Episode # 347 – What can we learn from a SPIDER spinning a beautiful web? An important accord!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed two important learnings from the “Avadhoota” Sanyasin’s accord – One from the “Sarpaha” (Snake) and the second was from “Sharakrith” (The goldsmith). We’ve witnessed how we should be extremely focused on our spiritual path and spiritual progress without getting into any disturbance, just like how the goldsmith focuses completely on making the intricate designs for a gold ornament. Similarly, we should also understand that “Mahatmas” and great “Yogis” keep travelling and wandering all over the world and will not stay in a particular place, just like how the snake keeps wandering here and there by not staying in a particular place. This is because, if “Mahatmas” are stay put at one place, swarms of people will start coming towards them and with that, their spiritual focus would start deviating away. Althought we know that “Mahatmas” are beyond worldly attachments and worldly routines like how we have, they wouldn’t take that innate risk of inviting attachments to overpower them. This is one of the biggest lessons of “detachment” that we can learn here and this is why we’ve to respect “Mahatmas” or “Yogis” or “Sathgurus” in this world. All of these lessons that we’re witnessing here in this accord for the past few episodes, will all be in practice in a “Mahatma’s” life. Whatever we are learning on paper (theory) here, we would be able to learn practically by looking at a “Mahatma’s” life. This is why we say that we should worship them and pay our respects to them – Whoever they are and wherever they are in this world.

Moving on thus, we now withess the important lesson that we can learn from “Urnanaabhihi” (A spider). As we all know – A spider beautifully spins a web with the gel that comes out of its mouth and makes the web its home. If we observe closely, we would be able to witness enormous beautiful designs of spider webs. It would really make is feel awestruck that this small spider is able to build webs with such great artistic perfection, and also within a short duration of time. For instance, in some of our homes, we would dust all the spider webs today morning, but within the same evening, we would be able to see some small spiders again starting their “construction” work! Hence, we can see here that the spider invests lot of patience and perfection to build its web beautifully with enormous amounts of designs, and also within a short duration of time. Similarly we can witness here that Bhagawan creates this entire world with lot of artistic skill – He creates the various elements of nature like the sun, moon, the mountains, plants, trees, animals, etc. with total perfection and patience. He has given us an opportunity to live in this beautiful creation of His for a certain duration of time.

However, the spider has oen unique quality – When it feels that it should shift from one place to the other, it has the capability to absorb all that gel with which the web is built, and use it to build another web at a different location. Similarly, Bhagawan too has the capability to both create and destroy His own creation. This is what we’ve witnessed in the first and the second “Skandha” of the Bhaagawatha Puraana text. When we had witnessed the concept of “Anta-Kataaha”, we had seen how Bhagawan creates the entire universe singlehandedly, and also destroys it during the “Pralaya-Kaala” (We had even witnessed the Pralaya-Kaala during Bhagawan’s Matsya Avatara too). Thus, the important lesson from the spider is that, just like how it has the capability to spin a beautiful web around it and also to destroy it by itself, Bhagawan too has the divine capability to create the entire universe and also to destroy it when He thinks it’s enough!

Moving on thus, we now witness an important lesson from the last item – “Supeshakrith” (A type of bee). We would have seen this too in our daily lives – This bee has the unique capability to sting. If it stings an insect repeatedly again and again, the insect would be totally poisoned by its sharp sting and its body would become totally numb and eventually die. Similarly, if we’re going to get caught by the bee called this “World” (Maya), it is going to sting us again and again and this is how we’re getting carried away by all the illusions that we see around us. Whereas, with our meticulous spiritual practices, if we let Bhagawan sting us again and again, He is going to release us from this “Samsaara” and gradually take us to the highest “Moksha”.

As the “Avadhoota” Sanyasin finishes his accord thus, King Yadu was surprised. He had so far learnt lessons from twenty-four different things, but he remembers that there is a twenty-fifth thing that the Sanyasin hasn’t covered yet! So he asks the Sanyasin with lot of eagerness to explain the twenty-fifth aspect too. So what is the twenty-fifth aspect? Let’s wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂


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