Episode # 328 – Bhagawan Krishna “TEMPTS” Sudhaama to disclose his problems!!!


In the previous episode, we were at the midst of a beautiful event, wherein the two childhood friends, Bhagawan Krishna and Sudhaama (Kuchela) met after so many years. As Sudhaama hesitatingly sets out on his journey to meet his friend Krishna, it was as if Bhagawan Krishna was expecting Sudhaama’s arrival more eagerly than Sudhaama himself! As Bhagawan Krishna sees Sudhaama coming down the far end of the lane, He runs out of the palace, greets Sudhaama with a beaming smile and a friendly hug, and welcomes him with all the formalities. Upon seeing this, Sudhaama shed tears of joy and guilt – Both at the same time. He shed tears of joy because he was very happy that he has finally got the divine darshan of Bhagawan Krishna after so many years, and he was longing for it all this time. On the other hand, he shed tears of sorrow and guilt because, he had missed seeing Bhagawan Krishna for so many years, and more than that, instead of he washing Bhagawan’s feet, the reverse is happening – Bhagawan Krishna is washing Sudhaama’s feet as a token gesture of welcoming him! Sudhaama couldn’t take that and he broke down!

However, Bhagawan Krishna comforts him, makes him sit on a beautiful throne-like chair, and starts conversing with him! The conversation goes on and on for a long time, without a break! On one hand, Bhagawan Krishna was excited upon seeing Sudhaama, and on the other hand, Sudhaama was spellbound that Bhagawan Krishna had so much of time and things to talk to him about! We’ve seen yesterday that as he was approaching Dwaaraka city, Sudhaama was even thinking within himself whether Bhagawan Krishna is going to identify him or not, isn’t it? However, what he’s seeing now was in total contrary to what he thought! All this made Sudhaama a touch nervous! He started to sweat in anticipation and disbelief! As Sudhaama was sweating, Bhagawan Krishna comes closer to him, takes a hand-fan and starts to oscillate it, so that Sudhaama stops sweating! Moreover, Bhagawan Krishna asks Rukmini Devi to stand at the other side of Sudhaama and requests her to operate another hand-fan, so that Sudhaama is feeling extremely comfortable! This gesture shell-shocked Sudhaama to a great extent! He was wondering what was happening! For a moment, Sudhaama thought whether he was dreaming or is it reality!

As Sudhaama eases out gradually, Bhagawan Krishna asks Sudhaama thus, “Oh Sudhaama! How long has it been that I had to wait for you! Why didn’t you come before? Anyway, do you remember our childhood days – How we played pranks on the Gokula people? How all of us stole butter from each house in Gokula? Subsequently, how we got caught while stealing, and how I was taken to task by the women in the Gokula society? How both of us went to the “Gurukula” at Avantika? Do you remember our “Guru”, Saantipani? Do you have any news as to how he and his family are? After we finished our Gurukula, where did you go? What all happened after that? Please tell me everything in detail!”

We can see here, how much of emphasis Bhagawan Krishna is giving to His childhood memories and school days. Even today, we give so much of emphasis to our childhood memories, more than our college / university days, our work days, etc. Why is that so? The main reason behind it is that, our school days are extremely special, as compared to our subsequent phases of our life. This specialty is because, during our school days, we were innocent, without any sense of pride, greed, rivalry, etc. Our friendship with our peers were so pure and was devoid from all of these bad qualities. However, as we moved on with our lives, all these bad qualities started to dominate us in many spheres of our professional and personal lives. This is why we do not give much emphasis to our college and work life, as much as we give for our school memories. Here too, Bhagawan Krishna is doing the same – The moment He meets Sudhaama, all His childhood memories flash back in His mind – The days when He used to play with Sudhaama and the other kids!

As the conversation proceeds further, Bhagawan Krishna says to Sudhaama thus, “Oh Sudhaama! Do you remember? One day when we were at our Gurukula, Guru Saandipani had asked us to go and collect some vegetablesm fruits, etc. for the “Shraadha Karma” for his parents. As we set out into the woods to collect them, it suddenly started raining! We were searching for a shelter, but couldn’t find any! Thus, both of us were standing under a big banyan tree, trembling with cold! The rain did not abate at all for that entire evening / night! Finally, next day morning, Guru Saandipani himself came in search of us and found both of us in this pitiable state, isn’t it? Do you remember Sudhaama? Upon seeing both of us like this, Guru Saandipani took us safely to his place again and blessed us thus, “Oh kids! You’ve gone the extra mile to bring me the required vegetables and fruits, despite the rough weather! Hereby, I’m satisfied totally with your “Guru-Bhakti” and I’m blessing you thus – Both of you would lead a happy and a prosperous life henceforth!””

As Bhagawan Krishna recalls this incident, He covertly says to Sudhaama thus, “Oh Sudhaama! Isn’t it only because of the blessings and the divine grace of our Guru Saandipani, both of us are leading a happy and a prosperous life?” Upon hearing this statement from Bhagawan Krishna, Sudhaama did not know what to reply! Was Sudhaama leading a happy and a prosperous life? The real answer was a “NO”! However, now if he reveals his personal poverty situation to Bhagawan Krishna, he would end up negating the Guru’s blessings, isn’t it? So, this gave more mileage for Sudhaama, NOT to reveal any of his personal difficulties to Bhagawan Krishna!

Moreover, Sudhaama also knows within himself that when Guru Saandipani blessed them thus, it was not in terms of money and luxuries, but was in terms of excellent character and heart – Not even once till now, Sudhaama had an iota of thought that he should go and ask Bhagawan Krishna for luxuries and money, isn’t it? Even now, he had only come to meet Bhagawan Krishna only to review his friendship! This is what we’ve to understand when the Guru blesses His disciples with a happy and prosperous life – The real meaning here is not money and luxuries, but a prosperous character and a noble heart! This is what set Sudhaama apart from others! Bhagawan Krishna also knows this well and yet, He’s trying to pull words from Sudhaama’s mouth!

As Bhagawan Krishna “tempts” Sudhaama to disclose his poverty thus, although all of us including Bhagawan Krishna knows him well, is Sudhaama going to relent and give in to Bhagawan’s tempting words? What is Sudhaama’s reply going to be? An important message awaits us in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂





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