the right time to move forward with our “Karma”. Similarly, if our “Rajo Guna” is high, we would be short-tempered in whatever we do, or whenever we talk with people around us. Even for small things, we would get frustrated and angry very easily, resulting in irritation – Not only to ourselves, but also to others! In the same lines, if our “Tamo Guna” is flying high, we would exhibit all sorts of withdrawal behavior, procrastination, unwanted laziness at crucial times, etc. This would again affect our productivity and our “Karma” takes a backseat.

So in all of these cases we’re witnessing how the three “Gunas” play their games in altering our “Karma”. In fact, Bhagawan Krishna emphasizes on this same point in His Bhagawad Gita as well. He says, “Oh Arjuna! There are two biggest enemies for human beings in this world, which prevent them from following the path of attaining “Moksha” through “Karma Yoga”. Those two enemies are none other than “Kaama” (Desire) and “Krodha” (Anger)! If you’re going to give in to these two enemies, nobody can save you in this world and you’ve to totally forget attaining “Moksha”! We can witness from this accord, how blunt is Bhagawan Krishna when it comes to anger and desires. Now if we can go back and relate this to our current discussion, we shall understand that both these enemies are the resultant of our “Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna”. Hence, we should be very careful here and practise serious restraint when it comes to these two big enemies.

Of course, we might feel that it is very nice for all of us to read through all this, but is it practically possible for us to exercise 100% restraint from anger and desires? We’re all amidst the “Samsaara” and if we’re in this state of life, how can we compromise on our anger and desire? For instance, all of us would have the desire of earning money, leading a luxurious life with a good and a decent family, desire for our children’s education, marriage, etc. At the same time, if things do not go as per our plan and expectations, we naturally tend to get angry and frustrated. If such is the case, how would we be able to practice 100% restraint?

This, of course is a valid doubt that all of us have in our minds. Yes – All of us have families, roles and responsibilities associated with it. All of us have the basic needs of having a good standard of living to be fulfilled. However, as we’re doing all of this as part of our daily routine, can we also think in this line? For instance, if we’re wanting to lead a good standard of life, can we offer this to Bhagawan’s feet? In other words, if for instance, we’re purchasing a big apartment for ourseves – Can we have this mindset that we’re buying this big apartment for making a grand dwelling place for Bhagawan? In similar lines, we get married to our spouse. Can we have the thought that we’re getting married to take the path of “Dharma” forward, as prescribed by Bhagawan? Similarly, we are having children – Can we have the mindset that we’re having children, who in turn would form our next generation to continue our “Dharma” forward without a break? We’re preparing tasty food everyday in our kitchen. Can we have a thought that all this food that we’re making, is for Bhagawan and we shall consume whatever He hadn’t consumed? If we’re able to answer a “YES” to all of these questions above, we can always be in the “Samsara” and still perform all our “Karma” meticulously. This is what we refer to as “detachment” from worldly affairs.

In other words, we are still doing all whatever is required to run our family life successfully, but we’re performing all our tasks with Bhagawan in our hearts. All our actions, although they might be worldly in nature – If we’re able to dedicate them to Bhagawan’s lotus feet, we become totally devoid of worldly attachments. This is the real meaning of the “Kaayenavaacha” sloka that we had witnessed few episodes back. In fact, this is exactly what Bhagawan Krishna too emphasizes in His Bhagawad Gita when He preaches about “Karma Yoga”. He clearly explains to Arjuna that all of us have to perform our duties, but we should leave the results of them to Bhagawan’s feet. He knows what to give us at what time. He advises to Arjuna that as a Kshatrya prince, he should take up the “Gaandeeba” (Bow) and wage the battle and not run away from it like a coward. Even though there are Bhishma and Guru Dhronaaachaarya on the other side, he should still go ahead in waging the battle, because all of them stood by the path of “Adharma”. This was a battle, not between family members and the “Aachaarya”, but was a battle between “Dharma” and “Adharma”. This is where real detachment should be understood!

So for today, let us understand the deeper meaning of “Detachment” and let us try and implement it in our daily lives. It is not just enough that we read through and leave it at that. We should try and make a meticulous effort to follow Bhagawan Krishna’s words as well. Hence, let us strive to do this from today atleast! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 😊


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