Episode # 353 – We take birth in this world because of our past “Karma” – Bhagawan Krishna’s accord to Uddhava!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on some “eligibility criteria” for Atmans to reach the ultimate “Moksha”. We’ve witnessed the fact that if we’ve to attain “Moksha” or “Vaikunta”, we’ve to neutralize both our “Paapa” and “Punya” accounts to zero. If we have one more than the other, we would either land up in the “Svarga Lokha” or the “Naraka Lokha”, only to be pushed back again to take a re-birth in this world, to undergo the entire cycle of birth and death. We’ve witnessed that those “Atmans” which manage to transcend into “Vaikunta” by neutralizing their accounts are called “Muktaatmas”. However, there is another category of “Atmans” that we’ve to talk about, which are “Nityatmas”, which are “permanent residents” at Vaikunta. For instance, we know about “Garuda” (Bhagawan’s permanent “vehicle”), Vishvaksena, etc. All theses people are permanent residents of Vaikunta and there are at the disposal of Bhagawan every time in some way or the other.

Thus, with this accord, we understand that “Atmans” are of three categories and ultimately our duty now is to make solid efforts to transform our “Atmans” to “Muktaatmas” by clearning all our accounts!

“Ekassaiva mamaamsasya jeevasyaiva mahaamate!

Bandhaha asyaa vidhayaanaadhir vidhayaacha tamantate tharaha!!”

Here, Bhagawan Krishna continues with His accord towards Uddhava thus, “Oh Uddhava! Please realize this important point here – Each individual takes a birth in this world by assuming a form, as per his / her “Karma” track record! For instance, if we’ve to take a human birth, there are certain criteria of “Karma” that is required. Similarly, if we’ve to take birth of any other animal or plant, etc., again there are certain criteria of “Karma” that is involved. However, once we take a human birth, again, depending upon our “Karma”, we are born either in an affluent family or a poor family. Our characteristics, nature, habits, actions, etc. are all determined by our past “Karma”. Also, the situations through which we traverse through during our life span, the happiness, sorrows, trials, tribulations, etc. – All depend on the “Karma” that we’ve accumulated over the past!”

This is why we witness every now and then practically that our lives are full of ups and downs and is never a constant curve. For instance, there might be people who might have all sort of facilities, wealth, infrastructure, etc. under them. However, if we go and check whether they’re really happy and at peace with all of it, many would paint a sorrowful picture! Why is this happening? It is primarily because of the actions that we perform. We come to this world with a mixture of both good and bad “Karma”. According to the good “Karma” that we possess, we get all the possible riches in this world. However, our bad “Karma” keeps pulling us down everytime by not allowing us to enjoy all the luxuries that we might possess.

Thus, the point from this description is that, we should understand that we’re not entirely this physical body. We’ve taken this physical body because of our “Karma” and once it gets over, our physical body is rendered useless, isn’t it? This is why Bhagawan Krishna is repeatedly emphasizing the point to all of us that we should not get carried away by the nature of our physical body, the luxuries that we might possess in this birth, etc. All of these are just “by-products” of our past “Karma”. This is one of the first points of awareness that should develop within us, when we practice detachment. We should understand that if we’re able to burn away all our “Karma”, our physical body and wealth, etc. that are associated with it, would automatically cease to exist. As we do this, we create an opportunity for ourselves to cross over the vicious birth-death cycle.

This is where, we come towards Bhagawan’s feet and seek surrender. Once we surrender to Bhagawan’s feet, is He going to grant us “Moksha” then and there? For instance, after reading this episode today, all of us take a resolution that from today onwards all of us are going to seek Bhagawan’s feet in total surrender, and are going to strive to attain “Moksha” through it – What should we do? First and foremost, we should stop doing all actions that are described as “Paapa Karma” in our Sanaatana Dharma literature. There is no second thought on this. This is the first step that all of us can take a resolve to start with. But immediately we might ask another question – “What about the “Punya-Karma”? Of course, we should do lot of “Punya Karma” in our lives – We should definitely help the needy, protect the vulnerable, serve food to those who are hungry, etc. We should of course do lot of “Dhaana” and “Dharma”. However, as we keep doing this, we would get the result of these noble “Punya Karma”, isn’t it? We might be able to lead a luxurious, happy and a peaceful life in this birth itself, or we might get an even better birth during our next birth, or we might even go to “Svarga Lokha”, “Chandra Lokha” or “Surya Lokha”, or we might even get a birth as one amongst the “Devas also. But whatever might be the case, we might still not be able to reach Vaikunta!

So what do we do here? Things are looking a bit confusing isn’t it? One on hand, we say that all “Paapa Karmas” should be stopped. There is no looking back on this of course! But having said that, should we stop all the “Punya Karmas” as well? If that is the case, how will this world function normally? Only because of many people performing many Punya Karmas, this world is functioning without much problems. Else, how will the needy get food, or how will the poor people get any sort of solace? Here we can see that “Punya Karma” is required, but at the same time, we should not get the effect of the “Punya Karma” on us, which might still prevent us from going to Vaikunta! What do we do? An interesting answer awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂

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